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Old Posted Nov 25, 2009, 3:03 PM
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Originally Posted by vid View Post
No, but they love to grab women's bums on the subway and I don't see a sign for that.
That's because these posters are all about portraying positive images. Rather than tell people not to do something, they politely ask people to do these things in more appropriate places.

Pretty hard to put a positive spin on groping. What would one say: "Please do it at the beach"?

That being said, there are "special" posters encouraging people to report gropers:
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Old Posted Nov 25, 2009, 3:34 PM
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Originally Posted by CoryHolmes View Post
That being said, I'd have to give a toss-up as to "most annoying" as being people who talk loudly, or people who try to start conversations with me. I hate both with equal passion.
Maybe this is why people think Vancouverites are cold. Haha, just joking. I don't mind if it's someone normal (which then they rarely do) but people who start conversations tend to be so desperate for human contact it's sad to see. But then that is why an iPhone/iPod (heck, even just ear phones attached to nothing) are a must have for transit.
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Old Posted Nov 25, 2009, 7:09 PM
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A bit of a soapbox post here, sorry in advance

Part of the problem with transit etiquette is that I think Metro Vancouverites are not that experienced in the interaction of dense, urban settings. We've been accustomed to large personal space and low density living until recently, where there's been the draw and the allure for people adopting higher-density lifestyle.

This means there are going to be more people that just don't know how to act 'in public', whether it be consciously or not. I think many don't realize what they're doing, they are only doing what they would do in their own private vehicle or in their own home.

Another part of the problem is that we live in a generation where etiquette is not necessarily considered a positive attribute. Think of words like conformity and social rules. We live increasingly in a world of me-comes-first. Phenomena like Twitter, blogs and Facebook are manifestations of it. Ironically, caring about what other people think of you often means showing you don't care what people think of you.

Anyway... personally on public transit, I like it quiet where people don't talk too much or too loudly. I don't want to hear other people's conversations so why would they want to hear mine? You guys all know this, it's so simple. Do unto others as they would do unto you.

Keep in mind however, no talk does not mean no interaction. Things like smiling, nodding, moving your body, polite gestures are all examples of non-verbal body language that goes a long way to making transit an enjoyable experience.

Things that I personally am not really that comfortable with is eye contact and any body contact. But I see nothing wrong with that either really. Maybe that's another reason why Vancouverites seem so 'cold'.
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Old Posted Nov 25, 2009, 8:00 PM
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Mine is kind of ironic. I don't like it when people are "trying" to be polite by holding Skytrain doors open for people running for the train. Sorry, there is another train in a few minutes, be on time next time. Why should the rest of us spend our time waiting for you because you don't want to wait your turn?

Same goes for people who try and hold the doors open at Broadway as they try and squeeze on. Sorry, the train is full, keeping the doors open for another 15 seconds isn't going to solve the problem. It's worse on the Canada line as when someone keeps the doors from closing they try to re-close as if they are letting a snail get out of the way.

It's Skytrain, there is another train in a few minutes at most. Don't break it because you are impatient.
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Old Posted Nov 25, 2009, 8:03 PM
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Manners and civility are always going to take a dramatic tumble when you're dealing with the general public. That's why people cocoon and isolate themselves by the company they keep, and the places they choose to live.
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