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Old Posted Yesterday, 3:37 PM
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How funny, I didn't say that quote.

But I just noticed on my 2nd to last post, it assigned the quote to a different person too.

Odd. Oh well.
Patriotism is an inflated assertion of imaginary superiority.

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Old Posted Yesterday, 5:59 PM
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Unfortunately, it happens when someone deletes an ending quote tag, thus screwing up the first quote, and then that post gets quoted.

If everyone could please be careful when editing quotes of other posts, and make sure that you don't delete the top line that looks something like:


or the bottom line that always looks like this:


When the quote tags are intact, they also provide a handy link back to the original post. Feel free to PM me if you want more help.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 6:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Rustifer View Post
So here is a bit or arcane information regarding my favorite retro show, 77 Sunset Strip.
In the opening credits of the show--which usually depicts a shot of Dino's and the Bailey & Spencer office building (believed to be shot from above on Miller Drive), one can clearly read Mary Allen Hill Modeling on the upper roof part of the office building. One can assume this is where the modeling agency resides.

While watching one of the episodes from Season 1 (on MeTV), Stu Bailey is seen entering the office lobby and the office listing board is clearly visible. Freeze framed to read, and oops! There is no Mary Allen Hill Modeling listed on the board.

This can be of no viable interest to anyone other than me, but I thought I'd share nonetheless.

I find those kinds of things interesting Rustifer. I thought you might like to know about a forum that has a thread specifically about 77 Sunset Strip and all the other Warner detective series. It's geared to wondering about a possible dvd release, but many people are talking about specific episodes, especially since it's been airing on Me-TV.

This is the current page, but you can start at the beginning.

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