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Old Posted Jan 24, 2011, 2:15 AM
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Since this project could start very soon and has already been approved, I've decided to start a dedicated thread for it.
The project is by Concert Properties, not to be confused with 1304 Howe St by Cressey just a block over and probably to be under construction at the same time.

Context Plan

Massing Context

Axonometric Studies

Elevation Drawings

Floor Plan Drawings

Landscape Plan

UDP minutes
2. 1304 Hornby Street
DE: Rezoning
Use: Rezone to increase density from 5.0 to 12.44 FSR to allow construction of a 31-storey (309 foot) tower.

DD to CD-1
Application Status: Rezoning
Review: First

Bingham + Hill Architects

Concert Properties

John Bingham, Bingham + Hill Architects
Richard Henry, Richard Henry Architects
Bruce Hemstock, PWL Partnership
Farouk Babul, Concert Properties Ltd.

Karen Hoese and Anita Molaro


Introduction: Anita Molaro, Development Planner, introduced the proposal for a rezoning of this site from DD to CD-1 to allow an increase in the density beyond that permitted under the current zoning. The proposal can be considered under the Transfer of Density Policy. Ms. Molaro described the policy context for the site as well as the Downtown South Guidelines that provide direction with regard to the design and development of the site. The site is impacted by the Queen Elizabeth Park View Corridor which limits the height on the site to 366 feet. The proposal also falls under the Metro Core Policy/Capacity Review Study which allows for the consideration of a rezoning proposal in Downtown South to view corridors where public benefits may be achieved. Under the Green Rezoning Policy, a minimum of LEED™ Silver or equivalent is required. Ms. Molaro described the context for the surrounding area noting the other buildings in the area. The proposal is seeking an increase in the density from 50.0 to 12.44 FSR. The proposal is for a 31-storey tower with 193 residential units and three commercial retail units at grade. There will also be seven levels of underground parking. An amenity space is proposed at the corner of Drake and Hornby Street with a lounge on the second level and exterior amenity space. The proposal is targeting LEED™ Gold and will include a green roof.

Advice from the Panel on this application is sought on the following:

* Does the Panel support the proposed tower form of development taking into consideration:
o Tower separation and neighbourliness
o Height and subsequent density
* Any other comments the Panel may have:
* Shadow impacts
* Landscaping treatments
* Material treatments

Ms. Hoese and Ms. Molaro took questions from the Panel.

Applicant’s Introductory Comments: Richard Henry, Architect, further described the proposal noting that they did consider going taller with the tower and considered bringing more density on the site but they ran into some obstacles. There were problems in getting enough parking because of the size of the lot. When finished it will have the deepest parking garage in the city at seven floors. If they added more height they would have to accommodate an additional elevator and given the small floorplate size, that is not practical. Mr. Henry described the architectural design for the proposal noting there is to be an iconic soft landmark element proposed for the corner. The balconies, fenestration, articulation and material treatments have been selected to pursue the idea of a tall, slender and vertical expression. A green roof is proposed in order to meet the green quota. They will be collecting and channeling water into water column which will store the storm water for repurposing for irrigation and potential toilet flushing. A continuous balcony is proposed on the south west exposure to mitigate solar gain. CRU’s are proposed along Drake Street on the ground floor.

Bruce Hemstock, Landscape Architect, described the landscape plans noting the residential entry has a light element to identify the entry. The commercial will have simply expression with easy access to the CRU entries. The podium will have a fire pit near the covered area outside the amenity room.

The applicant team took questions from the Panel.

Panel’s Consensus on Key Aspects Needing Improvement:

* Consider relocating the amenity room at north east corner at grade;
* Design development to the shadow boxes including consideration to given to increasing size and colour refinements;
* Consider roof level refinement including giving consideration to enhancement of translucent shroud and making the green roof plate horizontal.

Related Commentary: The Panel supported the proposal and thought it would be a tall and elegant building.

The Panel supported the tower separation, neighbourliness, height and density and thought it was an attractive building. They liked the verticality in the tower and the colourful materials including the colour around the windows. Although the Panel liked the shadow box elements, they thought they should be increased in size and brought down to grade or floated above the streetscape.

The Panel thought ground floor space should all be all retail and that the amenity space should be moved to the second floor off the deck. The Panel had some concerns regarding the roof level refinement and suggested making the green roof horizontal. The Panel supported the landscape plans and particularly liked the outdoor living space with the gas fireplace and the extensive and intensive green roofs. They also liked the water elements and the green privacy screen.

The Panel congratulated the applicant for targeting LEED™ Gold registration. There was some concern with the energy performance of the building as there is a large percentage of glazing to wall ratio. Also some of the balconies seem small and the applicant was encouraged to make them useable so they don’t present a thermal penalty. Also, it was suggested that a solar control element needed to be provided on the west façade. One Panel member suggested roughing in for solar hot water for the future on the roof.
Applicant’s Response: Mr. Henry thanked the Panel and said they appreciated the support and comments. Their intention with the shadow box elements is that they will be part of the art component and will be working with an artist on the design.
Development Application

Council Report

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