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Old Posted Nov 3, 2018, 7:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I bet you're young, don't have kids, and have unusual job situations. People with kids or who have to do a normal commute aren't gonna go car free if living in such an autocentric envrionment.

Transit share in St. Louis is 2.48%, BTW. Transit is (almost) irrelevant to regional mobility, and likely skews heavily poor. Also, an old house doesn't mean it isn't a car-oriented neighborhood. Some of these areas were streetcar suburban 100 years ago, but generally morphed to autocentricity in the postwar years.
We're mid-30s, but no kids though. My job is close-by but wife's is about six miles away in an inner-ring suburb. We have two cars. Could get away with one, but we don't. I like my car, she likes hers.

It certainly is a pretty car oriented area, but, the train is close by.

My point is not to live a car-free lifestyle. Most people don't. My point is you can live an urban lifestyle without making many concessions that people who run to the suburbs think they would have to when they reach a certain point in life.

I just find it odd that some among the urban fanatics here aren't that committed to the cause. Even an inner ring suburb is better than an exurb for a certain level of living an urban lifestyle. And its healthier for the region as a whole.

It's not hard. I promise.

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