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Old Posted Jun 17, 2018, 7:38 PM
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Originally Posted by citywatch View Post
It was more blasphemous to Los Angeles that the area was so rundown and unimpressive in the first place. A big time, major league city would never have wanted to look like this....



At least it looks like it was walkable back then
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Old Posted Jun 17, 2018, 9:12 PM
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Originally Posted by caligrad View Post
Is LA the only city with such a fee? When you look it up, it mentions Seattle proposing it but not if it went through or not. Most of the search only talks about LA.
Seattle has this. The whole market-rate rental world is adjusting to development costs several percentage points higher depending on the neighborhood. A lot less is breaking ground this year apparently...it's hard to pint that on one thing but cost is obviously part of it.

Construction will recover because the reduced starts will cause scarcity, which will raise rents enough to cover the new costs.

Scarcity will also give every existing rental the chance to raise their prices.

This policy really seems like landlords wrote it.
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Old Posted Jun 18, 2018, 5:17 AM
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Originally Posted by patriotizzy View Post
At least it looks like it was walkable back then
Good sarcasm....but not so much due to bunker hill in 2018 being less walkable than in the past....as much as bunker hill over 60 yrs ago being a fairly major example of...

Video Link

dtla is in better shape today than ever before in the city's history since bldgs like this one originally were limited to daytime, temporary users only...

Video Link

A lack of ppl living in dtla, beyond a small number on bunker hill...most who were struggling pensioners...or scattered throughout other parts of the hood, is a major reason dt wasn't a really well established part of the city. That made it easier for ppl to walk away from it...to abandon it for the burbs or other parts of LA...which then led to dt's major decline.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 4:08 PM
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^ Interesting comparison Citywatch! In the 40's it seemed like DTLA was just beginning to really go downhill. Now there is more graffiti and the homelessness has dramatically increased but many landmark buildings still exist like the California Club and the Central Library (in the first video). So sad the Richfield Tower met its demise. But...it is dynamic now and DT reinventing itself quite nicely. To see the "now hiring" sign on Broadway for West Elm is proof that we will see many more changes in the coming years. Bunker Hill will continue to change with the Gehry projects this fall. Recently, I took a group of Orange County folks to Grand Park and dinner at Vespaio next to the Broad and they were very impressed how urban DTLA has become. As I get older (I am 61), I think how fortunate it is that younger people will finally have an interesting and exciting Downtown that I missed most of my life.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 4:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DJ1272 View Post
This looks great! Do you think it would be possible for you to make one but using the view that we get from Griffith Observatory?
I would love to! I'll get around to doing it


Does anyone know what's going on with 611 Place? If I remember correctly it was going to be converted into residential use. Seems like it's still vacant judging from night shots of the skyline. While I'm all for architectural preservation, there is a part of me that wouldn't be sad to see this one go in favor of something better, or at the very least clad in glass. The only real redeeming quality I can think of is it's historical significance as one of LA's first skyscrapers.

Source: http://waterandpower.org/museum/Earl...+)_8_of_8.html
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