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Old Posted Dec 18, 2017, 8:05 PM
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Originally Posted by le calmar View Post
I didn't know BBC Canada was a think. I don't thing I've ever seen it on my Rogers cable. History Channel and Discovery used to be good too. Now I feel like they tried too hard to become mainstream.
Channel 275 and I think 87. It isn't really owned by the BBC and I don't believe they've ever come up with an HD channel version which tells you a lot. It really does look low tech. If you like Top Gear a lot and I mean a lot, its the channel for you.
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Old Posted Dec 23, 2017, 2:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
Another thing about Americans vs. Québécois vs. the French on a human level is that it's hard to claim we're that tied to the Americans when most of them never think about and barely know we exist.

Except for a teeny-tiny rapidly vanishing minority withing the minority of Franco-Americans who still retain a bit of the culture, to 99% of Americans we are simply faceless foreigners. They know basically zero about us. No more than people in my city know about Japanese tourists whom they see in the summer getting off tour buses at the Canadian Museum of History.

We're totally off the American radar except for the vague notion that they are a bunch of "French" (sic) people living somewhere up north of them.

And you really don't have to go that far from the border for this indifference to manifest itself. (Even those people who know we exist never anything beyond the fact that, yeah, we exist.)

The French, on the other hand, generally have enough interest and knowledge about us to have *opinions*. Good or bad - it doesn't matter. They still have something to say.
To be fair, you can have a one-sided connection where one country pays a lot of attention to the other, which does not return the same attention at all. So Anglo-Canada, and to a lesser extent French Canada pays much more attention to the US than the US ever pays to Canada. Or most countries for that matter pay attention more to the US than the US pays attention to them. Metaphorically, it'd be like the kid in high school who has a crush on the popular kid who barely notices him or her.

I don't think Quebec and France have as much of an asymmetry as that of course, but I'd still imagine that the amount of time Quebec spends being on France's radar might not be the same as France being on Quebec's radar.
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