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Old Posted May 26, 2018, 3:05 PM
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Buffalo, New York - Hertel-North Park Neighborhood

The North Park neighborhood of Buffalo is about 8km north of downtown Buffalo, and was one of the last neighborhoods to be developed in the city, primarily between 1890 and 1930, with a pause until filling out after World War 2. The primary housing is "Buffalo Double" which are 2-story homes with similar apartments on each floor. In addition, the homes typically have full basements and attics, many of which have been converted to additional apartments or living space, and the height of these homes can often reach 10 to 15 meters height above street level. There are also numerous apartment buildings and single family homes. The area has recently become very popular, and home prices and have more than doubled in just the last few years.

The photos are from a (very) early weekend morning, primarily the area near one of the main business strips along Hertel Avenue, approximately 4 sq km. The neighborhood extends well beyond this area, and all of the areas not shown are similar to these representative images.

Most of the area is residential;
IMG_0945 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Doubles predominate in much of the area north of Hertel Avenue.
IMG_0943 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Directly adjacent to the homes, Hertel Avenue is home of the Little Italy section of Buffalo, although it has become more of a melting pot in recent years.
IMG_0953 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Recent mural added to side of old post office building.
IMG_0958 by bpawlik, on Flickr

In the last year several other buildings have been receiving new murals.
IMG_0960 by bpawlik, on Flickr

A few more Hertel Avenue images:
IMG_0963 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0975 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0980 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0983 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1015 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1016 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1017 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Residential areas adjacent to Hertel:
IMG_0985 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0988 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0991 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0992 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0994 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0996 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Turrets seemed to be very popular at the turn of the 20th Century in Buffalo.
IMG_0998 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1000 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Very few row houses were built in Buffalo, but a few exist in the neighborhood.
IMG_1002 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1252 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1004 by bpawlik, on Flickr

House with the flag of the City of Buffalo, which is now seen on several homes in the area.
IMG_1007 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1018 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1020 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1021 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1029 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Your photographer:
IMG_0973 by bpawlik, on Flickr
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Old Posted May 26, 2018, 4:47 PM
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Nice pictures! This is one area of Buffalo that I have never explored, which is strange because my mom's family all lives in the Town of Tonawanda, right over the city limits. You captured some interesting buildings in the neighborhood. I'll have to check out the rowhouses; it will remind me of home!
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Old Posted May 27, 2018, 1:34 PM
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Great thread! I love Buffalo. Do you remember what street those rowhouses were on?
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Old Posted May 27, 2018, 2:41 PM
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Right before your eyes you're victimized, guys, that's the world of today, and it ain't civilized...
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Old Posted May 27, 2018, 4:28 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDipper 80 View Post
Great thread! I love Buffalo. Do you remember what street those rowhouses were on?
I believe it was Huntington.
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Old Posted May 28, 2018, 2:25 AM
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Beautiful old architecture. Lovely pictures.
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Old Posted Jun 5, 2018, 12:08 AM
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Winter window view in the neighborhood:
IMG_1079 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Crisp winter morning on street of "doubles."
100_1600 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Cozy warm neighborhood coffee shop on Hertel Avenue, last winter.
IMG_1084 by bpawlik, on Flickr
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Old Posted Jun 5, 2018, 5:53 PM
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I like the bunny rabbit!
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Old Posted Jun 5, 2018, 6:51 PM
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It would be better on a grill.
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Old Posted Jun 9, 2018, 9:29 PM
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North Buffalo was predominately a Jewish neighborhood from its creation until the late 1960s when many people of Italian descent arrived, primarily moving from the West Side, to create a new "Little Italy" neighborhood. Thru the 1970s there were 5 active synagogues in the neighborhood, along with a Hebrew school and many merchants catering to the Jewish residents.

Just on this one street, within 4 short blocks mixed in with single and double-family homes, there were 2 synagogues, 4 delicatessen/grocers, and several other businesses (kosher butcher, printer, hair salon, game room, etc). Today, no grocers remain, one synagogue was replaced with apartments, another is a Christian church, and several businesses were converted to apartments.
IMG_0948 by bpawlik, on Flickr

100_0669.JPG by bpawlik, on Flickr

Multiple-occupant homes, apartment buildings, mixed-use apartments/shops, and even apartment rows are mixed in among single and double-family homes throughout the neighborhood.
IMG_0949 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0080 by bpawlik, on Flickr

100_0675.JPG by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1117 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Like much of the city, there are numerous churches and church buildings that fell vacant or underused as the church going population fell, and many have been or are being converted to other uses as commercial or residential properties.
IMG_1022 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_0968 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Soon to be converted to apartments
100_0680.JPG by bpawlik, on Flickr

As the last neighborhood with land for development after World War 2, small houses, many below 1000 square feet, filled the remaining residential lots in the city.
100_0864.JPG by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1260 by bpawlik, on Flickr

In the 1980s, with the decline of heavy industry in Buffalo and the neighborhood, many industrial sites and railroad right-of-ways were vacated, and today many have been filled with suburban-type retail centers, and recently new market-rate home construction is slowly filling the vacant land. A new hike and bike trail was also recently opened connecting to the far northern suburbs.
100_0699.JPG by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_1570 by bpawlik, on Flickr
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Old Posted Oct 28, 2018, 1:14 AM
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New neighborhood mural of...the neighborhood.
IMG_20181024_085046615 by bpawlik, on Flickr

By the 1950s, the city had essentially been "built-out" with little available land for development. Where possible, homes and apartments filled land all the way up to the city line, often densely built.

IMG_20181022_101946338_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_20181022_103737897_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

Literally at the city limits:
IMG_20181022_104707993 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_20181022_104113571_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

The cleanup of brownfields in the last several years has finally freed up city land for other uses after decades of abandonment. Former railroad lines and easements have been developed or are in the process of redevelopment.

IMG_20181022_112747740_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_20181022_102734500 by bpawlik, on Flickr

In a reverse of historical patterns, "big box" development is occurring in the city rather than suburbs, as that is the location of available development land on former easements.

IMG_20181022_112655816_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

Along with many other sections of the city, there has been significant development and redevelopment of former industrial buildings in North Buffalo, some of which had been vacant or underused for decades.

The 34 acre former Pierce-Arrow Motorcar factory is adjacent to the Belt Line, and is in the midst of multiple redevelopment activities on its buildings and adjacent land.

IMG_20181026_095004223_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_20181026_095008756_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

Two new charter school buildings have been developed adjacent to the facility.

IMG_20181026_111449312 by bpawlik, on Flickr

Local Public Schools have also been updated by the city and state.
IMG_20181026_111623477 by bpawlik, on Flickr

IMG_20181026_111545597_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr

Adjacent neighborhoods includes Black Rock and Lincoln Parkway leading to Delaware Park.
IMG_20181026_111139763_HDR by bpawlik, on Flickr
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Old Posted Dec 8, 2018, 11:25 PM
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A snowy visit around the area this morning - winter skies and light snow turned sunny and crisp as the morning went on.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

Single family, doubles, multi-family, apartment buildings, churches, and small retail are all mixed on side streets throughout North Buffalo.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

Very early on a Saturday morning on Hertel, even after 6 inches of snow shops grew progressively busier as the morning went on.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

Delaware Park, built by Frederick Law Olmsted (the same designer as Central Park in NYC). The area near the Rose Garden includes sledding along Shakespeare Hill, the Marcy Casino overlooking Park Lake, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the Historical Society building, which is the remaining permanent building from the Pan American Exposition of 1901.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

DSCF8424 by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

Just west of Delaware Park is the H.H. Richardson Complex, formerly the NY State Hospital for the Insane, and now contains the Hotel Henry in its main building and 2 of the adjacent wings.

by bpawlik, on Flickr

by bpawlik, on Flickr

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Old Posted Dec 13, 2018, 1:58 AM
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Great Tour

Thanks for the tour! I need to visit Buffalo!
Long live the Republic of California!
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