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Stock market was up yesterday-

Tomorrow is the big day, setting aside the cash to move into my first ever leveraged (300%)/inverse EFT position. - The money I put into that, I have to pretend it doesn't exist or I've thrown it away or burned it. Because in the end that is what might happen. Although my buddy/advisor does his trades with at least 5x more money than that and in a year makes about 60K-70K on average. If I were to follow is trades for the year exactly, I might be able to make 12-15k. Which I would quickly move into blue chip dividend paying stocks. He has sworn me to secrecy (and you can see how good I am with that! lol!), otherwise, I would post my trades here so you guys could see if I lost my shirt or not. lol! Still though, trust me, I'm scared.

Anyways, I might start posting my safe trades because I'm using my own formula for that.
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