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Old Posted Dec 4, 2018, 12:07 AM
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Yes, good ol' Thunder Bay.

Kids shouldn't be spitting on the police, but at the same time, police need to have a bit more restraint. I've been spit on once and I know for a fact that if I held them down and smacked them in the back of the head, I'd be charged with an assault. That officer likely won't face any form of repercussion at all (or maybe they will? We had a new chief of police sworn in a few weeks ago), but the incident itself has undone over a year's worth of work that the force has put in towards improving their relationship with indigenous people. The police always come out and say "we will change this time" but within weeks, something like this happens that shows there are no actions backing up their words.

It's bizarre how much police can sabotage their own profession without facing consequences. It's like they have no pride.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 3:11 PM
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So Québec solidaire are having a party "congress" this weekend and apparently there is a big internal brouhaha over religious symbols and garb. (Source: acquaintances who are involved and a few media reports)

Most of the party leadership and members are more or less in favour of banning this stuff for people in positions of authority (cops, judges, prison guards... no mention of teachers, though) but a vocal fringe of the party is strongly opposed to this. (And another fringe wants to go even further than the CAQ proposal, believe it or not.)

The second fringe (that wants no part of a ban) is mostly made up of multiculturalist-globalist types from Montreal, generally anglophones and allophones. Though most Montreal members (who still tend to be francophones) are in favour of the ban.

Good times all round.

I have no idea what the outcome of all of this will be, but I've always found QS to be an unlikely political group, especially when it comes to identity issues and how to hold everything together when that comes onto the table.
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