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Old Posted Feb 3, 2012, 10:24 PM
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Green Power Questions

I have a question about the use of Green Power around the US.

I was looking at the EPA list for their Green Power Partnerships that was release last month and it looked to me like the areas that use green power are very regional. Like for cities, all of the Texas cities use a ton of green power. However since there are other companies and cities like Chicago, Philly and DC that use green power too in other parts of the US why don't more in those areas use green power? If Chicago and Philly can why can't more? And even then it only seems Chicago and Philly are only getting 20% from green power.

Here is what I am wondering. Is it harder to get up there? Is it more expensive? I'm sure Chicago would love to get all of its power from renewable sources if it could.

Like what really surprised me is that Seattle and Portland use so little. As I understand it the state of Washington produces by far the most renewable energy in the US. Like almost 3 times as much as Texas does. And Oregon also produces more than Texas. But the Portland only gets 9% of its power from renewable sources while Austin is getting 100% of its power from renewable sources (city governments, not the cities as a whole) even though less renewable power is produced in Texas than Oregon. That seems backwards to me. Now I know they would love to get 100% of their energy from renewable sources, so what is stopping them? They had a goal set to reach 100% by 2010 if I remember right, so why couldn't they? I have no doubt in my mind that if Portland could, they would. The desire is there. No one doubts that for a second. It is a fantastic city that take a lot of pride in being sustainable and responsible. Same thing with Seattle. Both areas produce tons of green power. So it seems it should be a no brainier.

One other thing I do know is that Texas has its own energy grid that is separate from the one the rest of the US uses. Does that effect why the Texas cities can use so much more? But I also see companies like Intel who are 100% green, and some companies in other parts of the US that use a lot. So I would assume cities like LA, Boston or Pittsburgh could too.

I don't know. It just has me confused. I just don't know enough about the energy infrastructure in the rest of the US to understand why more cities couldn't go green. I'm wondering if something is stopping that from happening. Anyone know more about this to help clarify that for me?
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