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Old Posted May 14, 2011, 11:39 PM
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If You're Going To San Francisco...

Hey my west coast friends, in lieu of my disastrous run at trying to move to Toronto and failing to obtain legal Canadian residency, over time I've given up hope and have been looking to move on. I started this process soon after the new year, but my lease has me stuck here in Buffalo until this summer.

So... I'm interested in settling, permanently, in a new city here in the US and I want to do so in the Bay Area. I'm sick and tired of moving around. On a side note to those who know me, I've actually come to be at peace with things and quite enjoy what we have here in the US.

I visited SF twice in 2007, fell in love, and my last experience on the west coast when I lived in Portland taught me that I need a bigger city/region.

So it looks as if I'm moving. I don't want to ask for basic moving help as I'm pretty much the master of moving and have got down the physical process, but the bigger question I have is what regions of the Bay Area are good, safe, and easy to start out in, and then migrate into the city maybe at a later date?

Would it be worth it to rent a room in, say, Dublin, if the savings were significant? I hear Richmond is a place to stay away from... Any input is welcome as I don't know the area enough. My preference would be to have a condo in the city with a nice job, but it'll take a while to work toward that.

I'm having to start over from scratch, my lease ends here in Buffalo this summer, and despite my job being relatively stable I don't really care for it as it isn't going anywhere. How easy is it to find temporary work, such as data entry, just to make ends meet while you find a career oriented job? Do you feel as if the Bay Area economy is rebounding so that a calculated risk would pay off if I drop my life here and move out?

I'm obviously going to have to take a huge step back before I can rebuild my life and settle in the Bay Area, but I'm willing to do it. It'll be my last stop, I've always adored San Francisco and if I'm going to be here in the US I might as well move to the best we have and stop settling for less.

Let me know your thoughts/feelings, I'm all ears!
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