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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
... there simply aren't enough buyers to create a market for a large number of 20 to 40 storey condo towers in Halifax. That's something people seem to miss a lot--it's not anti-height activism or whatever that prevents Halifax from having Toronto-tall towers. There aren't enough buyers in the market to support more than a handful of projects of that scale, let alone a whole neighbourhood full of them.
Even if we don't have the volume of buyers to currently support a high-rise market in Halifax for dozens of 40+ floor condo/apartment towers -- the day the market can, it would be wonderful to have the capacity to meet those demands in the North End.

With the change in demographics, the trend of lower-income, highly in debt, educated young professionals urbanising as centrally as possible, let's consider the possibility that high-rises are more supportable with our current population than we think. What portion of suburbanites would live closer to the core if they could afford it?

We'd certainly see a market change that is more favourable for high-rises with the appropriate urban tax reforms, public transit investments, and affordable housing initiatives on the peninsula. At the moment, sprawl is still suppressing our high-rise demand.
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