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Old Posted Aug 10, 2018, 11:46 PM
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Terrific job with the photos, but...

One thing always seems to be missing in photos of Calgary: People. It looks like a ghost town.
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Old Posted Aug 12, 2018, 2:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Atlguy33 View Post
Calgary: a city of 1.4 million metro population, with the skyline of a city with 5 million metro population.
Agreed!..It does have an impressive skyline for it's size. Heck, both of Alberta's main cities had enough foresight to build light rail systems decades ago.The Calgary city planners or whoever planned well. Great job on these pics Geomorph..
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Old Posted Aug 12, 2018, 5:40 PM
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Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
I visited Calgary for the first time a few years back and left with the same feelings. The skyline is very impressive for such a small metro but left wondering what was missing. I think a couple of things are at play.

Calgary went from frontier oil town to corporate headquarter city very quickly. A ton of towers went up but not much attention was paid to architecture, the public realm, or building a place that functions after 5pm. There's not much of a residential population downtown; it's one office after the next with a small retail strip and a big underground mall. I don't think Calgarians actually go downtown other than for work. They go to the neighbourhood south of the rail line. The Beltline???

Calgary has started to put more emphasis on quality architecture and so far has 3 great looking new towers to show for it. The Bow, Brookfield, and Telus Sky are fabulous. Love love love Telus Sky. Next they need to build a sizable resident population right in the downtown. 100,000 people living downtown will do wonders for the vibrancy of the area. With more residents comes more retail, more restaurants, and more pressure to improve the public realm (sidewalks, trees, benches, etc.) I found most of the downtown streets surprisingly shabby/unattractive.

I hope my criticism doesn't come off as harsh. I liked Calgary and think it has a very bright future. I just think the downtown needs more time to come together. Start building condos and I don't mean in the Beltline!
Financial districts are typically dead outside business hours. DT Calgary is mostly financial district and an incredibly large one for the regional population. The types of districts most people associate with downtowns aren't as oversized in Calgary, although they are growing rapidly.
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Old Posted Sep 12, 2018, 2:12 AM
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Since I started this thread with a view taken from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's parking garage area, I will piggyback some images of the campus here since I will not start a whole new thread just for it. The campus is dominated by several recent large buildings that form a modern identity in contrast to its most historic landmark.

All photos taken by geomorph in 2017.
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