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Old Posted Yesterday, 11:54 PM
RonnieFoos RonnieFoos is offline
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Just when you think nothing else will be getting announced.

I'm taking it they will be tearing down that house that sits at that block? Is there any histroy to that home? It looks like old Victorian. On a side note, there are a lot of feral cats on that property and someone sneaks inside the fence and puts buckets of dry cat food for them. Must be about 20 cats. Anyone need a kitty??

Awesome to see more on the way. Burton Barr is going to be effin' packed....whenever they reopen.
Ronnie Garrett
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Old Posted Yesterday, 11:59 PM
ASUSunDevil ASUSunDevil is offline
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Originally Posted by biggus diggus View Post
Some guys are going to make a lot of money on this cycle, Derby won't be one of them.
Thanks for KO'ing Biggus and his negative assumptions, Fawd.

Don't forget that The Derby will be micro-apartments offered at a substantially lower price point than the "luxury apartments of Roosevelt." Is real estate development ending in 2020? Who cares if it isn't completed until then.

If Biggus finally gets his wish and the market has a downturn, this would be the ideal project to have under construction. I don't see a lot of risk in getting these leased, even in a speculative market downturn.
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Old Posted Today, 1:31 AM
biggus diggus biggus diggus is offline
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It's not a "KO". it's not a negative assumption, and it's certainly not my "wish" to see a down turn.

I am not stupid or making things up, you don't have to believe me. No one is claiming Matt is in charge of anything. All I'm saying is the lawsuit knocked this thing back and the chances of it being built is next to nil. If I'm wrong I'll own up to it, we have all been wrong at some point.
Please excuse the brevity, auto corrected words, and occasionally incoherent sentences as I'm usually posting from my phone.
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