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Blessed Sacrament....Hollywood

Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
Thank you Martin for this post. Most interesting.

My mother used to tell me about the days when she lived at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Orphanage next door to the church and Cross Roads of the World. This was around 1930, after her mother had died of cancer.

I outlined the building with blue. I doubt that its still an orphanage. Her job was to prepare breakfast for the little ones each morning. One day she burnt the toast and the nuns were not happy. She was there for a year or so and then her father shipped her off to our relatives in Kansas. This was the Great Depression era and money was very tight. When she arrived in KS she gave the black Pullman Porter a 10 cent tip....after buying meals and such on the train, all she had left was 15 cents.

Sky F.

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