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/\ Very interesting. I have not heard about it specifically called The Deuce. Although I've heard about downtown phoenix's rough past... seems like downtown's destruction for new buildings (like you talk about above) was inevitable, but that's just another reason downtown has struggled for so long. If everything was kept as-is in downtown (roughly 7th ST to 7th Ave, McDowell to Buckeye), save for the random tear down and rebuilding with a tower (actually "making good" on the proposal and rezoning for a high-rise, rather than tearing down a historic structure and letting the lot turn to dust), downtown Phoenix would be amazing right now (relative to what it is). I'm envisioning a couple streets like Mill Avenue, a more cohesive arts district, a warehouse district like other cities (just with smaller warehouses), and maybe even a real/thriving chinatown.

Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it now.

But I'd love to hear more about The Deuce. I'll try to dig something/anything up.
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