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This is a small thing, but they are installing a pedestrian signal at the intersection of Capitol and Broad. I'll try to put a picture up of it later.

This is certainly better than nothing--plenty of people want to walk across there but have a real difficult time doing so. However, they should have put a full traffic signal there. Cars also have difficulty getting across, and my greatest fear is that there may be no synchronization with the rest of the signals on Capitol. If that signal goes off when the rest of the lights on Capitol are green, there will be severe gridlock at rush hour.
According to ACHD's Road Wizard, there will also be another ped signal at Capitol and Grove. Awesome!

Though, I don't like that you'll have to push a button to activate the signals. I always get super annoyed at 8th and Front when you don't get there in time to push the button (or everyone else already there forgets to do it), you wait forever for the next cycle since all those cars have to go down Front. They should just change automatically with the rest of the synchronization.
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