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From what I've heard, Linden Center is technology office space for Wells Fargo and is a Fortune 100 anchor for downtown's IQ District. It's a perfect fit for a research and technology district. What I find interesting, it was originally a 1971 warehouse and was renovated into tech office space in 1997 (one of the IQ District's early adaptive reuse projects). The ceilings were so high, they were able to move the floors up or down, so they could add another floor to the building! It's a beautiful building, by Walter Robbs. I think it's a great view from Plant 64 Lofts too.

B/E Aerospace Engineering Development Lab: (New to this thread)
Do you want to see something awesome? This is a jet sled under construction! Yes, a jet sled! They have to build this first and the building will be constructed around it.

Credit: West & Stem

Credit: West & Stem

National Center for Design Innovation:
Moving slowly in the IQ District. These images are old, but still very interesting and I wanted to share them. We really haven't seen much of the CDI. This will be an awesome addition for arts and technology businesses in the city.

You can see a few of the city's skyscrapers in this image:

Credit: CJMW

I think this is a Motion Capture Room?

Credit: CJMW

Credit: CJMW


Credit: WFIQ

Voting Rights:
A preliminary federal hearing on the state's voter ID law is being held in the U.S. Courthouse at the Ward Federal Building in downtown Winston-Salem. This brought the Moral Monday protests to downtown Winston-Salem. These protests often attract people from all 100 counties in the state. If you're in Winston-Salem this week, be sure to explore some of the new developments and as always, take construction photographs for our thread, if possible.

New Signage at Delurk Gallery:
I love this new sign on Sixth Street, at Delurk Art Gallery.

Credit: DWSP

Plant 64 Lofts:
This is the other side of the power plant at Plant 64 Lofts. The photograph is labeled as a sunny yoga studio will open in this building on July 23! #CityOfAdaptiveReuse

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

National General Insurance Building:
Workers are now moving into this building. I found a great collection of photographs, showing the construction, at West & Stem.

Credit: West & Stem

Credit: West & Stem

Credit: West & Stem

More Jobs:
Mullen Advertising Agency has added a major account (ULTA) and is talking about the long term need to add more jobs at their downtown office, in the Republic Mutual Insurance Building (Park Building).

Awesome July 4th Weekend:
If you weren't downtown over the weekend, you missed-out. People from over 31 countries became U.S. citizens at the naturalization ceremony, around 100 bands was too much for a transformer downtown, and did Winston-Salem really have a big-wheel race downtown?

Something interesting: Winston-Salem has one of only 10 surviving copies of the first printed edition of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” published in 1814 by Thomas Carr. It's a little different than the song we sing today. I'm continually amazed by what is in this city!

Hotel Monaco:
Construction workers are already working on this building! I think we can move this to construction! This will be a $63 million project that will fully gut the building's interior and rebuild the inside with the latest in technology. The beautiful lobby is in perfect condition and really needs no work. It's described as already looking like a upscale hotel by Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. The original owner kept guards at the desk and maintained it, while it was for sale. Joe Long, CIO of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, said “Of all the buildings we have ever looked at for an adaptive reuse project, and we have done 15 so far, there has never been a building in as pristine a condition and as well cared for as this building.” The building’s art deco fixtures and features had been maintained to a high degree not seen in other buildings. Remember, this building was selected by architects nationwide in 1965 as the best preserved Art Deco building. Kimpton has hired Pennsylvania-based Strada Architecture as the hotel's renovation architect. It should open in Fall 2015. Yes, we should make a big photography post for this building!

The company wanted the tallest building south of Baltimore and the best skyscraper in the world. They had the money to do it too. This building is one of the city's wow projects, which shows the amazing wealth this city had at the peak of the American Industrial Revolution! The company traveled to NYC, the capitol of skyscrapers, in 1926 to find an architect and selected Shreve, Lamb, and Harmon. This building was a success, winning the 1929 National Association of Architects "Building of the Year Award," as the best skyscraper built in 1929! One of the things I love about this building: It is designed to be viewed from all angles. It's also all Indiana Limestone on all sides. The building's restoration in 1982-1984 won a 1984 AIA Honor Award.

Proposed Conference Rooms / Ballrooms: Marble from Missouri, France, and Belgium.
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Credit: Camel City Dispatch

Credit: Camel City Dispatch

Wood Ceiling, finished with gold and silver filament, imported from Europe, by the Rambusch Decorating Company: (This company also worked on the Waldorf-Astoria hotel)
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants said: It does have the appearance of a luxury hotel!

Benedict Metalwork: This is not brass. This is an irreplaceable material! It hasn't been manufactured in decades!
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

The irreplaceable Benedict Metal is made from copper, tin, lead, zinc, and nickel. The newspapers and even Kimpton Hotels is reporting this as brass. It is not brass.

Credit: Camel City Dispatch

The Art Deco light fixtures are original:
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

In addition to the mural above, there is also glass art from famed glass sculptor Abbe. These glass panels were taken down to protect them.

Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow


Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

Credit: Camel City Dispatch
My Diagram.

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