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Old Posted Aug 7, 2013, 5:31 PM
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Austin - May-Aug 2013 (107 photos)

So it’s been a busy, booming, DRY (God we need rain) and hot summer in Austin. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken this year from March through the first weekend in August.


85th annual Zilker Kite Festival

It was crowded.


Jury Duty

I got called for Jury Duty. My judge and his courtroom were on the 5th floor of the Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Center.

When you first get there, you have to go through an airport-style security screening. They never questioned my camera. Floors 3-9 have a lobby for the general public that runs the length of the building and the windows face the south. I think there are only two courtrooms on each floor - one on the west side of the elevator bank and the other on the east side of the elevator bank. Attorneys, witnesses, spectators and potential jurors enter the courtroom from this lobby.

These are a couple of the views from that lobby.

I was actually chosen to be a juror and had access to other parts of the floor that were off-limits to the general public. When we came back from lunch, we used a special hallway (you have to be buzzed in) that runs the width of the building and leads to the jury deliberation room and the rear entrance to the courtroom. The hallway for my courtroom faced west and the hallway for the other courtroom faced east. These are some views from the west hallway:

The next two views are of the old Texas Military Institute Castle. (TMI Castle) The foundations below it are the site of a failed condo project. The graffiti is actually part of the Baylor Art Wall.

At the end of that hallway, you turn to the right and enter another hallway. On the left side of that hallway was the jury deliberation room with windows that faced north and on the right side of the hallway was the back entrance into the courtroom that the jurors used. (There were no windows in the actual courtroom.}

These are some views from the jury deliberation room:

(Our case was a DWI. - we found him guilty)


April was so nice and cool. I did a lot of walking. Here are some photos from the Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail.

A “before & after” comparison:

Skyline from Lou Neff Point – April 2008

Same vantage point from April 2013


More walking

The first weekend in May was wonderful. It got down into the 40’s two nights in a row. Austin set an all time monthly low record for the month of May. Oh, how I am missing that weather right now. More walking and photos.

View from the Hyatt Regency. The building under construction is the JW Marriott Hotel which will be Austin's largest when it opens in March 2015.

Skyline from Butler Park:

Skyline from Palmer Events Center:

Skyline from Long Center:

The Crescent from the Embassy Suites garage. This is one of my favorite mixed-use projects in Austin.

Riverview Apartments from the Congress Avenue Bridge

Observation Hill at Butler Park:

Skyline from Butler Park:

Pecan Street Festival

Even the dogs in Austin try to be hip. These two were on Sixth Street during the Pecan Street Festival. Written on a chalkboard at a nearby bar was: “Dogs Welcome! All children must be on a leash.”

Random photos

Zach Topfer Theater

Zach Topfer Theater just before sunrise



June & July

It’s been too hot and humid to get out and go walking, but here’s a few I managed to take.


I went to a birthday party in Pflugerville, and since Capital Metro doesn't go there, I rented a car and decided to keep it the whole weekend so I could drive around (in air conditioned comfort) and take some photos.

I wish the first one had come out better, but I was driving and trying to take the photo in Friday afternoon rush hour traffic.

From Barton Creek Square Mall

From IH 35

From the dog park at Norwood Estate

From parking lot at Joe's Crab Shack

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk under construction

From Grove Blvd

Riverside Drive east of IH35

New mixed-use under construction

Lady Bird Lake near Lakeshore Drive

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk under construction

From stairwell at Spaces 2525 - Bluebonnet & S. Lamar

Capitol from Enfield Rd

From TMI Castle

OK, so I've always longed to go out on that old foundation beneath the TMI Castle where the condos were supposed to have built, but never had before. But there was a hole in the chain link fence and I could see several people down there, so I finally got up my courage and went. Most of the other people there were on all different levels painting. I guess they must have been with the Baylor Art Wall or whatever it's called. There were a few people, though, who were obviously just spectators.

I was really hoping I could stay until night fell, but about that time two police officers showed up. They said the owner didn't really like people out there (unless they were with the Hope Foundation) and said we'd have to leave. (I'm not sure if the people painting were with the Hope Foundation or not, but the spectators had to go.) The cops were pretty cool about it, though. They were almost apologetic about asking us to leave, but said a few people in the past had ruined it for everyone. It was all very low-key and friendly. And at least I got to go out there once, so I was happy.

From the stairwell of a nearby condo on W. 12th

This building is the Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Center where I had jury duty in April

From the scenic overlook on Loop 360

Loop 360/Pennybacker Bridge

From Shepherd Mountain

From Mount Bonnell

Thanks for looking. (And please send us some cooler weather and some rain.)
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