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Old Posted Feb 25, 2017, 4:42 PM
reparcsyks reparcsyks is offline
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Originally Posted by volguus zildrohar View Post
Crying over lost height isn't something that I get into anymore but the way that this particular case has played out is hopelessly depressing.

The demolition of The Boyd is the true sad aspect. It was possible to salve the loss of that unique building with the fact that something a bit more than average schlock was going up in its place. Now it seems that that is no longer the case due to current market forces. What's ironic is that the project spent so much time being kicked around in development hell (due to the reaction to the initial POS concept) that by the time shovels are ready to hit the dirt the envisioned project may no longer be viable.

If 1910 becomes an understated, plain or - worse yet and most likely - ugly box - it will be a perfect monument to the state of large scale development in this city. There is no demand for real ingenuity or striking design in our civic DNA because collectively we don't care much about that here. The powers that be are happy as long as their boat isn't rocked or their palms are properly greased. Magnificent old buildings (of which our supply is appallingly shrinking) that actually carry value are razed and those pieces of our civic fabric get replaced with...whatever the hell.

I'll wait until the official word comes down about the downsizing but if it is truth then it will be the latest and among the saddest in a long line of disappointing downgrades, cancellations or bait-and-switches for a city that readily swallows them because the final product doesn't matter - this is Philly...as long as there's union hours amirite?
Nailed it. Perfect post.
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Old Posted Feb 26, 2017, 1:48 PM
Rittenhouse1 Rittenhouse1 is offline
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Originally Posted by TempleGuy1000 View Post
There are quite a few apartments coming onto the market in a pretty small area.

Yes, but the East Market project recently accelerated their development timetable, adding the second tower immediately (with a lot of additional apartments) in what must be an inferior location to 19th and Chestnut. Does the market change that quickly? Do builders made decisions with multiple-year building timeframes and long-term consequences on the basis of such short-term data? It seems strange to me…but I am not a builder, nor in the Real Estate business.
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