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Originally Posted by scania View Post
I disagree with some points. We’ve always had the independent theaters. Though have never been extremely popular. But we had them. As far as being on par USA-wise. Not close. I don’t expect it to be NYC/LA or even SF...but even Hoston buzzing during the week...Miami is incredible. Oh and side note...NYC, SF, LA, and coupe of others, EDM is still extremely huge. But we can agree to disagree. I definitely understand where you are coming from with the new things people can do here now, there’s not a buzz like there once was here, and a lot of the newer things to do, rarely have a lot of people. The coolest thing we have IMO, that’s relatively new is the Beltline. That’s probably been more successful than any of us would’ve imagined.
I didn't say Atlanta's nightlife is on par with any other cities; I just said that that nightlife is a bad measuring stick for the overall degree of urban renaissance in one city vs another, and that nightlife is of declining importance culturally. (I mean, come on, the death of EDM is a widely reported and discussed trend; that it has been culturally relegated to a handful of international markets does not contradict that point.)

I did say that Atlanta's overall urban renaissance is on par with other cities'.

(Which is admittedly a tricky argument; I mean Atlanta is a much, much less urban city than Boston or Philadelphia, but those cities have changed much less in the last couple decades than Atlanta has. But comparing us with the Southern/Texan/Floridian/desert cities, we fare quite well.)
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