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Matt in West End Village and DaDa

I finally posted this thread. A month after taking the photographs! I apologize for taking so long after hearing requests for construction updates. I didn't visit every construction site, but visited several new sites and a few favorite construction sites.

Winston-Salem has a city population of 240,000 in a metro area of about 650,000. The city's economy is healthcare, aerospace, banking/insurance, technology & research. It is located in the Yadkin River Valley, which is North Carolina's wine country. This city also is known for arts & culture and markets itself as The City of Arts & Innovation. Winston-Salem has the most workers employed in the arts in the state and it's arts groups record the most arts revenues in the state. The city is home to the 7th best art university in the world, as well as the state's high school for gifted artists and the governor's school for the state's smartest students. You will also find Wake Forest University here, which is a major private university with a massive endowment. Now for the tour:

173 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I can't think of a more dramatic building to open this thread. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is currently studying converting this building into a luxury hotel with condos. The 23 storey art deco tower was designed by the famous architectural firm Shreve, Lamb & Harmon.

171 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Camel City Goods is a clothing and accessories store with Winston-Salem branded merchandise. Many popular older cities with strong industrial character seem to have a store like this.

The colorful building reflected in the windows below was once Colonial Revival rowhouses, but was converted into storefronts. Another building on this street was converted from Tudor Revival rowhouses into a flooring store. I didn't go that far down the street though (out of time on this trip!).

169 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I love this poster. Titans of Industry! In the early 1900s, everything from early air conditioners to steel was made in Winston-Salem. Unfortunately, manufacturing is no longer a major employment sector. Winston-Salem's second largest medical center employs more people than all of the metro area's manufacturers combined. Old factories are now trendy condos or converted into office space.

167 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I wanted a Winston-Salem T-shirt and one of the "Home of the Original Empire State Building" posters, but didn't have time for a return visit on the trip. I can order online though.

166 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This building was originally a grocery store in 1890. It was clad in Formstone in the late 1950s. The advertisements on the side of the building are original and were preserved by the Formstone. They were rediscovered during the building's restoration by a graphic design company. It houses their offices and two retail spaces.

156 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Max Keen is a men's clothing store and sells accessories for man caves. I was happy to see 'Fancy Groceries' added to their storefront window, in memory of the original tenant. Winston-Salem's downtown seemed to have a large number of clothing stores. Three in a row in this area alone! Yes, the Pepsi ad is original and was hidden under Formstone.

I've seen a good amount of debate over removing Formstone or preserving it as part of the building. Removing it was the right choice for this building!

161 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This ad is from 1957 and is original. The product was named for a TV show called Hit Parade and became the show's sponsor for two or three years. Naming it for the popular TV show didn't make the new cigarettes as popular as expected. Hit Parade Cigarettes were discontinued in 1958, after only two or three years. The advertisement was preserved when the window was covered and clad with Formstone.

Video Link

160 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

159 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Did You Know: The plastic flamingo was designed by Donald Featherstone, an artist at Union Products, in 1957.

158 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

If you're a beer lover, this store is for you! City Beverage has one of the largest selections of craft beer and wine in the southeast. If there's an unusual craft beer you're looking for, this store has it. They also sell home brewing supplies, so you can make your own beer! You can attend events to learn more about brewing your own beer or attend this store's beer festivals to try new beers. It's a 'wow, is this a dream?' type of store for beer lovers.

155 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This is the transition area between the West End and downtown. Some people call the entire area The West End Village, after a development on the Modern site. The house structures are duplexes and rowhouses converted to businesses. The West End was a wealthy tourist resort, built by railroads, with financial backing from Thomas Edison, Frank Sprague, Harvey Firestone, and many others. Sprague's involvement explains how Winston-Salem became one of the first cities with his electric streetcar. The centerpiece was a large New England shingle-style hotel, designed by Boston architects Wheelwright & Haven in 1889. It was once the largest hotel in the southeast. Newer construction law offices are on the site today, but the stairs to the hotel and the park where the streetcars turned-around are still there.

153 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

151 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Why do hipsters love lumberjacks?

174 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

You can watch batting practice from the East-West Expressway (it's under the concourse bridge!) and see inside the ballpark, during games. This ballpark, designed by 360 Architecture, won the 2010 Ballpark of the Year award and a 2011 Brick in Architecture Award. Winston-Salem was ranked the 22nd best minor league market in the United States and best minor league market in North Carolina, by Street & Smith's.

Construction Site: Link Apartments by Grubb Properties.
This is one of the larger upscale residential developments. 205 apartments above a multi-level underground parking deck with electric car charging stations. It's located across the street from the city's ballpark. It will become viewable from inside the ballpark and will tower over it in views from the expressway.

150 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Workers are clearing the property and grading it. If I can, I'll try to visit Winston-Salem again later this year to take photographs of the crane and structural work. It should be out-of-the-ground in a few months.

In downtown Winston-Salem, they can't build apartments fast enough to meet demand and yes, because of this, they are often expensive. Around 1,200 apartment units are under construction or about to start construction in Winston-Salem's downtown this year. Most of them will enter the market in 2014. Downtown Winston-Salem's apartment vacancy rate is only 5%. The lowest in North Carolina. Yes, most of the 12 county Triad area's apartment construction is in downtown Winston-Salem and with a good reason. They fill as soon as they open in Winston-Salem's downtown.

149 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The 20-storey 1926 building in this photograph above is also apartments. It was the state's tallest building until the building in the first photograph of this thread was built. I really should photograph that part of the city (where the skyscrapers are) on a future trip.

147 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The tall skyscraper on the right, in the image above, was designed by the famous Los Angeles based architectural firm Welton Becket Associates. The massive Neo Gothic structure, in the middle, is the work of famous architect Bertram Goodhue's firm. The 1920s building on the left is apartments, but you could've guessed that. This is an area Winston-Salem threads rarely visit! And we are here to see construction (see below)!

Construction Site: First Horizon Bank - North Carolina Headquarters
Since Winston-Salem's research park is in downtown and the research park buildings are often fully leased, many research & technology companies will select space in downtown's highrises. Because of this, the vacancy rate for Class A office space in Winston-Salem's downtown is only 4%! This building will allow First Horizon to add their logo to the skyline, which I think they wanted to do, but couldn't at their old location. If your interested in leasing this build too, you can call (336) 793-0890 Ext. 101 They are also about to propose another building across the street.

146 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I'll try to return later this year to take a photograph of the crane and steel rising on the skyline. Demolition is complete, the construction trailer is on site, and when I was there it was in excavation. I've heard Merrill Lynch, National General Insurance, and First Horizon connected with this project.

145 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Remember when I said another office building was proposed across the street? It's proposed for the site where the historical marker (above) is. I think if the former governor was still here today, he would love to see an office tower on his former home site. Again, if you're interested in office space, call (336) 793-0890 Ext. 101 The larger and more tenants interested, the more floors the building will have. These sites have ballpark visibility and expressway visibility for your company name/logo.

Although Robert Glenn was known primarily as the “prohibition governor,” under his watch the state’s construction bonds were paid off, lynching was eliminated, and he sought increased funds for public health. Upon leaving the office of the governor in 1909, Glenn returned to his legal practice in Winston-Salem. In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson appointed him to serve on the International Boundary Commission.
Source: NC History Project

He was too liberal to win reelection and the people he helped convict of lynching were pardoned by the next elected governor.

144 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I want to visit the east side of downtown to see some of my favorite construction sites.

Construction Site: Bioinformatics Headquarters
Winston-Salem loves adaptive reuse and this is one of my favorite adaptive reuse projects. From what I can tell, this is a cloud and software related operation with around 300 employees? I think an area college is also interested in leasing 100,000 square feet in this building for first and second year biotech classes. California based BioMed Realty Trust is working on this project and will announce three additional tenants for the space soon.

128 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Did You Know: CHA Health in South Korea is now taking part in the regenerative medicine research performed in downtown Winston-Salem's IQ District. CHA has numerous clinical trials underway using various stem cell therapies. CHA could become a major employer in the IQ District and it seems a new building is expected soon from this.

130 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I apologize for not photographing the National Center for Design Innovation. Their massive building is under construction in downtown's IQ District and is funded through the National Science Foundation. The person overseeing programs at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is the person who started the center and she said RISD is also working with the center in Winston-Salem. Construction workers were grading the site, with a sign at the corner, but it was a difficult site to access? This is another project that should be out-of-the-ground by my next visit!

131 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

An $8 million High Line inspired project with walking paths, separate bike lanes for bicycle commuting and rail lines for 'future' light rail transit (LRT), is proposed on an elevated rail line behind this building. It will connect U.S. Bicycle Route 80 to the main bike routes in the core of the city.

140 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This area of downtown is known as the IQ District. It's being called world class (a favorite word on these forums ) by publications and even some site selectors. Other cities are actually touring this district to learn how they can recreate it in their cities. Thousands of new science and technology jobs are being created in this part of downtown each year. This is the world's leading center for regenerative medicine research. The amount of square footage under construction doubles every year.

137 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Carolina Liquid Chemistries' headquarters is on the right (image above), in the renovated mid-century modern structure. Vice President Joe Biden spoke in their massive atrium last year.

Construction Site: Inmar Headquarters
Inmar operates intelligent commerce networks. The company managed 3.5 billion commerce transactions in the U.S. and Canada last year! This is one of Winston-Salem's major headquarters. When this building opens, in January 2014, it will have nearly 1,000 employees. Almost all of them IT workers. If you work in Information Technology and you need a job, move to Winston-Salem. There are several employers hiring all the time in the IT field and they pay very well. Inmar alone hires hundreds of IT workers each year. IT workers and engineers are always in demand in Winston-Salem.

135 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Inmar's new headquarters is actually old. It was built in 1957 as manufacturing space. It's a great mid-century modern structure and another great adaptive reuse project in downtown's IQ District. I'm not sure exactly who the architect is? I do know it begins with a G. Gensler?

133 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Winston-Salem has some very interesting and challenging terrain. Wouldn't you love to peddle a bike up this hill.

127 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Cesar Pelli's Wells Fargo Center is the tallest at 34 storeys and a nice reflection. It was built as the headquarters for Wachovia National Bank. The financial district also has an award winning design by Pickard Chilton (Republic Mutual Insurance HQ) that has a massive wood and marble atrium with palm trees. Chilton designed it so the main entrance is on the bicycle path network and not the road. I should photograph that area sometime. A skyscraper forum is likely more interested in that area.

Construction Site: Bailey Power Plant
Baltimore based Cross Creek Partners is looking for a renovation partner to help them transform the old power plant into a museum, urban grocery store, move theatre, bowling alley, retail space, the Turbine Hall convention space, an innovation center, and flexible office space. That is one big building! They are designing it to LEED Gold standards. It looks dramatically different than when we last viewed it in December. Demolition is complete and work is now ready to move to the inside. Cross Creek said it will be completed in January 2015. This is Bill Struever's prized adaptive reuse project. He has completely transformed his home town of Baltimore and would like to do the same in Winston-Salem. You know you want to lease in this awesome building. Call (336) 926-1411 for retail or office leasing information. This is the building I would love to have an office in!

126 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This power plant once provided electricity and steam to all of downtown, including the office towers!

Source: Cross Creek Partners

The rendering above shows how the power plant will look when construction work is completed in 2015.

139 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

124 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

A bakery for dogs was about to open in one of these retail spaces. I'm guessing it's open now. I would love to ask business owners in this block what they think of the Bailey Power Plant construction project, which is closing roads. Construction workers also haven't finished removing the utility poles or planting the trees on their block. Centennial Trading Company is actually doing very well, in this construction filled location, though and has raised money (kickstarter) to start their own clothing line for their hipster customers.

123 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The two tall smokestacks could become the world's largest kaleidoscopes. Scott Cole, who has made kaleidoscopes seen in galleries and museums around the world, has visited and is estimating the cost.

122 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine. One of the world's few buildings with a hole in it. Someone pointed this (hole in the building) out to me recently. Winston-Salem is the world's leading center for regenerative medicine. This science research center attracts tens of millions in federal funding and millions in state funding every year.

117 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I wanted to visit one of the hold-outs. This building is actually located between two of the most desirable districts in Winston-Salem for condos and offices. It's one of the more interesting buildings, yet the owner won't sell it. In its present state, it's an interesting building. Let's have a look around it!

118 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Someone walking by stopped and said it was like a museum. As if the store owner just locked the door a few decades ago and never came back. I've never seen the store open. I guess it's, as he said, a museum. I would prefer to see it as condos/apartments with an opened art gallery or retailer on the ground floor, instead of a closed-up museum.

116 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

113 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The construction site is a restaurant that will be named Mission Pizza Napoletana and hair salon. Both buildings were built in 1922.

115 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Lucky Strike's building was once a popular gay dance club in the 1990s called The Satellite Club. It was well-known for it's space travel mural. Unfortunately, the mural was faded, after around 20 years. It was great to see this mural added to the wall, after they painted over the original mural. Though it really doesn't compare to the entire wall mural from the 1990s.

Do I have a photograph of it? Of course I do! (see the original Satellite Club mural below)

2004 Satellite Club Mural by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I took the photograph above in 2004 of the Satellite Club mural. Notice how much larger it is. You can look for the square window to see where the newer mural is located.

112 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

110 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

109 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

According to Cross Creek Partners, there are 15,000 residential units downtown.

108 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Everything is now leasing! Notice the steep terrain. Winston-Salem has the most interesting terrain of North Carolina's five largest cities. When the streetcar is completed, it should be fun riding on streets like these.

107 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

106 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

One of my favorites (above) from the trip.

105 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

104 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The flag pole destroyed the photograph above.

103 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

102 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

101 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Construction Site: Mast General Store & Apartments by U.S. Development
Mast General Store dates back to 1883. They are a mountain outfitter (things for hiking, cave exploration, mountain climbing, river sports, etc.) and have stores in touristy cities around the mountains. It's a fun store to visit, with many unique items and a very historic feel. You can find everything you need to hike the Appalachian Trail or you can find your favorite 'Life Is Good' T-shirts here. They searched for a good location in downtown Winston-Salem for the past 8 years before buying the former Brown Rogers Dixon Hardware Store this year. It's a 'T' shaped building, with store entrances on three different streets, so it's significantly larger than it appears. The upper floors will contain 45 apartments. Apartment hunters can fight over them next summer and these will go fast. This is the most desirable neighborhood in the entire metro area.

100 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

A rendering, below, of what the finished building will look like.

Source:David Gall

99 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I would love to see someone ride that bicycle! I think that is the most unusual bike I've seen anywhere.

The bike above shows the shortage of bike racks in the downtown area. With the growth in popularity of cycling, Winston-Salem recently announced plans to install 125 additional bicycle racks in the downtown area and construct 10 additional miles of bicycle-only lanes. You should see the creative bike racks along Fourth Street. I didn't photograph that area on this trip.

98 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Who said bicycles with engines are unpopular in the United States? I saw several of them on this trip. With the terrain in Winston-Salem, a small assist engine is a good idea.

97 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Above you will see the former A&P Grocery Store renovation. The owner uncovered the windows and removed the paint from the brickwork. I think he had to add new windows as well? I'm guessing the upper floors will become apartments. If you're interested in a storefront, this is a really nice store space.

96 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This building (above) was built in 1870. The top floor is all apartments. Sweet Potatoes is one of my favorite restaurants in Winston-Salem and I recommend it. The locksmith is one of the oldest tenants on the street.

95 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

94 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Festival City? Winston-Salem has a variety of street festivals & events. The week before my visit, the city held a Japanese animation festival. The next week....pole vaulting in the streets. Last week was the National Black Theatre Festival. During the week, an event called b/Eats is held for office workers on lunch break, with food trucks and DJs. Downtown also has the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic USA Cycling event, with some of the world's top cyclists. Some of the larger events/festivals can attract tens of thousands of people to the downtown area and a few are covered in the national media.

92 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

IMG College is one of Winston-Salem's major headquarters. The $3.5 billion company employs around 750 people and handles the licensing for NCAA events and the NCAA itself. They also sell tickets, advertising, and they make the broadcasts you see and hear for over 50 college teams on TV and radio. You've likely heard the name IMG College credited at the end of the game you watched. They may appear on your video games as well. This is the headquarters and their main studio. From the sidewalk, looking-into the windows, you can actually watch live interviews with players and watch the radio announcers, as they view the game on monitors. They also edit the video for playback and work on social media in this building. The building is designed with a basketball court for a lobby and broadcast studios fronting the sidewalk. The top of the building is.. yes, luxury condos.

91 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

If you like sports, the Winston-Salem Open ATP World Tour tennis event is August 18th. It attracts many of the world's top ranked tennis players.

88 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I think this year is the 75th anniversary of Superman?

90 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr
My Diagram.

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86 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

84 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

85 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

83 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

You'll see a unicorn when pigs fly.... If you're looking for a unicorn, try Fourth Street. Some people have reported a person wearing a unicorn mask there.

82 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Krispy Kreme is another of Winston-Salem's major headquarters.

81 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

79 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

During the height of the American Industrial Revolution, Winston-Salem was among the top 25 industrial centers in the United States. It was The City of Industry. Though Winston-Salem today is a center of research, technology, aerospace, banking & insurance, residents are very proud of the city's history. It gives the city a coolness that attracts many young and creative people to it, including me.

80 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

American Beach was a popular Florida vacation destination for African Americans during the days of segregation and Jim Crow. A number of celebrities could be seen there, including Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Billy Eckstein, Hank Aaron, Joe Louis, and Sherman Hemsley. So what happened to it? A really bad hurricane in 1964, combined with the desegregation of Florida beaches that year, had major impacts on it.

78 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

77 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

76 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

76 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Usually, I don't miss much, when taking photographs. I love finding details people often over-look! I did miss this sticker though. I enlarged it from the image above it. It's based on the logo for the 1980s west coast punk band Black Flag. The skyscrapers on the sticker are (left to right) Wells Fargo Center, BB&T Financial Center, Winston Tower, and the Reynolds Building. Ray Pettibon, designer of the band's logo, said "If a white flag means surrender, a black flag represents anarchy."

74 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

73 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

On the day this building (above) opened, it was 80% leased in just 14 hours! They can't build apartments fast enough in downtown Winston-Salem! I'm surprised no one has attempted a SkyHouse type project here. Winston-Salem is one of the few U.S. cities, according to this forum, where the downtown area is building more residential units than the suburbs. The IQ District alone, where the building above is located, has commitments from employers to bring 3,000 new jobs to their downtown neighborhood in the next 18 months (waiting on construction). New Jobs = New Apartments/Condos

71 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

70 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

69 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

67 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

66 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

David Allen Giles is a Steam-punk Artist in Winston-Salem, known for interesting creations, such as these (above).

65 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I love these old buildings. Thank you to the artists who preserve everything we love about them.

61 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This painting shows the old homes and buildings from the 1700s, to the south of downtown, with the eastern half of the skyline rising above. This city's 4th tallest building is missing from so many photographs and artwork. I really wish photographers and artists would use the entire skyline. I did try to include the Integon Insurance Building as much as possible in my thread. Did you notice? This is me asking other artists to do the same. It's a Welton Becket design!

60 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

59 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

58 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

57 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This wine bar is great, but Winston-Salem is the southeast's wine country. If you love wine you should take a short trip into the western suburbs and explore the many vineyards. They are sometimes just as weird as the city. A good example of this is Divine Llama Vineyards, where if you make reservations months in advance, you can not only taste wine.. but go on a guided two mile llama trek with your own llama companion. It's also not uncommon to find a beer brewery or a restaurant at many of the vineyards too! They love tourists.

52 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

You know we will explore this alley! It's calling out to us.

Yes! (in the newspaper box above) is the independent weekly newspaper in Winston-Salem. They have made major investments in the city's downtown, building two entertainment venues. A gay dance club and a massive live music venue. They are planning a third major investment in Winston-Salem's downtown: A large amphitheatre on 9th Street!

56 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Art studios, drinking establishments, and condos are down this alley. It's also used to show movies.

54 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

55 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

51 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

50 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

49 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Independence Day is big in Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem was the first city on record to actually celebrate July 4th. You can see the historic marker on historic Salem Square. The city has a number of events that day. A revolutionary war reenactment and a large naturalization ceremony are the most popular. You can see several Winston-Salem residents become new U.S. citizens in a beautiful ceremony. People from 28 different countries became U.S. citizens at Salem Square this year.

Photo Credit: Walt Unks JournalNow

Of course I'll post a photograph of it! It's not mine though. The three people on the front row are originally from Peru, Guinea, and the United Kingdom. One day, I would love to photograph this event for the forum.

48 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

A finalist for favorite store name?

47 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I'm guessing it (sculpture) has something to do with the city's jazz history, which dates back decades? I can remember visiting 10 years ago and the city had several downtown jazz clubs back then, such as Thea's House of Blues and Speakeasy.

46 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Nothing down this alley.

45 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Winston-Salem still has a downtown department store. Millers department store is 85 years old! It was also featured in Playboy Magazine in 1968, as one of the nation's top clothing stores for young people. Today, it's internationally famous for it's basement find. The owners over the years moved clothing that didn't sell to the basement, during the 1950s through the 1980s. The store owner found them, complete with original price tags! These items were placed on the web and Millers instantly became an internationally popular store for those interested in vintage clothing. As you can see, they sell new clothing as well.

44 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

43 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

41 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

40 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

There are several interesting 'dive bars' in Winston-Salem. I tried to be creative and unique with some of these photographs. Not sure if everyone will like it or not.

38 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This is the Word Wall by mosaic artist Detter. It's made of re-cycled safety glass shelving, dominoes, and mosaic glass tiles. You can use your phone to hear recorded messages, as part of the art.

37 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Winston-Salem recently became the only city in the state to create a noise district, where entertainment venues can turn-up the music as loud as they want. You may see zoning signs around this area for the district. A developer has bought most of the properties in this area with plans to transform it into the ultimate nightlife district. If someone buys a condo or rents an apartment near this area, they can't complain about the music. Of course the developer and his partners had a secret project they didn't want to talk about until after the zoning. That project is a large amphitheatre (spoken of earlier in this thread).

33 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This is Winston-Salem's regionally famous Ziggy's music club. I'm guessing it's about to celebrate its 45th birthday soon? It's multiple venues in one. I'm sure a few music fans reading this will instantly recognize Ziggy's and can tell you of the great albums recorded at Ziggy's or their memories with their favorite bands. Since it is multiple venues in one, it is possible to have three bands performing on one night.

32 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Part of the properties (above) owned by the development group working on the massive and loud entertainment district. I expect all of these properties to become live music venues or clubs?

31 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

30 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This building was originally constructed in 1929 as a bank branch for Wachovia. Wachovia had their headquarters and at least four branches in the downtown area at one time.

29 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This is actually a covered outdoor food court for restaurants along the alley. It was very active on a Sunday morning, when I walked past it. I would've taken a photograph then, but everyone was looking right at me and my camera. It was the No Photos Please look.

28 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Mary's is the best breakfast I've had anywhere. It's also highly recommended.

27 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Removing the vinyl siding from the building on the left, which will become a pizza restaurant and hair salon. The pizza restaurant will actually have a walk-up take-out window! Would you like to give money to support a downtown business? Mission Pizza Napoletana has a Kickstarter account: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...-to-trade-stre

This is what you're helping to buy and you can give as little as $1 to make a difference:
A pizza oven made from bricks forged of the volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Vesuvius, and engineered to retain the intense 1000 degree heat necessary to produce a beautiful pizza napoletana. Handmade in Naples, Italy by a 3rd generation craftsman, it will be the only one of its kind in NC. As the center of the restaurant, it will provide the energy and warmth that will personify the space. This is the best pizza oven in the world.

26 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

25 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This (above) is actually a new construction elementary school in downtown! And yes, it has a storefront. The original plan was for the storefront to sell student artwork, but I noticed the space is actually filled by a home theatre store. I guess leasing it is generating more money for the school? Another elementary school is located on this same street, a few blocks east. That school converted former textile factories into classrooms. They were converting the former Tarheel Textiles Building into an expansion to their school, but I didn't photograph it. A middle school is located on the south end of downtown in the former Salem Iron Works building. It seems there are a large number of familes with young children living downtown.

24 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Posters from a live music venue, located across the street from the elementary school!

23 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

22 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

21 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

20 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This person was showing off their customized 1971 Huffy bicycle, around Sixth Street. I noticed the owner is a member of a custom bicycle club as well. Are customized bicycles, like the bikes pictured in this thread, becoming popular? I had never seen them before, until I visited Winston-Salem. And I noticed several extreme looking bicycles on this trip! I always seem to find weird things in Winston-Salem though.

Construction Site: The Lofts by BSC
The development will have 150,000 square feet of retail, 30,000 square feet of office space, and 400 apartments. It has the usual amenities and a few unusual amenities. I'll list the unusual! A waterfall in the 2,000 square foot pool, a hammock station, and miniature golf (really?) are unusual, A quote by Amanda Williams: "This is the first urban building that we’ve ever done. It’s one building." ....However that one building is being constructed in three phases.

1 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

19 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

17 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

A tea bar?

16 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

15 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Can anyone tell me more about the fish sculptures?

14 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

12 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

10 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

7 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

Yes, it's a hearse. I'm guessing the owner of the Dye Pretty salon owns this car?

8 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

I would like to have stickers like these for our (Lauren & I) car. At one time, there was a gift shop on Seventh Street, with items like this?

9 by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

This car is awesome! A finalist for weirdest thing seen on this trip to Winston-Salem. I think some of the weird bicycles, seen earlier in this thread, are more weird though.

5 wall by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

The Plaza Building is a 19 storey modernist beast!

2 skyline by matthew_dumont, on Flickr

After spreading The Hyphen's happiness, we are all feeling better!

Until next time..

Thank you for your time and let me know if you enjoyed this thread and would like to see any more in the future. I may return later in the year. I missed several construction sites I wanted to share and so many I did share were grading. This thread was edited. 28 photographs were deleted. I apologize for that, but hopefully it will speed it up for you! I have to get ready for work and will check back later! Thank you again for your time.
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The construction photographs in this post were deleted to speed-up the thread. If you want to know what you missed, it was an arts library, to research everything from performing arts to movies, by Boston based Design Lab Architects (awesome design and impressive building!), a 12-storey building by HKS Architects, and a building by Robert A.M. Stern. I'm sure you can look them up elsewhere. Winston-Salem is one of those cities with its own forum.
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Well this thread has just about everything in it. Quite the tour Matthew. I will probably go back through again some time cause I'm sure I missed things. Thanks.
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I originally wanted to post this as two threads, back in July, but Lauren distracted me for the past month.... going places, inviting our friends over, and looking at this or that. I don't like telling her no, to work on something for a forum. Last night, I just wanted to post it and be done with it. I didn't care about spelling or length or anything. This thread cut into my illustration time too and I really want to draw some diagrams. I didn't think it would be too large. I'll look into cutting it back by 33% or more Wednesday night. That should make it easier to load and read. I'll post to bump this thread, so everyone knows when I've finished deleting some of the photographs.

I'm guessing the downtown neighborhoods aren't that popular. If I return later this year, I'll go back to showing more of the Central Business District (skyscrapers), Old Salem, and the IQ District and fewer houses, stores, and maybe try to cut back on the people photographs. It appears those aren't that popular or interesting to everyone else. Sorry about that. I rarely post photography threads. I'm learning what everyone wants to see though.
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Interesting perspective and nice photos. I enjoyed your tour. I was there for 4 days earlier this year for work. Ate at a few places on 4th street, walked around a bit. Nice little city. You really got around much more than I did.
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Old Posted Aug 14, 2013, 4:54 PM
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Interesting and informative. Lots of cute industrial-y buildings! That said, does anybody ever say "DaDa" in real life? What a silly name. I doubt any credible human would ever mumble such a ridiculous name.

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Talk about thorough! I feel like I really know the ins and outs of Winston-Salem now. Great tour and thanks for all the detail! Interesting to read about all the tech as well as all the new residential in downtown.
I went through W-S in the early '90s when I was in Elkin, NC on business. It seemed very sleepy then.
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I've visited this city once or twice a year since 1994 and I've never seen this much construction in Winston-Salem and there is more on the way, from a streetcar system to a medical school downtown to apartments to labs and offices. Winston-Salem is among the nation's greatest comeback stories. It was going the same direction as its industrial peers and had to completely transform its economy (reinvent itself), using two large medical centers (including a university medical center), a major university, an arts university, and the city's finance industry. When Dr. Atala moved to Winston-Salem from Boston in 2006 or 2007 and took his research team and companies to Winston-Salem, he became the big turning point that led to a very impressive boom. I was standing across from the Bailey Power Plant last year and it was like I didn't recognize the city. It's billions of dollars of construction.

The current headlines in Winston-Salem are:
How will a major South Korean investment change the IQ District.
Tengion (Regenerative Medicine Company) will pay a former exec. $330 an hour to consult.
U.S. military awarding another $75 million for regenerative medicine research.
A group of artists are transforming a roller mill into an arts and creative industries incubator.

DaDa was originally the Trade District for the Old Belt Exchange. Over the years, it became a Pedestrian Mall. And that pedestrian mall had cycle tracks and a pedestrian walkway system, to connect it to neighborhoods and attractions. Those two parts were very ahead of their time. However, pedestrian malls were a bad mistake and by around 1977, they could tell it was a bad idea. Around 1984, David Shannon (If I remember correctly? I'm posting from memory) decided to convert the historic buildings into an arts district. Now, fast foward to the DaDa part. Around 10 years ago, the Miami Fusion soccer team was working with the Carolina Soccer Fund to demolish half the neighborhood and build a Major League Soccer Stadium there. The neighborhood organized, like a union, taking dues, and becoming the Downtown Arts District Association.. or DaDa. Those living in the neighborhood and business owners as well, are all DaDa and the neighborhood took that name. If you look at the Retro Art Ware Store photograph, you'll see a DaDa neighborhood sticker on the door.

Enlargement of that photograph:

You will find a L5P here in Atlanta, a NoDa in Charlotte, a LoDo in Denver and many more examples across the country. Many of them inspired by SoHo in New York. Winston-Salem's is from the association that protects the artists and hipsters neighborhood and organizes events there. And in a city that appears to be on its way to becoming the next new south boomtown, the neighborhood needs all the protection it can get.

Thank you to everyone for your replies.
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Great thread, thanx! This place on my to do list now
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What an awesome, awesome thread. A pleasurable, informative trip from my lazy-boy.

I noticed the bicycle dude and was wondering if you see lots of cyclists in Winston?
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I apologize for not responding back sooner. Hopefully, you'll see my response. I just now checked on it to use a photograph elsewhere and noticed replies.

I've noticed a growing number of bicycles on my trips there. Winston-Salem wants to be one of the nation's top bicycle cities and is working hard to do that. I also discovered the painted door (click on this sentence to see it again) is a bike rack. Winston-Salem is a city with a Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator working in the Planning Department at City Hall. That is very unusual. His name is Matthew Burczyk (AICP) and he is also an instructor with the League of American Bicyclists and leads a separate bike and pedestrian advocacy group for Winston-Salem, when he is not working at City Hall. His job with the city is to build strong cycling and walking infrastructure and educational programs. The city is investing millions in bicycle infrastructure. The person over the IQ District said last year, he would like to bring bicycle sharing to the city, but is waiting until his $8 million bicycle commuting and walking project is completed. I'm guessing that will happen next summer? This is a city that built Cycle Tracks decades ago, connecting a mall, parks, lake, waterfalls, colleges, Old Salem, several neighborhoods, and more to downtown, and I think they should bring b-cycle to the city now along those paths and maybe expand it to their $8 million expansion when it opens. I actually biked those paths about 10 years ago and was surprised to ride through a tunnel in an office building built in 1989 and loved the little bridges and lights along the path. That is a lot of fun. It's amazing to think they actually built that in the 1980s!

An interesting fact about Winston-Salem. It was founded in the mid-1700s by artists and craftsmen and the city seems to allow the artists to take-over and uses them in the way some cities would use an ocean front or sports teams. When a company is interested in hiring a new executive or a company is interested in moving to the city, they are often taken to see a dance troupe or to one of the theatres and the goal is to impress them with the city's arts/creative community. By doing this, the city's corporate community is usually run by artists or big arts supporters, with many companies in the city bragging about their support for the arts. I've seen everything from an art deco gas station to two or three old churches converted to neighborhood performing arts centers in Winston-Salem. And speaking of that, this is a city that really knows how to do adaptive reuse, from schools, to the county government center, to unique offices. It's interesting to see what they can do with old buildings in Winston-Salem.

I now know the mannequins around the downtown area are called Mannequin Shenanigans

Three more apartment buildings have begun construction, since I last posted here. Both are adaptive reuse projects. If I can return later this year, I should have a good amount of construction to photograph. The mayor is also talking with a biotech company in South Carolina about relocating their headquarters to downtown Winston-Salem's IQ District, so we could see another leasing announcement soon.

If you're interested in visiting, I would say the best time to visit is the first Saturday in July. I had a lot of fun! Upcoming downtown street festivals are Bookmarks, Cycling Sunday (multiple dates during the year), Second Sunday (family event held monthly), Fiesta, Gay Pride, and Rock the Block, which I think is their largest street festival. One of these days, I would like to attend Bookmarks.

You may remember this wall: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5344/9...1c87dcea_o.jpg

This is how that wall looks today (below). Blank walls usually don't stay blank for long in Winston-Salem. I would like to photograph this on a return visit.

Source: Jen Wike (8-31-2013)

I also want to add, for anyone visiting: Be sure to visit an area called Old Salem. (I have a photograph below) It's the largest of several Colonial-era neighborhoods in the city and was the original downtown in the mid-1700s. I don't see it photographed on this forum, so I want to bring it up, so you know to look for it. You can see the glass BB&T Financial Center in the background. It's an actual residential neighborhood, but does have a few structures you can tour with costumed interpreters and a few museums and gardens you can also see. They also have a late night Halloween tour. People's homes are marked with a "Private Residence" marker beside the door.

Source: Winston-Salem Chamber
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