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Your country's in pain cause it's very stuck between the so called West (and this obsolete armed tool that is NATO) and Russia.

But take a look at our contemporary world. It's a completely stupid, incredibly idiotic nonsense to still take the Russians as rivals or whatever harmful today. They are full deserving members of the family, aren't they? And those manipulated by some of the too hungry "hey, 'murika, baby!," denying that legitimate status to them are undergoing severe unpleasantness, and violence, which is justice in my opinion. I'm not talking about Ukraine that's yet another innocent victim, like Bosnia was yesterday...

We should have been crowning the Russians as our brothers for 25 years yet, but look at what they get from too many of us instead. Distrust. Rivalry. Slander... Always distrust, always rivalry. All the time, even between us. Shame!

Some Americans need to be warned... Some say loud God bless America!, and secretly whisper and no one else... Those people only deserve discredit, if not downright humiliation. And I know I'm talking to a North American forum here, but that is something crucial they need to be aware of.

Thankfully, my country's only somewhat small nowadays. That helps in finding some wisdom of some kind.
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