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Originally Posted by bob rulz View Post
I recently drove through Ogden for the first time in years. I have family in Logan and Perry, so I drive along I-15 3 or 4 times per year, but I decided to take a bit of extra time that I usually don't have to check out Ogden.

I was pleasantly surprised at the Junction City development. It seems fairly impressive and quite nice. I haven't read through this thread (just the most recent page) but if I were to live in Ogden, I certainly wouldn't mind living there. Am I right about it being a fairly good development? Or are people in Ogden disappointed with it? What's the consensus?
Junction City development as in the mall replacement / where the movie theater is now? It's nice, like a little Gateway in Ogden. Though like the Gateway full of way too much stucco in its design.

There's also the large riverfront development going on downtown that has a lot of mixed-use components and I think is really cool.
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