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Old Posted Mar 17, 2017, 6:18 PM
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The problem with "Downtown Laval" is that it never stood in the same place for more than 20 years. When they founded the city in 1965, it was planned that it would become a second metropolis in Greater Montreal, with around 1M inhabitants by 2000, based on the amazing growth the island was knowing back then. They planned to build a downtown area from scratch around A15 and St-Martin Boulevard. They had this great idea to start developing the land with huge malls, thinking office buildings and apartment towers would follow.
But yeah, it didn't. Carrefour Laval was built in the 70's (moving the downtown plans to the north) and it took 15 years for those towers on my latest picture to exist, even more for the few condominiums in the area (2010's, mostly). And then they imagined Centropolis, which is really just two retail streets with an awful lot of parking space (and a theater shaped like a UFO, because why not). When they built the metro extension to Montmorency, the new plan was to create a brand new downtown area (another one!) around 2-3 km south from what remains the "CBD". The result is a complete mess, with parking lots and undeveloped land surrounding ugly towers, because the former administration let the promoters build whatever they wanted. Everything was rushed like nowhere else. In terms of covered area, we may have a downtown as sprawled as Montreal's, but with less than 20 midrises. Our tallest has a clock on top of it and is around 80 m tall. Yup.
However, a new master plan is coming soon and the process is going well (http://www.repensonslaval.ca/schema), including talks with promoters, citizens and organisations. Big efforts are being put to turn downtown Laval into a decent neighborhood in the next 20 years, and it looks pretty good on paper. Now we have to hope they don't f*ck up like Vaillancourt did (although he had good ideas for the downtown's future, he is the one who ruined it in the first place, and the police had other plans for him too... )
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Old Posted Mar 17, 2017, 8:34 PM
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This is the plan for the downtown of our "Laval". The centre-ville of the former City of Gatineau.


And of course we have the Hull sector of the new City of Gatineau, which is more of an extension of Downtown Ottawa.


The other big three suburbs within the Ottawa city limits;

- Kanata: semi-independent, it is home to a large high-tech sector, mostly concentrated in car-centric suburban office parrks near the Corel Centre and around the north side.


- Orleans: pure bedroom community with little employment beyond the retail sector. Some improvements have come over the years, such as a performance centre (Shenkman Arts Centre), two minor hotels, the trades campus of Ottawa French language college (La Cité) and a few condo buildings. It will also be served by the O-Train in 2022.

- Barrhaven: newer suburb with a higher density. Between Kanata and Orleans in jobs, mostly concentrated in suburban office parks.

Gatineau has a population of around 300,000 while the other 3 have roughly 100,000 each.
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Old Posted Mar 18, 2017, 3:55 AM
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There are plenty enough threads comparing city to city, suburb to suburb. This discussion is about city-suburb pairings: do they project a good fit in terms of urbanity, feel, aesthetics, built form. Obviously the suburbs are what they are (not full cities), so the fit is overtly about the pairing as entities within their respective urban wholes.

Does Laval suit Montreal?
Are there strong visual commonalities between Mississauga and Toronto?
Does a given suburb give you the urban feeling you expect for that metro, or do you think they are an odd couple?

(This is not meant to be a big deep analysis - just a casual talk.)
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Old Posted Mar 18, 2017, 4:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Marshal View Post

Does Laval suit Montreal?
It's suitable as a place to cross on the way to cottage country.
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Old Posted Mar 20, 2017, 2:57 PM
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Originally Posted by J.OT13 View Post
This is the plan for the downtown of our "Laval". The centre-ville of the former City of Gatineau.


It's worth mentioning that over half of the stuff that is in that picture is already there. The rest is to be built.

One thing that is not shown is a planned pedestrian street with shops, restaurants and cafés which would be under the mustard-coloured circle. Not sure of when that will be happening though. Perhaps the construction of the arena will spur that portion of the development.
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