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Old Posted Aug 20, 2018, 6:45 AM
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Some Hollywood silliness to tear apart (Spiderman 3)

OK engineering experts, here's something to have fun picking apart!
I give you a scene from Spiderman 3, where 1345 6th Avenue gets turned into an assisted hara kiri victim via crane, and Gwen Stacy gets owned by a desk.


Could a garden variety tower crane do this much injury to a steel framed skyscraper so easily? The structural steel columns of the building are probably much thicker than the members of the crane's boom or jib assembly, for one thing. (At least a couple of perimeter columns get taken out like matchsticks, and several concrete and steel floor decks also get sliced through like butter)

Another thing- if that skyscraper were unfortunate enough to take damage like that and stay standing, how might they fix it?
Here's a look at the building in question:

EDIT- The youtube link feature doesn't seem to be working, so I just cut and pasted the URL instead. Click to watch it.

(I also find it funny that the movie overestimated the building's height by about 12 floors, when Gwen Stacy described falling 62 stories. In reality, it's actually got 50 floors)
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