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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
LA Times

Effie Neustadt's house at 2515 Wilshire is at right....

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A note: Before moving to the Wilshire address, Effie Newstadt lived at 1217 W. 23rd St, Los Angeles, in a house that is, perhaps miraculously, still there. Of course, now, it is next door to a Chevron station... She appears at the 23rd street address in the 1897 directory.

My notes indicate that the house Effie was listed at in the 1897 CD--1217 West 23rd--no longer stands. The first remaining vintage house on the north side of the block to the west of the Arco station is 1223.... The next year, Mrs. Neustadt was listed at 823 S Bonnie Brae--now the site of a '20s-era apartment building. Until she settled in LA permanently and built 2515 Wilshire, it seems she rented houses or stayed in hotels.....

Am I being ?

Another of Effie's houses is this one seen on NLA before:
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