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Old Posted May 15, 2017, 7:54 PM
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Questions about condo architecture/engineering in Canada

In South Korea, the most dominant dwelling type is apartment buildings, where over 50% of Korean population reside.

Despite their high demand, the quality of the buildings is low.
80% of apartment buildings are built with low quality. Due to "cheap" developers trying to cut costs to save money for their projects.
One of the strategies they use to save costs is by choosing less expensive construction methods and designs for their building.

There are three common floor systems in Korea (please refer to the figure below):
1. load bearing wall structure
2. frame structure
3. flat-slab structure (combination of 1 & 2)

According to the news, by choosing load-bearing wall design (the cheapest) for their projects, they can save up to 15% of their initial construction costs.
Load-bearing wall design becomes problematic as the building ages and upgrades or maintenance must be applied to the building.

Consequence of going “cheap” is shown in average life span of apartment buildings in Korea, which is only 27 years.
The number is significantly low compared to Japan (52 years), USA (72 years), France (80 years), Germany (121 years), and UK (128 years)

Currently in Korea, over 80% of apartment buildings are built that way. Many buildings are getting re-developed due to their unsustainable conditions.

I am researching about floor systems used in high-rise condominium apartments, that is buildings over 12 story tall, in Canada.
Kindly, I would like to ask you a few questions about how condo buildings are built in Canada.

1. What are the most common flooring systems used in Canada for high rise (minimum 12 floor) condo apartments?

2. Does average life span of condo apartments differ depending on the developer? And do the buildings get demolished and re-developed once it reaches its maturity?

3. What methods or techniques are used to ensure structural quality of condo apartments in Canada compared to other countries?


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