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Originally Posted by Coldrsx View Post
That Ottawa shot a few up... wow.
Really. It always shocks me.

I've had an on and off relationship with Ottawa for decades, since the 70s, and I spend a lot of time there now (and Gatineau -Aylmer). It's grown to become such a beautiful city..

I even remember old addresses. My much older sister married a student from Ottawa U and lived in a two room place with a shared bathroom at 340 Somerset E.

Then she spent a short time at 911 Queen st., now long gone. Very pre-loft, it was cool. A walk-up, maybe even four floors, they were on the top. Ceilings were about 12 feet. There was a large, narrow bedroom with two long narrow window, the only windows to outside, to a fire escape, with a series of five or six old panelled doors that opened to the living room. The kitchen, about 8x8, And the bathroom both had small windows that faced onto a large skylight. As a twelve year old, it was the coolest place I had ever seen.

It was expropriated and she moved to 84 Beech, just off Preston.Little Italy.
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