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Old Posted Mar 24, 2007, 3:41 PM
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Delhi NCR - projects thread

A massive amount of construction projects have been announced in the National Capital Region. So here goes...

Uniworld City, Greater Noida


The project will have 52 towers/highrise blocks as per one website.

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Old Posted Jun 24, 2007, 1:25 AM
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Hi guys, made a post about it in the main forums here:
NOIDA, India: Unitech Grande -- *eighty* x 10 - 50 floor towers

What follows is a cross posting of that thread

Unitech Grande, Noida, India

Located in Noida, one of the commerical hubs and one of several future CBDs of India's National Capital Region (NCR = Delhi, New Dehli and nodal cities), Unitech Group recently announced what will be the highest skyscraper in the NCR, Unitech Grande.

Noida is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Concieved as a one of several greenfield metropolian nodes that would focus the development of both Old and New Dehli, it features world-class infrastructure designed to support support high-capacity residential and commerical development. The eventual plan by 2015 is to have a fully modern central business district comprising commericial skyscrapers around at least one supertall -- one of several CBD nodal cities (which also includes Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.)

Unitech is one of India's largest builders, and continually have churned out world-class buildings with a cutting-edge architecture that is designed to be a modern take on traditional Indian architecture, even to the point of being designed to adhere to ancient Vaastu principals. Their towers, like those of all developers in India, continue to grow taller and taller with each project. It's expected that their Mumbai project on mill-land redevelopments will be even taller still.


Unitech Grande is located in a sub-section of Noida called "Express City." In 2006 Unitech purchased the property that would later become Unitech Grande after intense bidding in what was then India's biggest land deal (in only one year since then, this record surpassed by a factor of several tens larger.)

Unitech Grande comprises over 80 highrises that surround a park and golf course. The tallest at 50 stories, and 5 in the 40 storey range that act as peaks in the string of buildings.

^ Note the currently vacant plots around the area. Only 2 years ago this was all farmland.

At this point, information on names and actual sizes of the buildings is sketchy, as information as of this point has only gone out to realtors. Unitech doesn't even deign to advertise :| The real estate boom is as such in India that all of their projects are sold out months before even ground breaking, solely through realtors.

Here are some pics of the project. Sorry for the quality of the pics, but they came from a movie walkthrough of the project

^ Unitech Grande viewed from the Noida Expressway.

^ Two buildings of 45 and 35 stories act as gateways at both ends of the project.

^ A view of the clubhouse and golf course that runs the length in the valley between the two rows of buildings.

^ You can see how the buildings ring the golf course. The taller skyscrapers you see here range from 35-48 stories. The towers will use a bluish tint glass.

^ Continuing to 'pan backwards' the last pic so that the towers of the previous pic are now in the far end of the valley, you can see the taller center towers come into view. Part of the 50 storey skyscraper with its beautiful facade can be seen on the left hand side.

^ Panning further backwards we can see the 50 storey tower in all its glory

^ A view of the same area panning backwards during the sunset. Note the club on the right hand side.

^ Zooming in close and circling the 50 storey tower. Notice How it is made of three sections. The many rooms have their own balcony-pool.

^ The central skyscraper at night.

Here's the video on youtube:
Video Link

And a better quality one downloadable at Megaupload and Rapidshare (courtesy Indiansunite) (courtesy Indiansunite)


Unitech Grande is a sign of Indian things to come

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