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Old Posted Jan 23, 2008, 6:49 PM
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Future Chicago
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Ryan81's - Future Chicago Skyline Composites and 3d-Models

I am starting this thread with the intent of posting my composite renderings of the future skyline of Chicago as well as views of my proposed and under cosntruction Chicago Sketchup models.

When creating these composite images, I typically must start by using another forumer's picture as the base for my composite (as I do not live in Chicago and therefore have difficulty getting my own shots) and have tried to be very careful to credit the photographer. If I credit the wrong individual, or forget to credit please let me know so that I can rectify the situation. If I have used one of your images for my composites, I would be happy to remove your work should you ask.

Most of these composites are created using a combination of an original image and views of my sketchup models. I will credit other's work should I need to use someone else's sketchup models that I download from Google 3D warehouse.

My intent is to update renderings as new buildings are proposed and as I finish my sketchup models. Please have patience as I do not have models for all proposed and under construction buildings and will add them as they are finished. Therefore, there will be composites posted that do NOT include ALL proposed and under construction buildings. I do my best to accurately represent designs, relative heights, and locations of proposed and under construction buildings.

If you have any suggestions to make my renderings better, please let me know. I respond well to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Please feel free to post your own composites of Chicago from various vantagepoints in the city.

I intend to post updates to the most recent composites as well as my current progress on Sketchup models I have created on this first post and will soon post more.



Original Image by: Cbotnyse

Original Image by: Jibba at SSC

My Composite:

Ok...So it's not in Chicago's Future....but it was at one time - That's good enough for me for this forum. This is a rendering of my 7 South Dearborn Sketchup model. Chase Tower was not modeled by me, but was found on Google 3d Warehouse.

To view in Google Earth: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehou...86&prevstart=0


We can keep hoping cant we.....?

quick and dirty composite:

Original Image by: Cityofblindinglights

Original Image: hawkeye view

My Composite:

Original Image: Wrabbit

My Composite:

JUST got indigo renderer. I have a lot of settings to explore. With the right settings, I should be able to get it just right. This is my first attempt. My rendering from my sketchup model is on the left.

Original Image: ezeffery - Flickr:

My Composite:

Sketchup model: Waterview Tower - Still need to add textures such as windows. Still needs a little finishing detail, but this one is almost done.

Original Image: Aaron38 - Taken 01-19-08:

My Composite:

Original Image: Wickedestcity (SSC ON 05-18-07)

My Composite: Note: The Sketchup Model for Aqua was downloaded from Google 3D Warehouse and created by "Columbian Models" I created a view of it and inserted into this composite.

Original Image: Ambient (posted in Boom Rundown Thread?)

My Composite: Note: This composite was created before the height increase for Waldorf=Astoria

Original Image: Secondcity1 (SSC 03-23-07)

My Composite:

View in Google Earth: Note: The Aqua model was downloaded from Google 3d Warehouse. The Sketchup model was created by "Columbian Models"

The original image I used for this composite was posted by Archytype some time ago in the Arquitectonica thread. Archytype is responsible for the insertion of the Arquitectonica buildings and Aqua.

My additions to his work include the Spire, Waldorf=Astoria, and Trump tower. They are views of my Sketchup models


My Composite: Note: I am really not sure where I got the original image. If you are the photographer, please let me know so I can credit you.

Also, This one has a ways to go - it's not the highest quality. I will probably redo it at another time.

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