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Old Posted Dec 5, 2016, 10:41 AM
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MRPL Readies Rs. 11,000 Crore To Hit 25 Million Mertric Tonnes Refining Cpacity
New Delhi: Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) is readying plans to invest Rs. 11,000 crore to raise refining capacity to 25 mt instead of the previously planned 21 mt as part of its ambitious target of clocking Rs. 5,000 crore profit by 2022.
Are they going to use desalinated water?

Land Notification for MRPL expansion

Ace Pipeline commissions Rs 838-crore LPG pipeline project

Konkan Railway to finalize tender for Rs. 82 crore private siding for MRPL

PCPIR at Mangalore, Karnataka (~250 Sq.Km) Dated Aug 2016?

India designates port-led coastal economic zones
CEZ 6 is near New Mangalore port with a possible concentration of petrochemical sectors.
I think Mangaluru should have Marine Science & Technology CEZ that includes Marine Robotics. Compared to constantly cyclone affected eastern coast Mangaluru is in safer west coast region and it should use this benefit to attract a few of technological companies based in east for expansion. And there should be a 'Marine University' in either Mangaluru or Udupi.

Sagarmala Project: Karnataka seeks Rs 8,741 crores for fresh skill development projects

Most of Sagarmala seems to be for UK. But there is chance of Marine college in Mangalore or Udupi as UK can get Naval Colleges at Karwar. I hope more colleges dealing with other domains of Marine Science and Technology like deep sea mining, Marine Pharmacognosy, Marine Robotics to open in the region in future and then together with Fisheries College to be upgraded as Marine University.

Formation of Baikampady Industrial Town Authority awaits NOC from Mangaluru City Corporation

Coming soon, coconut sugar-based dark chocolate from Campco

Startups Club to expand in India, abroad including Mangaluru
MLA Lobo woos Overseas Investors on potentials of Mangaluru to set up IT/BT industries
Bearys Chamber of Commerce inaugurated, leaders hail community

Proposed EPIP Industrial Area 2nd PHASE at Ganjimutt village EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 16-12-2016

Pre-feasibility & Detailed Feasibility Study (including Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan) for setting up a Desalination Plant in Mangalore - Tender Deadline 16 Jan 2017

Desalination Plant - ONGC Board Report
Setting up desalination plants at ONGC work centres located near coastal areas and at MRPL:

It is proposed to set up desalination plants at ONGC work centres located near coastal areas (Hazira Plant, Ankleshwar Asset, Cauvery Asset-Karaikal, Rajahmundry Asset & Eastern Offshore Asset-Kakinada) and at MRPL as a SWM measure, in order to mitigate future sustainability risk due to declining fresh water availability. It is proposed to initially conduct techno-commercial and environmental feasibility study and based on the affirmative outcome of the feasibility report, implementation of setting up desalination plant at the respective work centre may be undertaken.
Desalination plant in city will help meet increasing water demand: R Roshan Baig
A foreign company that has evinced interest to set up one such plant will visit the city within the next fortnight, said R Roshan Baig, minister for urban development, here on Saturday.
If successful, one can also think of taking this water to the weirs coming up as part of Yettinahole Project near Sakleshpur and provide the same to the state capital and other parched districts that are facing a serious shortage of potable water
Why people think of 750MW delux water only? Currently they are asking for 1-2 acres for desalination plant but next they may ask for 1000-2000 acres for putting up a thermal plant for driving water against gravity. Can't they think of creating enough jobs for people of parched districts in Mangaluru itself. I think they should create atleast 1,00,000 jobs immediately in Mangaluru and employ people of parched districts in Mangaluru. If each person is having a family of 4 then this will reduce the burden for drinking water for 4,00,000 people in parched regions.

Another interesting think to know is what is the increase in salinity level of water when saline water from desalination plant is released? What is effect on marine life due to increase in salinity?

Construction of KSPCB Regional Senior Environmental Office cum Regional Laboratory Building at Mangalore

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Old Posted Dec 16, 2016, 3:55 AM
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Sagaramala Project for Commerce, Tourism: Preparation of plan for Kuloor - Tannirbhavi - Sulatan Batteri - Old Port Road

Would that mean there is no need for 'Hanging Bridge' at Sulatan Batteri? I would like Kannur/Adyar Bridge across Netravati also under Sagaramala Project.

New Netravathi river-front road to have bicycle track

Shiradi Ghat to have anti-skid mastic asphalt technology

Finally, light at the end of Shiradi Ghat tunnel
Its geologists reveal the rock strata along the route of the project is made of solid granite and will offer the required stability for the tunnel.

Representatives of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, which is funding the project, have inspected the site on a couple of occasions and seem satisfied with it, according to sources. Also, the Railways will have to cooperate in building the tunnel, which is unlikely disturb the flora and fauna as feared, going by a geotechnical team member.
Wonder whether they are including railway tunnel.

A fund of Rs 3,000 crore would be spent on developing the Goa-Mangalore highway

Mangalore requires alternate roads

Summa: Suggesting following alternative roads, namely, Netravati Bridge - Kannur road (eastern part of Mangala Corniche Road), Tokkottu - Melkar Road, Netravati Bridge - Kuloor Road (western part of Mangala Corniche Road), Vamanjoor - Kullor Road (may be Vamanjoor - Bondel Road or Mangala Corniche itself).

Rs. 48 crores proposal for sixlane MRPL Gate Road

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Old Posted Dec 24, 2016, 8:08 AM
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Some of the 'Smart City' & 'Digital India' developments in and around Mangaluru.

Smart Cities: Process on to pick experts to execute action plans
MCC turns a new leaf: Get into pre-budget consultation with budgets
Street vendors get designated hawking place

Namma Kudla takes a conscious step towards Shuddha Gaali

What would be the smart city plan for reducing dust?

Mobile emission checking vehicle flagged off in Mangaluru

In which way this vehicle is environmental friendly compared to other vehicles?

Continuous ambient air quality monitoring station to come up in Mangaluru
It will be in addition to recently launched mobile smoke emission inspection unit to check the polluting vehicles by the board along with regional transport office (RTO).

The station with automated air quality recording system will be first-of-its-kind in the coastal city, after Bengaluru ......
Mangaluru safe for now
The results of ambient air analysis in Mangaluru for the year 2015-16 as recorded by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) indicate that respirable particulate matter (RSPM) is within the national limit (60.0 ug/M3) ......
Mangaluru auto-rickshaw drivers take digital route
Namma Kudla auto-rickshaw drivers go Paytm way
Cooperative society of autorickshaw drivers spearheads technology-driven facilities
Move to allow display of advertisementson autorickshaws awaiting nod

"service on call", "GPS based vehicle tracking" are welcome smart moves by autorickshaw drivers keeping in phase with smart city requirements. "service on call" is very important in medical emergency cases due to limited availability (especially during night) and non-manoeuvrability of ambulances in narrow streets.

318 villages in DK should make cashless transactions
DK rural areas all set to go cashless
Mandekolu and Balapa to become state's first cashless villages
Mescom to bring 22 lakh consumers under web-based Total Revenue Management

NMPT implements eDO (Electronic Delivery Order) facility for its users
New Mangaluru Port first to introduce eDO for bulk/liquid cargo

Aadhaar registration camp for transgenders in M’luru

Now, become 'Swachhagrahis' with MoUD's Swachhata app

Gruha Suraksha home security solution a hit among public
Using digital display board to get crime prevention message across
People can also click selfies and upload on Twitter and Facebook with #pledgeyoursupportcampaign.
25 high-tech patrol vehicles inducted into M'luru city police commissionerate
With this new vehicle, the police will now be able to reach crime scenes or trouble-hit areas at the earliest. This will help the police to patrol more intensely.

Every vehicle will have a tablet. When the control room receives a call, relevant details are shared with a mobile data terminal team, which then checks for a patrol vehicle that is closest to the scene of crime and the information will be passed on to the vehicle. In fact, an automatic route will also be generated to help the patrolling vehicle to reach the crime spot.
POS (cashless transactions) at petrol outlets ring threefold increase

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Old Posted Jan 3, 2017, 5:05 AM
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MIA Runway expansion execution possibility is diminishing

Summa: As the central government wants the state government to acquire land needed for runway expansion like other states like Kerala and the state government is not ready to acquire land at its cost possibility of Mangaluru International Airport runway expansion is diminishing. Due to this Mangaluru may lose future opportunities to neighbouring Kerala. But good news is that Rs. 130 crores airport terminal expansion work is going to start in April. And Rs. 110 crores taxiway expansion work is going on.

Proposed MIA runway expansion project in limbo

Spice Jet daily introduces new flight from Hyderabad to Mangaluru
Jet Airways to operate direct flight service to Delhi from city starting January 16

Mangalore International Airport neccessities should be addressed

Summa: As per MR Vasudev, previous Director of MIA
  • Karnataka government should stop comparing MIA with smaller airports of Karnataka
  • Realize potential of this airport for immediate growth of the state just like Kerala & Goa are doing
  • Runway Extension is very important for operating aircrafts like Boeing 747, Airbus 330
  • Precision Approach Lighting System Class-II to be incorporated
  • Roads surrounding airport should be developed
  • Maravoor Bridge should be developed
  • Cargo Terminal should be shifted to Deccan Park
  • Well equipped Customs Clearance System is needed
  • Local politicians should lobby with the state and the state should lobby with the centre for development of the airport
In addition I think, e-visa facility at airport is also an important requirement for developing tourism.

This airport has potential to help parched districts of Karnataka in a bigway. If airport and surrounding regions are developed immediately then Mangaluru can also generate enough jobs and provide alternate destination for people coming currently to the parched city. The reverse migration will reduce the need for water and hence river diversion or putting up of thermal plant for powering water against gravity. The development of this airport is the most environmental friendly way of developing the state. And our politicians should lobby for this rigorously.

For the time being it looks like the state politicians are not interested in developing any alternative to the parched city, in fact it looks like they are afraid of any alternative coming up within the state and hence not showing interest in acquiring land for MIA airport extension. Probably state politicians were happy when Emirates Airlines, which initially considered MIA for its future expansion now considering Kerala airports only because of non-availability of longer runway for operating its big aircrafts. Looks like politicians and their sponsors have invested a lot in a single city and they are interested in increasing the value of their properties at the cost of ruining environment of rest of Karnataka. That is why they think of spending money on Aghanashini diversion or Netrvati diversion to damage rich westernghat and then put up thermal power plants to lift water instead of spending money on MIA runway extension and development of region around it.

Mangaluru needs to have good institutes like Indian Institute of Management, School of Economics, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, National Institute for Pharmaceutial Education & Research, Biomedical Engineering Education & Research Institute, Indian Institute of Robotics within 15 km radius of MIA. Mangaluru has contributed a lot in banking sector and hence to economics of the country but I don't know why state opened IIM and now thinking of opening School of Economics in a city which has contributed almost zero to banking sector. All these things are happening because DK politicians are not lobbying enough. Thanks to Hubli-Dharwad politicians IIT went to Hubli otherwise they would have turned even Phalguni river to supply water to it. All bad things to DK and rest of Karnataka happening because DK politicians are not lobbying enough to get any good institutes (like mentioned above) to our region. Mangaluru politicians have to learn a lot from North Karnataka politicians who are putting all efforts to bring big institutes to cities like Hubli, Gulbarga, etc. Nonethless every institute going away from the parched region to the other region of water abundance should be a saviour for DK & its ecology.

Jet Airways suspends direct daily flight service from Mangaluru to Sharjah
Jet Airways adds a new service between Mangaluru and Delhi route

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Old Posted Jan 7, 2017, 4:58 PM
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Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Mangalore Internet City - Site Plan

Looks like IT office is of more than 10,000 jobs capacity with building blocks around 20 floors! In addition there is Incubation Centre.
Maximum height of the building will be Ground + 28 floors

If IT offices are also 29 floors then jobs capacity could be even 15,000.

Wonder whether they are trying for SEZ status!

I think Mangalore Internet City, BA Group Thumbe Township, Mohtisham Kannur Township, Goldfinch City together should generate at least 50,000 IT jobs. And Mudipu SEZ, GanjiMatt EPIP, Mangalore Multiproduct SEZ should also generate another 50,000 IT jobs.

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