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Kurdistan - next Dubai ?

Iraqi Kurdistan or Kurdistan Region (Kurdish: Herêmî Kurdistanî, Arabic: إقليم كردستان ) is an autonomous Region since 1991 (de facto state) in Iraq.It borders Iran to the east, Turkey to the north, Syria to the west and the rest of Iraq to the south. Its capital is the city of Arbil , known in Kurdish as Hewlêr. The Region is officially governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG.

Following the 1991 uprising of the Iraqi people against Saddam Hussein in Gulf war , many Kurds were forced to flee the country to become refugees in bordering regions of Iran and Turkey. A northern no-fly zone was established following the First Gulf War in 1991 to facilitate the return of Kurdish refugees. As Kurds continued to fight government troops, Iraqi forces finally left Kurdistan in October 1991, leaving the region to function de facto independently; however, Iraqi Kurdistan continues to view itself as an integral part of a united Iraq but one in which it administers its own affairs.

The three governorates of Duhok, Erbil (Hawler) and Sulaimani comprise around 40,000 square kilometres and have a population of around 5 million.Disputes remain between the central Iraqi government and the Kurdish government about predominantly Kurdish territories outside the current borders of Iraqi Kurdistan. there are also issues of Kurdish disputed "sliced off" areas that was done by Saddam between Erbil and Baghdad weather they are to annex back to KRG or stay as they are.

KAR (Kurdistan autonomous region)

those disputed blocs colored in blue are all kurdish cities and 90% of their residents are kurds but were isolated from Kurdistan by Saddam for their oil reserves

KRG (kurdistan regional government)


even though Kurdistan is located in the middle east but it has mountainous and beautiful landscapes with waterfalls every where and NY times has listed it amongst other 41 places in the world to visit in 2011.

Underground resources

KRG-controlled parts of Iraqi Kurdistan are estimated to contain around 45 billion barrels (7.2×10^9 m3) of oil, making it the sixth largest reserve in the world and 200.83 Trillion Cubic Meters of Gas. Extraction of these reserves began in 2007. As of July 2007, the Kurdish government solicited foreign companies to invest in 40 new oil sites, with the hope of increasing regional oil production over the following 5 years by a factor of five, to about 1 million barrels per day (160,000 m3/d).Gas and associated gas reserves are in excess of 200 TCF.

Other underground resources that exist in significant quantities in the region include coal, copper, gold, iron, limestone (which is used to produce cement), marble, and zinc. The world's largest deposit of rock sulfur is located just southwest of Erbil (Hewlêr).

Not a single American soldier been killed in Kurdistan since the 2003 invasion of Iraq as Saddam wasn't even in our region since 1991 . the Kurdish forces severely control the borders with surrounding countries and prevent trespassing of terrorist into the region even from the rest of iraq. the US army are also providing the Kurdish army (peshmerga) with advanced weapons and trainings



Jalal Talabani and Masood Barzani

Flag of the Kurdistan Region


Oil Fields contracted sites

Erbil international airport

Its runway is the longest in the Middle East and the fifth on the world level, after China, Russia, South Africa and the U.S. respectively.

The airport, designed by a British company and constructed by a Turkish company over 27,000 square meters, can operate 150 flights per day.





Mega project - Empireworld - Erbil

Naze Tower | 275M | 65 FL

Location: Kirkuk Road (replacing Naze Mall and next to Tangram Hotel)
Cost: $120 Million
Includes 400 apartments and office rooms
Completion: 2015
Area: 32000 m2

This is the Tower Design which will replace Naza Mall. The top floor will be a restaurant and the guests will get to see all of the city from it. the underground car park can take 3000 cars. The owners are both local Kurds, they are the former owner of Naza mall Shahab Nuradin who owned Naze mall and the owner of Kurmanj company Sabah Nuri.

The Kurdish Engineer Firaz Ahmed undertaking the construction announced "we did not copy the architecture from any country, we had a look in UK, Turkey, Lebanon, Dubai, Kuwait, Iran and decided to take advantage from their high rise buildings but to build something specific for Kurdistan.

This tower is the tallest in the middle east.


Tangram hotel

Construction on highest tower in Kurdistan has began, the Naze mall is now demolished and work has began on the tower :-D



ZANIYARI TOWERS | 42 fl | 72 fl

Located on the 60 meters road, and on the old Zanyari apartments which are already demolished and construction has began on the site.

Hawler city fans

Spring city project developments - proposal

Type : Project
State : Ongoing
Location: Erbil
Area : 299.320 m2

A long thin rectangular parcel of land, 1200 m (approx.) long and around 60-170 m (approx.) . 3 towers of 10-50 floors of office, retail and hotel / hospital are placed in the remaining area to shadow the suburban area behind as little as possible.
The office building is approximately 34.850 m2 gross area


Erbil Towers

February 11, 2012

The land should be in a prime location on the cross-section of Golan-Ainkawa highway. The land will be invested in the development of ERBIL Towers and other amenities such as a Business Park, Malls, Residential Buildings, and a Hotel.

Erbil Towers Project will offer distinctive commercial and retail outlets comprised in 5 towers. Each tower is uniquely designed in the form of an alphabet of ERBIL. The towers will be aligned on top of a mall in a display of the name ERBIL.

Towers E, B, I, and L will be commercial towers, each encompassing of 560 offices distributed along 28 floors. Tower R will be a residential tower encompassing 280 apartments distributed along 28 floors.

Besides the business benefits and satisfactory performance that the project is expected to deliver, it will also reshape and positively influence the economic and social environment by offering job opportunities as well as lifting the standards of the area and enhancing the business potential in Erbil.

Project Description


The Mall will have a total area of 24,327 square meters and a total built-up area of 97,308 square meters. The retail outlets will be of 2 types; 355 regular outlets each of a net area of 135 m2 and 44 small retail outlets each with a net area of 108 m2.


Each tower will have 28 floors, 560 offices and a total floor area of 2,061 m2.


Roj Tower

The Tower’s Features

* Erbil Business Tower consists of 33 floors including shops and showrooms in the ground floor.
* Surrounded by restaurants and retail shops.
* Build up area of 2200 m².
* Retail Shops area of 4000 m².
* 16500 m² of office space
* Each floor consists of 4 commercial offices each including a kitchen, an office and a private rest room.
* Available parking area for approximately 300 cars.

Empire project

6 Diamond towers | 25 floors | 92m

Area: 37,872 m[sup]2[/sup]
460 luxury apartment
Location: Gulan road business district

Empire project

Marriott hotel | 28 floors | 122 m

Empire Launches Two Marriott Hotels in ERBIL
Marriott Hotel Erbil
Location: Next to Sayd Abdulla Hall
Area: 56,000 m[sup]2[/sup]
Rooms: 174 single, 30 suites.

Empire signed an agreement with Marriott International to manage a five star hotel and an executive apartment property during a ceremony that was held at the newly inaugurated U.S. Consulate in Erbil. The agreement covers a 200 – room, upscale Marriott Hotels & Resorts – branded hotel, and a 75-Unit deluxe Marriott Executive Apartments’ property. The investment on the Hotel and Executive Apartments is expected to exceed USD 100 Million; both are planned to launch in 2014.

The 200-room Erbil Marriott will provide a range of amenities, connectivity & services to help business travelers achieve their objectives. Its unique and stylish interiors will blend the latest in residential design, color and real comfort. Recreational amenities will include an extensive fitness facility, an on-site spa and an outdoor swimming pool. As for the 75-Unit Marriott Executive Apartments Erbil especially designed for extended stay travelers will offer the convenience of a five-star, full service hotel with the space, ambience and privacy of residential living.

This agreement is inline with Empire expansion plan for Empire World, a private real estate development project, with an investment of over USD 1 Billion, distinguishes itself with its diverse development projects ranging from commercial developments (Erbil Business Tower and Business Complex), Residential developments (Royal City Villas & Apartments), Hospitality and Leisure (Erbil Marriott, Marriott Executive Apartments Erbil and Erbil Speed Center).

Mr. Peshrow Agha, chairman of Empire stated: “We are very excited to welcome Marriott to Empire World; Marriott is the first truly global hotel brand to recognize the potential of Iraq, as a result establishing not one but two properties in the Kurdistan.”

To compliment Mr.Agha’s statement, Mr. Ed Fuller, President & Managing Director of International lodging for Marriott Int. said: “Erbil is an encouraging destination with promising economic & commercial opportunity. Erbil is believed to be one of the oldest, continuously inhabited communities in the area”.


Warin City

The largest Residential and commercial complex in Kurdistan which expands over an area 875,000 sqm situated in the most influential area of Erbil city. The residential zones are comprised of a mixture of luxury houses villas and Apartments. The commercial zones includes 14 high rising office towers (30-40 floors high) and largest shopping mall in Iraq.

Project cost: 800 million US Dollars.


Four Points by Sheraton

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. has signed an agreement with Ranj Co and Helar Co to open a new-build Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Erbil.
The new Four Points by Sheraton Erbil Hotel will comprise 250 guest rooms and offer extensive dining, conference and leisure facilities. The hotel will also feature all the brand's signature elements, including the Four Comfort Bed and complimentary Wi-Fi access in public areas which reflect the brand's promise and insight into the needs of today's traveller.
Project Cost: 100 Million US Dollars.


Erbil Media City

Erbil Media City (EMC), the new home for the all media channels in Kurdistan , Our vision is for Erbil Media City (EMC) to become a global hub for innovation and content creation. Located at Northern Iraq in the heart of Kurdistan Erbil City.
The city features a wide range of commercial office space, one of the biggest HD studio developments in iraq ; 1200 apartments, 200 villas, a hotel, a brand new walk market and a mall in the heart of a Erbil City.


Gulan towers U/C

Company: Korek Telecom
INFORMATION: AVM, Office and Hotel / Turnkey Basis
Duration: 01.12.2010 – 01.02.2012
Location: Erbil - Gulan street

Erbil city fans - Facebook



Kurdistan Tower u/c

The building site for the Kurdistan Tower, which will be a mixed-used building that includes office space,
retail facilities, and residences. The mixed use Naz City complex is in the background.


Divan 5 Star Hotel




ERBIL | Mazi Towers |15-18 floor| U/C

The Mazi Tower consider one of the largest project for Al-Amin establishment; its residential and service project located in center of Erbil city in new region between the two villages; English and Italian village. The area that designated for this project is (9198 m²) which includes two towers each one occupies area of (650 m²). one of the tower consists of 18 stories and the second one of 15 stories which each one of them build over 4 story building consists of basement (garage) and second story is markets for cabins and furniture and the third story is restaurant and cafeteria; the fourth story is designated for services called (SPA) which include fitness center with swimming pool build in advanced modern style.

Note:The project structure currently in the first story


Erbil Rotana Hotel

Erbil Rotana is built on a premium 20,000 m² parcel of land strategically located adjacent to the English village and less than ten minutes drive from Erbil International Airport.
One of the Luxurious Cafe ' BOND CAFE & TERRACE '
+ 205 Rooms and Suites


Erbil Garden Hotel

Location: Gulan highway
Status: On hold


Erbil International Hotel

Erbil Titanic hotel u/c


Falcon Office buildings | U/C

Location: Empire world
Each building has an area of 3600 sqm
Ground floor: Main entrance, stair case and elevators: Area 74 sqm.
Ground floor: Two separate showrooms, each of them with an area of 350 sqm.
The other three floors are offices with an approximate area of 2000 sqm.




Sheraton Hotel | U/C

Cost : approximately $93 million
Area : 53,000 square meters
Number of rooms: 316 rooms.
Completion : 2015

In the presence of foreign and local investors, Erbil held the ceremony to lay the foundation stone for Sheraton International Hotel last week. It will be one of the largest in the country. Starwood hotels, Sheraton International's parent company, signed a contract with BCDKO to manage and administrate the Sheraton.

New high rise hotel u/c

Erbil city fans - Facebook


Mem u Zin Towers - U/C



Best Western comes to the city of Erbil U/C

Company: Golden Mountains
Numbers of the rooms: for the both hotels are 242 guest rooms. an 82-room hotel at the city's airport, followed by a 160-room hotel in the city.
Cost: $75 millions
BEST WESTERN PREMIER Erbil Airport Hotel to be opened at the 2nd quarter of 2013
BEST WESTERN PREMIER Erbil expected to be opened at the 2nd quarter of 2014
Location: few meters from Erbil International Airport.


Foundation stone laid 27.11.2011

This is the site of the hotel as it stands now.


Future Site of the Best Western Erbil Airport Hotel


400 bed hospital | U/C

Singular Studio has been invited by Zozik Group for the application to a restricted competition for the construction of the new Kurdistan Regional Hospital in Erbil.

This is a 400-bed teaching hospital that presents a double challenge. From the point of view of the project is to gather all the bioclimatic conditions necessary to reduce their energy consumption to the minimum rates, so for exemple, the emergency power supply must be ensured even with renewable sources throughout the year , an issue that is a challenge because of the area where is placed the project, which is well known for having a temperature range of about 65 degrees between winter and summer.

the project must be completed in 20 months, with a foreword maximum period extended to 25 months. In this sense, we are assessing the performance of the building with techniques of pre-industrialization, to cut costs in terms of implementation as well as tools and machines hire, an issue not fully available.

The application for the construction of this hospital is the result of negotiations launched in October following the journey of exploration carried out by José Moragues to Kurdistan, and will be developed jointly by Singular Studio and the prestigious firm of architects IAAA Architects.

5-star Hilton Hotel and Business Center

Plot Area 79.000 m2, Total Construction Area 113.918 m2 , Number of Rooms 168, Duration of Construction 36 Mount
Start Date 01/02/2010
Delivery Date 01/02/2013


Khanzad Hotel


Asuda hotel 5 star - U/C


Kurdistan international bank

Built area: 8,100 m²
Construction time: Finished
Designers: Dalamn Architects
Project cost: US $ 6,000,000


Emerald bank

Main Branch - Erbil
Salahadinn Street - Erbil
Opposite to Sheikh Cholee Mosque
Sheikh Cholee Street



Twin tower hotels

In order to realize a project as unique and matchless as Erbil, we have designed a new 40,000 sqm building complex consisting of two skyscrapers housing a five-star hotel, residence and business center, which, when completed, will be Erbil’s most prestigious achievement.

The Business Center will form the heart of Erbil and provide a point of attraction for visitors with a boutique shopping mall located on the ground floor.


Kempinski hotel | U/C

Building status ongoing building work
Number of stories 23
Site size 25000 m2
Site type urban
Building area 50000 m2

Given the privileged corner situation of the plot, two different accesses are provided, one for the Hotel and the other for the mall. The Hotel entrance caters for a generous drop area leading to covered porch “subtracted” from the flat basalt façade. The Mall entrance is developed along the secondary street through a public piazza. The faceted volume of the mall makes it act as a sculpted gem acquiring a crystalline effect with its textured copper skin.



2nd Marriott 5 star hotel

The hotel contains nine lavish floors and 240 comfortable rooms including luxury VIP suites. Each floor will have 20 standard and executive rooms and 6 suites. The 6th floor is where the luxurious, spacious, and breath taking Royal Suite lies, in addition to 12 executive suites. As part of the commitment to development, the hotel will provide an enjoyable and safe stay for the business community and tourists visiting Erbil.


Media Center u/c

Land area (m²):40000
Construction area (m²):28000
Notice:The Project is still under Construction
the same company that built Awamedica Medicine Factory in Hawler


Tarin Group

aka Ster tower located on the Gulan Street close to the airport and the emerging financial and business district, Ster Tower is the preferred location from which to secure your share of the many opportunities they present.


Kar Group u/c

KAR was established in 1999 to organize a number of a privately owned Kurdish Oil companies. Over the past two decades, KAR companies were ranked as some of the most succesful firms in Iraq in the annual listing of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Word KAR means meticulous, hard work in the Kurdish language. The group was named KAR to put this word in action.



Lamassu 5 star Hotel & Restaurant

5 star hotel, right in the entrance of Ainkawa city in Erbil , boasts modern design, providing guests with a sophisticated and stylish environment. Excellent location, personal service and breathtaking view overlooking Erbil City are just the beginning of what you can expect when staying in Lamassu hotel.


Candle Hotel - Approved

The Candle Hotel is a new level of contemporary luxury, style, design and cuisine for leisure and business travelers. Everything is designed for comfort and enjoyment of the sensory kind by our team of designers from Perspective Design.

Spread over an area of over 52,000 square meters, this hotel is a visual masterpiece of landscaping and architecture. The hotel consists of over 200 luxurious rooms and suites. It features several facilities and services ensuring the maximum of comfort and safety. You can either or get fit at the Gym or choose to unwind at the in door and out door swimming pool. The Hotel also has a prestigious ballroom for more than 1000 guests, ideal for gatherings, gala dinners, weddings, cocktail parties and business or social functions.



Wilat Hotel

Erbil Trade center ON HOLD

The Project contains the following components:Small Commercial centers,Commercial Bank, Business offices,Tourist flats,5 Stars hotel ,Restaurants & Coffee shop, Chapel (small mosque)
Sport Hall and Sauna Swimming poll, Conferences Hall ( multi functions ) Cars Parking

Click here

Zakaria Apartments


Swiss Belhotel

210 room 4 star deluxe business hotel
4 specialty themed concept F&B outlets
outdoor pool & banqueting for 300 pax
project manager: Maqayas



Empire world restaurant | U/C

Empire world Occupants and Erbil residents will have the chance to pamper their taste buds with different tastes ranging from the spices and aromas of the Kurdish cuisine, the freshness and healthiness of the Asian cuisine, the variety and oriental flair of the Lebanese cuisine, to the charcoal grills of the Steak House…. Top of the line, 5 star restaurants will be open to serve their clientele for different meals at all times of the day.


PUK headquarters

Abu Shahab Restaurant




Hotel Altınsaray

Our hotel provides service with Lux Suits with its modern equipments. Split Air Condition, LCD TV, Sattelite TV Broadcast, Blow-dryer, Wireless Internet, WC-Shower, Safe Box, Fire Alarm System is provided as standard for the comfort of our guests. Besides, there is a Restaurant on ground floor and Cafe where you can have rest during day and receive service.


Best inn hotel



Van Royal Hotel


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Hi, thanks for posting. Please provide links and credits to the photos in your post or we will need to remove them due to copyright issues.

Thanks for understanding.
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Sulaimania (Kurdish: سلێمانی / Silêmanî / Slemani ); is a city in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is the capital of Slemani Governorate and served as the capital of the Kingdom of Kurdistan from 1921 until 1924. it is surrounded by the Azmar Range, Goizja Range and the Qaiwan Range in the north east, Baranan Mountain in the south and the Tasluje Hills in the west. The city has a semi-arid climate with very hot and dry summers and very cold winters. it has served as the historic capital of the Kurdish principality of Baban from 1784 to 1850.

The modern city of Slemani was founded in 14th November 1784 by the Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban who named it after his father Sulaiman Pasha. Because it was founded as the capital of a powerful Kurdish principality, it has developed into a large city with a population of about 759,508 people. It is the cultural center of the Sorani-speaking Kurds and an important economic center for Iraqi Kurdistan.

in 2008 the Kurdistan regional Governments (KRG) former presidents 'Nechir barzani' promised the Kurdish people that in 10 years we will be if not just same but better than Dubai

The Airport


SHARI JWAN (Grand Millennium) Hotel

The tower consists of 38 floors with a total height of 150 m from the top of the hill. The mail building includes five restaurants, fitness and health area, an outdoor swimming pool, and children's playground. The hotel will consist of 196 rooms, 55 suites and 2 royal suites. The tower features a unique architecture with a revolving restaurant on the top of the building.



Qaiwan towerS

a Five Star Hotel (22550 m2 Buildup area) which has 196 guest rooms, 55 suites and special suites, five restaurants (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese and All day dining restaurant) beside a revolving restaurant at the top of the tower, and all other areas that five star hotels include.
One auditorium accommodating 300 seats (6846 m2) and one ball room for 750 people (5378 m2) are annexed to the tower.
The whole project is located at the top of a hill about 50 meters above the street level overlooking the whole city of sulaimaniya.

The above mentioned buildings are surrounded by well designed landscape, parking and access roads.




Jaff towers u/c

the tallest apartments in Kurdistan.This project is under design now, located in Sulaimaniah, Sarchnar, it consists three symmetrical towers, the project built on area ≈20,000m², and each tower consists 32 floors and two basements. The basement function is car parking, from first to 29th floor typical and consist 6 flats (2*120m², 2* 150m², 2*180m²),30th and31th
Floor consist of 4floors each one 225m².
The Area of each floor 1150m²
The estimated cost is 600 $/m².



City star Mall

opened 25.11.2011














6 Towers | 29 Floors | U/C

Foundation stone laid for 6 towers which will be apartments with 29 floors each . it includes 650 units .


Dily Shar u/c

this project includes 350 housing units on the salim street with all the services.
such as 20% landscape,modern market,car park for each apartment,swimming pool,and nursery


Mixed-Use Tower in Sulaimani


Majidi Mall Sulaimani | U/C

Location : Tasluja road
Built Area : 80000 m²
Project Elements :

City Centre Hyper market, 100 Brands, 20 different Restaurants, 5 different cafes, indoor game land and bowling center, normal and 6D cinema, 2000 car parks.
Majidi Mall construction located on the road to Tosluja was started in 2011 by Goc Kardeshler and construction works are proceeding rapidly in order to be delivered in 2012.


Slemani 3000 shopping mall u/c

Breaz Co. invests this project on the area 4200m2 on the
Malik Mshmood street in Sulamani.
The project consists of the largest supermarket in the city, sport
hall,commercial offices , and sport services . The building of the project
is designed in a very modern way and involves all the new services and

Sulaimani Mall

Located on Salim Street, the Sulaimany Mall is centrally located to accommodate consumers, office tenants and apartment residents.
The Mall complex sprawls a land area of 6000m2 (total buildup area of 65,500m2).
It includes a 20,000m2 state-of-the art luxury enclosed commercial shopping area. Additionally , a 15,000 m2 office tower will provide centralized locality with modern amenities to 163 office spaces. Adjacent to the office tower, a 15,500m2 luxury full-service apartment high rise, encompassing 149 apartment units, majestically overlooks cosmopolitan Sulaimany.

Three underground parking levels will accommodate a total of 300 automobiles for the Sulaimany Mall complex.


Slemani City Center U/C

Al Sulaymaniya City Center which consist of three parts,First one contain a two 14 floor tower, one for offices and the other is furnished apartments.Second one is Mall.Third one is contain a Cinema, Food court and Playing area.


Faruk Group

Location: SLEMANI salm street
cost: $30 million

Faruk Building in Sulaimani/ Kurdistan Iraq is an important move not from management level but also it is an indication for a new management structure and a new vision for investment in Kurdistan, Iraq and the region.

The Group which does hold investment and companies owned by the businessman Mr Faruk Mustafa Rasool , which has a diversified activities in Telecommunications, Hotels , Medical services , Buildings , Construction , Car Agencies ,IT Technologies and Offshore Companies.

The "city of Sulaymaniya"

Project is located in the city of Sulaymaniya province of Sulaimaniya, where the establishment of the project area (2500) acres and Atzmn:

1 - a tourist hotel (5) five stars.
2 - Mall.
3 - commercial offices in three designs:

· Design the first to be shaped (O) the number of English (6).
· Design the second letter on the form (I) the number of English (13).
· Design the third form letter (L) the number of English (4).

4 - two species and housing units:
· Type I: the area of each residential unit (Villa) (500 m 2) number (350) Villa.
· Type II: the area of each residential unit (Villa) (1000 m 2) number (280) Villa.

5 - a commercial tower.
6 - Number of housing units (4) Each unit residential rate (15) floor and the total of (120) for each apartment unit where the residential apartments in three designs (150 m 2 200 m 2 250 m 2).


Bank of Kurdistan u/c




North Bank Complex



Kurdistan mall - Completed

location: Salm street
cost: $20 million
area: 5200 m2
completed: 10.05.2011



Multi Purpose Building - proposal

Area : 121000 sq.m & Height : 152 m
No. of Middle tower's storey : 35
No. of Side towers's storey : 25 & 30


Garden City U/C

Project Of Bayan Company for Real Estate Investment – Ltd


Goyzha Suburb apartments

Pak City

Beharan Residential Complex



Diya city u/c

Project Location : Sulamani, 60 meter street
Total Area : 205000 m2
NO.of Normal houses 301
NO.of apartments : 364
Services : private kindergarten , hospital , commercial , zone , market and masque
Building system : Normal houses : SISMO

Silemani Municipality

Floor area : 26000 Sq.m
Contain : 2 Storey Parking and 7 Storey Miniterial area,Multi Storey Parking
Contractor : Chehel Cheshmeh Construction Company




5 Star Hotel and Trade Center - proposal

length : 89 m
width : 37 m
Number of Storey : 27 m
Lift : 14

Story in Basement: Parking & Multi purpose Saloon

400 bed Slemani hospital u/c

consists of the hospital six floors of office space (25) without being built according to the latest engineering design, medical and contains (400) Bed, with all medical departments and curative For the field work was conducted in the hospital , visited Mr. Imad Ahmed, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Hospital project Sulaymaniyah new year and which is monitoring the (57) million dollars.



Faruk Medical Center

Zana Enterprise is involved in furnishing the Faruk Medical Centre of Excellence. The medical center will be built in the city of Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq. The hospital should be completed around 2011 and is designated to provide the following services:

•Sophisticated diagnostic center
•Advanced teaching hospital
•Rehabilitation services
•Medical, paramedical and other training
The teaching hospital consists of 120-150 beds, 86 single bed rooms


New University of Sulaimani u/c

* Design and Build of University Campus.
* $260 Million original contract value.
* 2 Million m2 overall ground area.
* 6 Years Construction Period.
* 42 Buildings with total floor area of 350,000 m2
* To accommodate 20,000 students.
* Includes 12 km of Circulation Roads and Walkways.
* All Utilities Including Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation & Distribution, Drainage system and Sewerage system.


Foundation stone laid for an international private University

17/12/2011 15:40

Slemani 17 December 2011 / (AKnews)

Today Kurdistan PM attended the laying of Foundation stone for an international private University .

It will be called the "international University" (Zankoi Jihan) in Slemani , and Kurdistan PM Barham Saleh said "the University will be a private one and the cost of the project will be $156 Million , i hope in we will also open similar Universities in the cities of Kirkuk and Duhok".

Farman Xarib the general director of investment in the city of Silemani said that the project has be given permission from the "investment committee" and the land allocated for the project is around 120 Donum in (Olluba) suburb , he said the duration is 3 years and will cover all the units for the students to be studied in.


Rehabilitation Hospital u/c

This project is designed as part of a medical . The rehabilitation hospital is programmed to handle non-critical cases and contains three adult rehab inpatient wards and one pediatric rehab inpatient ward for a total of 105 beds. The hospital is fully equipped with an outpatient department, minor surgery unit, x-ray department, rehabilitation center with adult and pediatric therapy areas including occupational, vocational, hydro, electro, and physical therapy. The hospital is also equipped with all ancillary support departments to cater to the 105 beds including departments such as the laboratory, theater sterile supply unit (TSSU), laundry, catering and dining, central stores, and pharmacy to name a few.


Al-Anfal Monument Project | u/c

Location: Erbil-slemani road
area: 15000 m2
project includes indoor and outdoor conference hall and amphitheater




Kaso Mall






Some Governmental buildings


Public Library


Slemani Court house


Slemani Public Library

Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs


Arts Palace

founded in 2003, is the center for plays, concerts, film festivals and the AUI-S graduation ceremony


Directorate of Publications


Hawar Group


Korek telecomm

Silemani TAFE (college)

it was 1st established in 1973 and renovated in 2007


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mhm very interesting, lots of resources i see too, very good to see, and i would definately more peacefull places like dubai pop up all over the world, instead of war etc
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Erbil - Zuzan Furniture Co


Erbil - Kurdia Plaza Hotel


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Just another US oil colony...

How many of the average kurd can afford shopping in the mall ... ?

But hey, its new, its shiny.... so everything will be fine!
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Originally Posted by Tolbert View Post
Just another US oil colony...

How many of the average kurd can afford shopping in the mall ... ?

But hey, its new, its shiny.... so everything will be fine!

Kurdistan was under the economic sanction right until 2003 , even tho its had total autonomy from iraq since 1991 but it was still part of iraq and suffering as much . so it takes time for all kurds to be wealthy in the country but right now about 60% of kurds living a wealthy life as per a survey conveyed by the KRG.

and in few years when the oil pumps more barrels everyone will have an income from it and all kurds will be very wealthy

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wow, thanks for the post!

Welcome to the New World Order I suppose.
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Originally Posted by Dylan Leblanc View Post
wow, thanks for the post!

Welcome to the New World Order I suppose.
thanks alot

kurdistan will be better alot cos besides proven oil reserve of 45 billion barrels , 2.83 Trillion Cubic Meters of Gas ,The world's largest deposit of rock sulfur, coal, copper, gold, iron, limestone (which is used to produce cement), marble, and zinc are in the autonomous region. The KRG have mountainous landscapes and agriculture.

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Dubai developed like HK
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very nice developments for Kurdistan this but i have to say that they will have a very hard time if they want to catch up with Uae and the other Arab oil States and unfortunately Kurdistan dont have beaches by the sea. And the possibility for a port to rival Jebel ali in Dubai is non existent.

But yet still it is very good to see another country of the middle east rise out of poverty and war. And it might also still become a place with alot of commerce and Banking and the prospects of mining out minerals and metals is very good and Australia made alot of money from that.

and many tourists may want to visit this more mountainous region instead of just sea and desert so the prospects for tourism may be good too. And they always could build some wacko structures to attract more people. And if they choose to take a rather unorthodox move they could go for legalizing gambling and become the first real las Vegas of the middle east. Egypt has some already but if Kurdistan invest alot they could easily outmatch it.
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yeah like i said we are on the way and the our president promised to be better than Dubai. like i said we just don't have oil we got other ways of making the economy stronger like tourism sites, agriculture and so on .

remember these developments only started since 2007 when the kurdish government offered investors a 10 year land tax free , so give it another 10 years it will be competing with Gulf states

Sherwan Palace Hotel

Floor Area : 19000 sq.m
Landscaping :25000 sq.m
The Sherwan Palace Hotel will include a casino, a 5 star restaurant, a conference hall, presidential and other suites, a banquette hall, a spa, and 160 single or double rooms.




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yes will be very intresting to follow the developements

and welcome to the forum Alan131210
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Originally Posted by Infernal_Elf View Post
yes will be very intresting to follow the developements

and welcome to the forum Alan131210
thank you very much


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Originally Posted by Alan131210 View Post
yeah like i said we are on the way and the our president promised to be better than Dubai. like i said we just dont have oil we got other ways of making the economy stronger like tourist destinations agriculture and so on .

remember this only started since 2005 give it another 10 years it will be competing with Gulf states
You really belive in those words do you? I mean, making money from agriculture in middle east...

from where do you want to get your tourists ? Iran? Turkey? israel? UAE... now way guys!
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Originally Posted by Tolbert View Post
You really belive in those words do you? I mean, making money from agriculture in middle east...

from where do you want to get your tourists ? Iran? Turkey? israel? UAE... now way guys!

have you even seen what Kurdistan looks like ?? do you think just cos we are in the middle east its a desert ? Kurdistan is blessed by god.

and no we dont depend on turks and Persians for our tourist destination we are aiming at the EU mostly and its working lost of Euros visit Kurdistan today.

here read this in NY times

NY Times lists Iraqi-Kurdistan among “41 places to visit in 2011”


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Reminds me of Reno!
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Amazing to see all of this for the first time, a very interesting thread.
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yeah guys we have been suppressed by the former iraqi governments since we were attached to iraq in 1923. but we are finally semi-free.

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