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Old Posted Nov 25, 2010, 6:26 AM
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New York City 2015 3D Model Feat. the new World Trade Center

New York City 2015 3D Model Feat. the new World Trade Center

This is an outgrowth of my previous WTC project (old thread here) expanded beyond Lower Manhattan into basically the whole island. This is an ongoing project (so long as New York is an ongoing city) to fill in major new buildings that are seriously proposed or under construction and review their impact on the city locally and at large. While first priority is to finishing the WTC, and adding the largest buildings in the city, I encourage you to add links to new projects so I don't have to both model everything and keep on top of every single program on Manhattan.

Corrections are also encouraged, as sometimes I get things wrong. Criticism is also welcome so long as it has a constructive point and isn't just hatorade. As is clear from the first posts in this thread, going towards the end, this is a learning experience.

DON'T REPOST WITHOUT LEAVING A COMMENT AND A LINK TO WHERE YOU'RE POSTING. I have no problem with reposts, and it's not about giving credit, as I think everyone knows I'm the only one doing this kind of work on this level (for free at least...heh). If you're a blog, or just reposting here or on another forum, post in this thread and leave a link so I can follow the conversation and maybe even answer questions if any come up.

What software do you use?
Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2011 Design. I use the built-in Mental Ray renderer to create the final visuals.

How long does it take to render one image?
Most renders here are 720p (1280x720) and most take ~20 minutes to process and spit out. Larger images take longer, as do ones that show a lot of the island. The big 4000x1000 render of the whole island took 4.5 hours, which is why there's just one of those.

Can I link this in my blog?
Sure, just leave a link in the thread for me and anyone else to follow. The images are provided free of use, just don't claim that you made them. We all know you didn't.

I'm also a 3D modeler. Have any tips?
Sure, but since you probably use different techniques on a different program, I'll leave you with one fairly universal and very important lesson: The color of glass comes from the reflection and the transparency. NEVER make the diffuse color anything different from black/white/gray and never make a pane of glass only 40% transparent. That would make for a crappy window in real life, and so is it virtually.


Model area. Click for a 4000x1000 version.

Carnegie 57

Manhattan West towers

15 Penn Plaza and Manhattan West

the new World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center

1WTC detail

1 World Trade interior

2 World Trade Center, by Norman Foster, from above.

2 World Trade crown detail

2WTC facade detail

Old version of 3 World Trade Center, by Richard Rogers & Partners, from Church St.

2, 3, 4 World Trade Center, from the National 9/11 Memorial

3WTC Detail

3WTC & 4WTC from Cortlandt Way.

3 World Trade podium detail

Tower 3 interior

4 World Trade Center, by Maki & Asc. from Liberty St.

4WTC retail podium

WTC aerial view of building crowns

One Liberty Plaza

440 Park Avenue massing model
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Build your own Model Skyscrapers** New York City 2015 3D Model W/ New WTC ** World Trade Center (1971-2001) 3D Model

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