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fenwick16 I just wanted to re-post your comments here to help people get interested.

Originally Posted by fenwick16 View Post
With regards to the Halifax commons, I realize that it likely will not happen, however, what a great location. I didn't realize that the Exhibition Park was difficult to get into, maybe it should be ruled out. It seems like the Forum lands and Dartmouth Crossings vicinity are the two best possibilities so far.

I think that this forum is a great way for people to become proactive regarding getting a stadium built in the Halifax area. Once it gets to say 200 posts, I think that it would be good to start contacting people who can actually start the ball rolling, for example in the Halifax Regional Council, Provincial government, Scott Ferguson, Trade Centre Limited, etc.They could be contacted by email and send a link to this thread (or probably the Halifax thread). Maybe a representative in Halifax could contact them in person. It would be great to get someone like Scott Ferguson involved in this discussion on Skyscraperpage (I don't think that this is too far fetched). I don't know him, but maybe there is someone on this forum who does. Also, does any Skyscraperpage forum-er know someone in the city council who would champion this cause?

Saint Mary's University is an organization that should be looked at.

Section of Huskies Stadium declared unsafe, to be torn down

A portion of the derelict Huskies Stadium grandstand will be removed in the next few weeks. It is the second time in a decade a section of the stadium has had to be dismantled. (Christian Laforce / Staff)

By MONTY MOSHER Sports Reporter
Tue. Sep 1 2009 - 4:45 AM

Another chunk of the derelict Huskies Stadium grandstand is headed for the wrecker’s ball.

For the second time in a decade, engineers have determined a portion of the 40-year-old seating area is unsafe and must be removed. Seating for upwards of 300 spectators at the top of the grandstand will be torn out and replaced with a grass embankment, much the same as occurred on the opposite side nine years ago.

The Huskies football team plays its first two games on the road and won’t be home until Sept. 26 against Sherbrooke. Plans are to have the concrete torn out by then.

Saint Mary’s athletic director Steve Sarty said the area of the grandstand to be demolished is the only area deemed unsafe.

"The engineers have confirmed that the rest of the stands are totally safe," Sarty said on Monday.

The problem is not rotting concrete and steel but deterioration of the earth embankment behind it. "The mud in the back of the seats is sliding," Sarty said.

The remaining concrete infrastructure will seat up to 1,700, said Sarty. The university has some temporary seating at field level and will bring in a portable club-seat section, which includes some luxury boxes, to add more than 500 seats for football.

It is a bad year to lose seating with the stadium set to be the site for the 2009 Uteck Bowl between the AUS and Canada West winners.

"Anyone who has been over there to see those seats … it’s certainly not new by any stretch," said Sarty. "Some of them are in worse shape than others. I guess the positive is it’s going to balance out the look of the seats and bring the crowd a little closer together and, hopefully, will help the sales of the club seats on the other side, too."

Sarty said the university has a long-term plan for a "bigger, proper" seating area to replace the grandstand, but there is no timetable for the job.

Huskies need a new stadium badly. The CFL would need a stadium. More outdoor concerts could be held in a stadium. We've got to get the ball rolling on this before we let an opportunity pass us by.

There is an online petition that could use some more signatures as well.
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