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Old Posted Jun 6, 2017, 5:28 AM
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Windsor vs London, which city is better?

Windsor vs London, which city is better?

I choose Windsor and here's why:

Windsor has a higher population density and less sprawl than London, London feels more like a bunch of sprawl communities that share the same downtown. Both have similar populations if you match Windsor's land area with that of London's. The road network in Windsor is far superior to London's getting you from point A to point B in minutes. Windsor has better weather (warmer) and housing is reasonably affordable. London for reasons unknown has an unjustifiably expensive housing market. Windsor is next to Michigan and metro Detroit which has a population of 5 million people while London is remote. Windsor can become an iconic city like Vancouver because it neighbors water while London will forever be landlocked. Finally, London doesn't have its own identity; it tries too hard to be like Toronto while Windsor is unique and has character.
Old Posted Jun 6, 2017, 6:15 AM
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I actually kind of like Windsor as it has a real soul and gritty edge to it much like Hamilton. It's got some real history and a city spirit.

I do however prefer London. While I admit that I am 100% biased as I am an ex-Londoner, there are several reasons I say this. Yes, Windsor has a far superior highwy system thn London {everyone does} but conversely London's transit system and ridership levels are vastly superior. London has better post-secondary, healthcare, as well as shopping and resturants. London has lovely inner city neighbourhoods with gorgeous houses along leafy streets. It's a clean and green city and has some great buildings due to it's old wealth history. Needless to say London has a far better reputation than Windsor not only in Ontario but also across Canada.

Detroit is next door to Windsor which can be great for entertainment but little else while is much closer to Toronto and other areas of the province. It has the benefit of being close to Toronto but not too close that the city loses it's regional significance like even Hamiton is beginning to as it becomes little more than a Toronto suburb as the days pass.

London does sprawl but no more than anyother city and it has a resurging downtown and great inner city shopping, entertainment, resturants, and cafes. The city, due to not being a historically industrial one and not allowing ay urban freeways also has a very solid built form. You can walk from downtown in most directions for a good half an hour and never step foot on 2 empty blocks. I rather like Windsor but I find London a far more likeable, pleasant, attractive city with far more to offer.
Old Posted Jun 6, 2017, 12:51 PM
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