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Old Posted May 20, 2013, 11:16 AM
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Small Town Canada - Cobourg, Ont

This is a rehash of a thread a posted in the Canada section of my hometown of Cobourg

Cobourg is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, 1 hour east of Toronto with a current pop. of 18,000. The area was settled around 1798 originally as a group of small villages. The small villages eventually joined together and formed a town called Hamilton, interestingly enough. The town officially changed its name to Cobourg in 1818 in recognition of the marriage of Princess Charlotte to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Little bit of a note...I've read Cobourg is spelt with an O rather than as Coburg because of a typo. Whether that's true or not I'm not sure. Meh. that's enough history on with the pics!

Cobourg Town Hall #2 by T a k, on Flickr

This is Cobourg's most important and prominent building, Victoria Hall. Built in the 1850s. The town had great aspirations when it was built and Victoria Hall was to symbolize that. After many years the building had began to deteriorate and was on the verge of being TORN DOWN in the 1970s and replaced with a PARKING LOT. Cooler heads prevailed and rather than tear it down they restored it, thank god. It currently serves as the town hall and also contains a concert hall and art gallery.

Victoria Hall, Cobourg by Ross Dunn, on Flickr

Victoria Hall by demon_moon, on Flickr

_DSC0602Anx2-Q50 by edk7, on Flickr

Victoria Hall lies directly in the middle of downtown Cobourg on King St. This is King St...

Downtown Cobourg by Kiril Strax, on Flickr

Downtown, Small-scale, Pedestrian-oriented Commercial Street, King Street Cobourg, ON by Ministry of Infrastructure, on Flickr

Downtown, Small-scale Commercial Street, King Street Cobourg, ON by Ministry of Infrastructure, on Flickr

P6250003 by gaffer1956, on Flickr

Downtown, Small-scale, Pedestrian-oriented Commercial Street, Division Street Cobourg, ON by Ministry of Infrastructure, on Flickr

Cobourg 5 by Sean_Marshall, on Flickr

If you can't read it Cobourg had a ferry to Rochester, NY.

Cobourg to Rochester: The Ontario Car Ferry Co. 1905-1950 by Will S., on Flickr

Downtown Cobourg by sayuri_30, on Flickr

DSCN0132 Street fair, Cobourg, Ontario by pvalentine1, on Flickr

Cobourg's harbour/marina is to the immediate south of the downtown. Like most places on the Great Lakes it was once an industrial wasteland composed of railways, coal piles and large oil drums. The town, realizing the potential of the land, started slowly buying back the waterfront and turning it into what you see today which is open natural areas, condos and parks.

Not sure the date here.


Early 1980s



Cobourg Harbour in Canada by BlueSkies705, on Flickr

The condos on the left in this picture lie directly where the large oil drums above once stood.

Cobourg Marina by Pouncer 2, on Flickr

Cobourg Marina by justin.fitchett, on Flickr

The Sylphide by Ramblings From The 4th Concession, on Flickr

P8244317 by nodomain.cc, on Flickr

Cobourg, ON by salgal2008, on Flickr

Just to the east of the harbour and downtown is Victoria Park which includes one the nicer beaches you'll find in Ontario.

Cobourg Beach by mengesphotos, on Flickr

Victoria Park Pavilion Cobourg Beach by Bobcatnorth, on Flickr

05062403 by The Blogless One, on Flickr

20100829 119 Cobourg Triathlon by scottdm, on Flickr

Cobourg Beach by Saugh30, on Flickr

Victoria Park gazebo, Cobourg, Ont. by trulygreenfish, on Flickr

Cobourg Beach & Trailer Camp by demon_moon, on Flickr

One of Cobourg's more popular summer festivals is the Sandcastle Festival...

IMG_4574 by Yan Simkin, on Flickr

IMG_4783 by Yan Simkin, on Flickr

IMG_4581 by Yan Simkin, on Flickr

That concludes the tour for now. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes, Cobourg has the usual big box stores and sprawl. Yay! Although somewhat contained.


Cobourg Sunset by PJMixer, on Flickr
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