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Originally Posted by Doug View Post
Why is the homeless rate so low in TX, another large state with high inequality and warm weather but with much lower social services spending? Part of the answer is more affordable housing costs. TX must have similar rates of mental illness as west coast cities. It likely has lower levels of drug addiction.
Texas has a (markedly) lower supplemental poverty rate than California, lower unemployment (slightly), and the highest GDP growth rate among all 50 states, far outpacing California despite the absence of a tech bubble, at least when looking at the most recent 2018 data. Texas' economy is consistently growing and they have four significant metro areas, all of which are affordable and fairly diverse.

Also, culturally, if you get caught shooting up or taking a dump in public, Texas puts you in jail. There is no catch and release. Texas is not accommodating to vagrancy, politically or economically.
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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Look at Nevada. Similar rate to California, yet Las Vegas has quite a different climate than San Francisco.

It has to do with the culture that has developed in cities to turn a blind eye to taboo public behavior. The homeless know that there are no consequences to their awful behavior, therefore they continue to do it.

Enforce the laws and guess what happens?

Also look at Illinois. Low number and low rate of homelessness, then compare that to New York. Similar climate -- both have cold winters, hot/humid summers, similar rainfall totals.
the homeless like the abandon subways in new York. but in like a few years its going to get really bad with less jobs because or robots taking over.
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Originally Posted by dubu View Post
But in like a few years its going to get really bad with less jobs because of robots taking over.
No. Just no. As a matter of fact, beyond silly fear and idiotic fantasy told by the average media that needs to scare the public to make decent audience figures, South Korea would currently be the most robotized society on Earth, and there is just full employment over there.
I just quickly goolged it from your comment...

South Korea's jobless rate jumps to 9-year peak as minimum wage hike roils labor market. South Korea's unemployment rate jumped to a nine-year high of 4.4 percent in January as a hike in minimum wage led to a drop in low-paying jobs.

4.4% is an outrageous unemployment rate to them.
While it'd be heaven in my country's wettest dreams.
It makes me laughing right now.

If they go even more robotized, their unemployment rate will drop to some record low again.
Because more and more dumb robots actually mean better skilled human workforce.
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