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Old Posted Nov 16, 2009, 8:39 PM
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BERLIN | Towers used until 1990 for radio relay links to the rest of West-Germany

As former West-Berlin was an "island" in former GDR, the realization of communication links between
former West Germany and West Berlin without using infrastructure of GDR was only possible via radio relay links,
which had to overcome a distance of at least 133 kilometres. These radio relay links were first only overhorizon, later
a normal radio relay link was implemented. For these links some special towers were realized, from which several are still
standing and in use for modern communication systems.

The stations in Berlin were situated in Heckeshorn, Nikolassee, Schäferberg and Frohnau. The sites at
Heckeshorn and Nikolassee were shut-down in 1967 respectively 1974. Schäferberg and Frohnau are still in use.

In Lower-Saxony the stations were situated at Gartow, Clenze and Torfhaus. All facilities are still in use.



The station at Hckeshorn used as antenna a guyed mast with directional antennas and two towers situated
on the roof of a shelter. The facility was shut-down in 1967.

Picture: http://berliner-unterwelten.de/files...eshorn_045.jpg


The station at Nikolassee used two guyed masts equipped with directional antennas. One of these masts was
of very interesting design as it consisted of two masts interconnected by a bridge.
The station was also shown on a stamp.

Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?buildingID=59269

On Schäferberg, a 103 metres tall mountain, between 1961 and 1963 a 212 metres tall communication tower of reinforced concrete was built. It carried until 1996 on its shaft
two large parabolic antennas for an overhorizon radio relay link to Torfhaus. Over its basket, there were directional antennas for a radio relay link to Höhbeck in Lower-Saxony.
The tower is today used for standard radio relay links, FM- and TV-broadcasting.
Close to it, there is a 55 metres tall lattice tower, which carried large parabolic antennas for a radio relay link to Torfhaus. As these antennas gave high pressure to the tower
it is from extraordinary strong design. The tower is today used for mobile phone services; between both towers an antenna for mediumwave broadcasting in DRM-mode is installed.


At tne Northmost part of former West-Berlin between 1971 and 1972 a 117.5 metres tall lattice tower equipped with three parabolic antennas with 18 metres diametre
for a radio relay to Clenze in Lower-Saxony was built. Between 1977 and 1979 a second tower in form of a 344 metres tall guyed mast was built for a direct radio relay link to Höhbeck. This mast was equipped
with a room for technical equipment 325 metres above ground, which was one of the highest elevated close rooms in Europe. Between 1980 and 1982 equipment for radio spionage.
After German reunification the mast got nearly complete useless, after it was used in the first half of the 1990ies for some military radio relay links. After the last equipment was dismantled in 2008,
the mast was demolished on February 9th, 2009 by explosives. The mast was the tallest object demolished in a controlled manner in Europe.
The smaller tower is still in use for mobile phone services and radio relay links.
Interestingly Frohnau was never used for FM-/TV-broadcasting, but for mediumwave broadcasting, for which a 24 metres tall guyed mast was erected.

Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?...gID=8946,59124

was installed on this mast, which increased its height to 358.5 metres.

Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?...ngID=468,82393



At Torfhaus, there are two transmission sites, one of NDR with a 279.8 metres tall FM-/TV-broadcasting mast
and one of Deutsche Telekom AG ( former Deutsche Bundespost) with a 150 metres tall FM-/TV-broadcasting mast
and a 57 metres tall lattice tower of very strong design, which carried until the end of the 1990ies two large parabolic antennas for
an overhorizon radio relay link to Schäferberg. Both guyed masts were not used for radio relay links to West Berlin.
Intersting is the development of the smaller mast. First there was a lattice tower with a TV-broadcasting antenna, which was
first transformed into a partially guyed tower and then into a guyed mast. In cold war era there was a second lattice tower
with large parabolic antennas.

Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?...83,58547,82474

Pictures ( Smaller mast and lattice tower):
http://sfbb.sf.funpic.de/bilder/torfhaus37.jpg ( historical picture)
http://sfbb.sf.funpic.de/bilder/torfhaus31.jpg ( historical picture)

Pictures (NDR-Mast):

At Clenze in 1971 a lattice tower of extraordinary strong design was erected for an overhorizon radio relay link to Frohnau.
The tower carried three parabolic antennas with 18 metres diametre, which were dismantled in 1999.
The tower is still standing and today used for mobile phone services and local radio relay links.
Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=82404


On Höhbeck in 1948 a 75 metres tall free-standing lattice tower for a radio relay link to Heckeshorn was built. In 1952 a
157 metres tall guyed mast for such a link to Nikolassee was built.
These towers were dismantled in 1970 after in 1963 a 332 metres tall guyed mast for radio relay links to Schäferberg telecommunication tower
and TV broadcasting was built, which made the radio relay links starting from the lower masts obsolete. The mast was when completed the tallest object in former West
Germany. In 1978 a second supertall mast with a height of 344 metres was built, which carries in 325 metres height a room for technical equipment. It was the startpoint
of the direct radio relay link to the supertall mast in Frohnau. In 1982 the antenna of the older mast was replaced reducing its height to 327 metres.
In 1986 a small telecommunication tower for a radio relay link via Dequede, Pinnow and Rhinow to West-Berlin was built. At this time also an antenna for FM-broadcasting was
installed on the 344 metres mast. It got in 1989 the first wind metering equipment.

Höhbeck transmitter was the only exclusive UHF-/VHF-transmission site in Europe with 2 towers taller than 300 metres!

After Germa reunification the radio relay links got obsolete, but both masts and the small telecommunication tower remained in use. In 2008 analogue TV bradcasting was shut-down in this
area and as Höhbeck was not chosen as location for DVB-T broadcasting ( this job was given to Zernien transmitter, which broadcasted at times of analog TV transmission always the first TV programme)
the mast got workless. It was demolished on August 20th, 2009 by explosives. The small telecommunication tower and the 344 metres tall mast are still in use whereby latter carries the largest wind
measurement plant in the world!

Pictures: http://wendland-net.de/files/1/2/4GUABE9CNN/__L.jpg ( view in 1970)

Database: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?...73,46674,82435
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