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I pass the Summit site daily and note the excavation is quickly expanding.
I believe Bovis is beginning cassions now. My office is just up the street on
West End, so I am going to have a ringside seat for this one. It certainly adds a great deal of elegance to the location. Too long has the area been dominated by car dealers sprawling lots. However, I can't be as pleased with the dreadful piss chartruse and navy blue paint job on what is to be Hotel Indigo. Any bets as to how long they will stay in business?

Not all the area news is bad. 1808 was recently sold and will be redeveloped
into a nicer appearance and the demolition was just completed of the old funeral home next to Bristol on Broadway. This is the site for the 2 new 16-17 towers I believe, so hopefully there will be some renderings released soon.
There is a new project starting up across from ASCAP at 17th and 21st Avenue that is rather nice, though not very tall. At least they are saving the historic mansion facing the intersection and incorporating it into the project.
Rythem excavation is well underway and the site across from it on Demonbreum should be getting some new projects announced very soon.
For all practical purposes, it is an annex to the Gulch developments, which as an area is very vigorously building.
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