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Cool thread. Thanks for starting it. I hadn't seen the renderings of the dorms yet, so that's cool too. Which street is that in the foreground of the first dorm rendering (just trying to get an idea of how the buildings will face) and also, is that older, one-story white building in the second rendering really going to stay there?

As for the Ramada Inn that's currently being used as housing, I can't imagine that they'd keep it there after the dorms are complete. If the Taylor Street Mall becomes what they hope it will, that property will be far too valuable as retail space to be left as a decaying motel. Does anyone know if ASU actually owns the site or are they just leasing it until the dorms are complete. I'd be much more comfortable with a private owner doing something with it than I would with ASU holding it after they've just completed a couple hundred million dollars worth of projects. They might not be ready to build anything else for awhile after that.
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