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Old Posted Nov 20, 2009, 7:11 AM
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We're a small city but have had a few things filmed here, although none are actually set here they show off the town (mostly Ogden High) pretty well.

CW's Everwood, which ran for three season, was filmed almost exclusively in Ogden with a few shots done in the Salt Lake area. Here's a picture of the Everwood train station which sat on Historic 25th Street(it was just a facade and has been removed now that the show has been cancelled).

The show was set in a fictional town in Colorado.

Also filmed at Ogden High School was the 90's teen flick Drive Me Crazy, with the rest of the movie shot partly in Salt Lake but mainly throughout Ogden, including downtown and Mt. Ogden Park.

The school scenes were filmed at Ogden High School in Ogden, Utah. Their mascot is actually the tiger and the colors are orange and black. Here you can see the orange and black on the lockers, as well as a bronze tiger that adorns the rotunda as you enter the school.

At the beginning of the film, students enter the school.

In the movie, the school was named Timothy Zonin High School, or Time Zone High for short. There is a daily morning news program shown in this still. In the plot, the school is supposed to be celebrating its centennial (100 year anniversary). In reality, the school was completed in 1939.

Adrian Grenier jumping on the roof of the high school. Half of Mount Ben Lomond can be seen in the background, and it is rumored to have been the inspiration for the original Paramount Pictures logo.

William Wadsworth Hodkinson, the man who started Paramount and came up with the logo, originally hailed from Ogden, Utah. Many Hodkinson's inspiration was Ben Lomond Peak, a 9,712-foot mountain that dominates the northern skyline. According to Leslie Halliwell's biography "Mountain of Dreams," Hodkinson's logo was "a memory of childhood in his home state of Utah."

This movie was 20th Century Fox, however

The "main street" of the show is Ogden, Utah's historic 25th street. The Union building shown in the background of that scene is a historic train depot. It houses museums today.

The scene where they are eating at an outside table at a drive-in restaurant was filmed at Kirt's in Ogden, Utah. Kirt's is a popular hang out for the local high school students. Kirt's changed its sign for the movie.

The Centennial scene was filmed in the rotunda of the Utah State Capitol, and local high schools actually have proms there. Actually I had my Senior Prom at the Utah State Capitol - it was awesome!

This is one of the basketball scenes filmed in the Ogden High Gymnasium. This gym is now being renovated into state-of-the-art science laboratories and a black box theater for the school's burgeoning performing arts programs - part of a $70 million renovation being completed in three phases. Phase one included a new field house that houses a gym to replace this one.

Now I was in ninth grade when this movie was filmed in 1998 (it released 1999), and I was actually an extra in this scene. I circled myself in yellow so you can see a nerdy, ninth-grade UTAZLoVer. How about that giant orange sweater I'm rockin? lol.

Adrian sits in the school's library.

This scene Melissa takes Adrian shopping to "clean him up." It is shot at Southtowne Mall in Sandy, Utah.

Ogden High School was also the school used in Three O'Clock High (1987).

In this movie, Ogden High is known simply as Weaver High School, although once again the mascot is still the Tigers and colors are kept orange and black.

The bully, "Buddy," walks into the school for the first time. Love this shot.

"Jerry," the main character, sits in the same Ogden High Gymnasium that is now under construction.

One of the school's hallways in the film.

Buddy is seen here in the school library, which is on the North side of the school. It is truly a beautiful library.

A fight ensues in the library. It is scheduled for restoration.

Scene shot on the East side of the school's football field. In the background you can see the Wasatch Mountains and homes lining Tyler Avenue.

At the beginning of the movie, Jerry tries to escape campus. This is by the ceramics building, separate from the school's main edifice.

Near the movies end, students line up to watch the big fight. This is in the back parking lot, which is now home to a modern new addition to the school.

Well that's it! The two movies are really fun, I suggest watching! Drive Me Crazy has a great scene at Mount Ogden Park (about 4 blocks East of Ogden High) where Melissa goes on a hot air balloon with her Dad, but I couldn't find a still for the life of me. Blegh.
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Old Posted Nov 20, 2009, 7:06 PM
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For Pittsburgh, I would say a good one would be Sudden Death, which centered around hockey. It showed a lot of views of the city... and the arena, soon to be replaced, has not changed one bit.

More recently Smart People really I think captured the feel of the many neighborhoods of the area. It was filmed in the Shadyside and Bloomfield areas of town.

Another one that is interesting is Inspector Gadget, which was filmed here, but in the story it took place "Riverton". The antagonist's hideout/headquarters was PPG place, seen below.

Really a ton of movies are filmed here. In fact down the street from my office they were filming a scene from the movie Love, and other Drugs yesterday.
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Old Posted Nov 23, 2009, 3:59 AM
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I like how Transformers shows Grand Ave. near the end where the "autobots" and "Decepticons" do a showdown. It shows LA's Historic Core, and parts of Grand Ave. where it's all modern showing the AON building.

I also like The Day After Tomorrow, it shows all the parts of LA, from BEV. Hills, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood sign, Hollywood itself with the Capitol Records building, and of course Downtown itself. It's destroyed DTLA actually looked like LA.

If you guys have seen 2012, LA has some great shots.
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Old Posted Nov 23, 2009, 6:20 PM
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^ Well, i'm hoping to head to the new Regal at LA Live this week to see it. I haven't had the chance to lately because I've been busy with studies and schoolwork.
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