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Old Posted Today, 3:10 AM
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Surprises me that they would open it now only operating between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Curious why they didnt just wait until Miami station is open???? They'd get a bigger splash for the opening, get more ridership and it would be operating somewhat closer to the envisioned plan. They cant be getting any riders now other than a few curious people. It feels like opening a hotly anticipated restaurant after dropping a ton of money on it and then only serving appetizers for only weekday lunch for its first year.

I wish this operation very well and want to check it out but this is a tough market under the best circumstances. Its Florida to start with (culturally/politically adverse to transit/rail, anti-transit/incompetent government, car-centric urban form), connecting transit is crap to non-existent, and it largely competes with an existing lower cost rail line in the same corridor.
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Old Posted Today, 6:02 AM
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Lots of businesses do a soft-open to work out the kinks, and use the revenue to start paying back their bills, I don't see why AAF would be any different.

Public transit projects never do this... ultimately they're not expecting to make money, and they'd rather avoid subjecting customers to their growing pains if it might cause political blowback. Private businesses can face blowback too (look at airlines) but they also have huge marketing budgets, incentive programs, etc that they can use to lure customers back.
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Old Posted Today, 5:40 PM
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I just got my tickets for this Sunday! Going to do brunch in West Palm Beach, can't wait. Tickets are BOGO if you use the code BLFRIEND.
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