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Old Posted Yesterday, 9:20 PM
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just came across this negative for sale on ebay.


It shows the upper station of Angels Flight in the 1960s.

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Old Posted Yesterday, 9:27 PM
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the same seller has this sign [c.1919] for sale as well.


seller's description:

"Let me first state that this is not a reproduction , it is an Original. I have had this in my collection for a very long time. Being made of light cardboard it is lucky to even be still around. A Very rare piece of Long Beach history. 1919 Earl Daugherty Aviator Chateau Thierry Flying Field Long Beach CA Sign. Sign measures 14 1/4" by 12 1/2"

Starting bid:US $800.00
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Old Posted Yesterday, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DViator View Post
There's a fairly good replica in New Orleans on St Charles Ave. (except that, unlike the set - which didn't have rooms inside from what I've read - this one's an actual home). The build date I've been able to find is 1941.

I had to laugh at that Tara-style house. They "corrected" the design. Half the charm of Tara (according to a friend suffering from Scarlet Fever) was that it was asymetrical (as opposed to the neighbor's grand pile). I'm told this was much discussed in the book. Selsnick faithfully built the set as the author described it:


The only real brick on the Tara set was the steps. The walls and columns were molded plaster on tar paper tacked to a wood frame. It apparently got redressed as part of the background in some other films. I'm amazed it lasted 20 years. My friend says the front door arrangement was "real" and is somewhere.*

One can see the size of the paper and plaster "brick" panels they used to make up the walls and chimney in the 1959 image:

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

* The door and case are in Atlanta (I should have looked that up before). I thought it would be here in a movie museum. Are the Ruby Slippers now in Kansas?

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Old Posted Today, 3:26 AM
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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

old file as well (flickr?)

e_r, your photo shows the Theatre Mart at the NE corner of Vermont and Clinton and looks east on Clinton. I can't explain
the Musart name. Perhaps the building was known by both names.

Below, we're looking east on Clinton toward Juanita, with the old Theatre Mart building on the left. The heavily graffittied
entrance at left is the one indicated on the DRUNKARD ENTRANCE sign the servicemen are posed by. To the left of the utility
pole, the partially obscured window must be the one we see with the awning in the vintage photo:

Feb 2017 GSV

The eastern part of the Theatre Mart with the slanted roof appears to have been built after this 1937 photo:

Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post

BDiH, I also thought that was the site of the old LA Press Club! However, it was across the street on the NE
corner of Vermont and Clinton; this is the Clinton Street side in 1937. The LAPL says the building opened in 1928,
hosted a production of The Drunkard from 1933-59, and was the LA Press Club from 1960 to 1988. It's still there,
apparently now a nightclub:

00098254 @ LAPL
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Old Posted Today, 4:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
Paul, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the additional information you've provided on many things previously posted in the thread, but also because I enjoy seeing some photos again that I like, that I may have forgotten about!

You are welcome, I'm tring to get caught up, started about 6 or 7 weeks ago and I'm up to page 1840. As I see things that I know about I try and respond. After I catch up I'll post some of my pictures. I have lived in Glendale CA for over 70 years.

Paul C. Koehl;er
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Old Posted Today, 6:25 AM
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Still more rain

Here is another street flood scene from the LAT photo archive; it is captioned "Commercial street flooded during or after a heavy rainstorm, Los Angeles County, 1927."

LAT via UCLA Digital Library
Zoom-able version here

What's going on here? It looks like 3 men are trying to extract a stuck truck by using a wood beam as a lever. They don't seem to be having much luck. There is a really big pile of dirt in the middle of the street. How and why did it get there?

So this picture turns out to have enough clues that we can determine the location: it is looking west on W Slauson at 3rd Ave. The smudge circled above in red when zoomed in looks like this:

I think the rooftop sign says "West Coast Mesa Theater" which was at 5807 Angeles Mesa (now Crenshaw). We have seen this sign at least twice before on the thread. BRR posted it three and five years ago:

The 1927 photo has at least two other businesses that confirm the location: Lloyd's Service Station on the left, and a radio business on the right. The 1927 LA city directory contains listings for:

Lloyd Wm F serv sta 2502 W Slauson
Woodworth Fred radios 2507 W Slauson h2513 same

Here is the current view:


The service station is still in a car-adjacent business, it seems, 90 years later, and it and the radio store may still be standing according to the LA County Assessor. (Check out the roof line above the "Auto Electric" sign.). The theater is long gone.

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Old Posted Today, 9:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Rustifer View Post
So what did you think of "Reserved for Mr. Bailey"? I hadn't seen this episode since the day it was first aired in 1961. I had vaguely remembered that Stu talked to a mannequin a lot, and that he got stuck in some kind of hole. it was great to see it again and refresh my memories. I was hoping this was one of the 7 episode that Roger Smith wrote or co-wrote, as those seem to be the best of the series. It was not one of his, though. "The Attic" and "the Silent Caper" are two of the most interesting that Smith wrote and starred in.

I, too, DVR all the episodes in hopes of recording enough of them to binge watch on a rainy weekend night. But I get too excited and can't wait to watch the newest recorded episode once I get home from work.
We haven't gotten to it yet. We're 6 episodes back. But we're looking forward to it. It was written and directed by Montgomery Pittman, who was known for that writer/director combo during his too-short career. He was building quite a reputation for high-quality TV when he passed away from cancer at the age of 45.

In a desperate attempt to tie this into the thread: I found the pilot, "Girl on The Run", on Dailymotion, and was intrigued to discover that it is not merely noirish, but expressly film noir in style and substance--quite different from the light, breezy tone of the show, although the Stu Bailey character is still completely recognizable.

We like the Roger Smith-penned episodes we have seen, too. I hope MeTV keeps running the show long enough to loop back to the beginning of the run. We started DVRing at season 3 episode 13. We would just buy the complete show outright on DVD, but it is bafflingly not available.
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