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Old Posted Today, 12:54 PM
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I just want my jetpack.
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Old Posted Today, 1:48 PM
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Originally Posted by iheartphilly View Post
I'm not sure I buy all the hype with autonomous driving vehicles. How many inputs will the computer process and will it save time on the commute for all drivers. As long as there are stop lights, stop signs, and other traffic slowing mechanisms, everyone on the road is a slave to these measure. So, I'm not sold that it will improve efficiency and throughput. Maybe less aggravation for the driver/rider since the computer AI will take all the driving variables that the sensor/radar/driving technology can pick up and process in place of the human brain. One thing I do like about the sell is that it should cut down on accidents cause by human drivers. AI driving safety is one of the big selling points.
People who are tech addicts and have disdain for anything "old" are really underestimating Americans love for autonomy and freedom as it relates to cars. Just how will this process of banning manual driving (and parking) work? Are people suggesting the government will decide when driving will be made illegal? Good luck with that. In Europe and Asia where dependence on mass transit, bikes, walking, etc. if much higher (in urbanized areas) this sort of transition may not be quite as big of a deal. In the US the changes being discussed are huge and many folks will not be on board. All of the panacea stuff being discussed is based on the premise of rapid, mass adoption of these vehicles and a corresponding mass retirement of regular cars. Unless the government subsidizes such a move in a big way I don't see that happening in 10 or even 20 years. Americans with cars are used to being able to come and go as they please- a far cry from relying on robo taxis to go everywhere. People embrace tech when there is something in it for them. If I had an hour car commute each way every day perhaps I would be clamoring for a self driving car, but I don't and I rarely take long car trips that leave me fatigued or angry as a driver. What is in it for people like myself? The appeal of being able to send more text messages from the drivers seat?
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Old Posted Today, 2:41 PM
Capsule F Capsule F is online now
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Self driving cars will be the next large disruptive technological change we encounter, and its going to happen sooner than later. I think you guys are going to be caught by surprise.
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Old Posted Today, 2:49 PM
Yurkek Yurkek is online now
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Not sure if we actually going to experience fully autonomous cars any time soon, but I really hope if it happens we will get rid of all that unnecessary parking and have more space in cities for other things.
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