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Old Posted Jul 21, 2014, 3:23 PM
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Toronto data difference between SP and EM

Hi !!

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and I finally did it!!

I literally wrote down all buildings over 100M from Emporis and all buildings over 328FT (100M) from Skyscraperpage. I wanted to really see what discrepancies we get from both websites. I personally always preferred SP over EM, more reliable and it seems more up to date. However, some data from SP is questionable, and if I can help to make the data better for my favorite website, that's even better. Even if we are in Canada, I always preferred heights in feet compared to meters, it gives more variety to the data.

So here is the list of all the stats that are different from one website to the other. Surprisingly, data was identical for about half the official list of buildings over 100M (328FT). Floors, year of construction and height ONLY. Names of buildings or addresses not included (even if I did the research as well for those). Only built and under construction buildings, proposed buildings were left out.

I did not want to submit this to the «Corrections« forum, since we don't know who's right, and who's wrong.

Who do you prefer to base your research on, SP or EM ? Let's look at the data.

All other buildings over 100M (328ft) are all identical.
A total of 265 buildings, built and under construction, as of July 21, 2014.

First Canadian Place
SP=1975 / EM=1976

Aura at College Park
SP=893ft / EM=896ft

TD Canada Trust Tower
SP=863ft / EM=856ft

One Bloor
SP=844ft / EM=843ft

Harbour Plaza - East Tower
SP=764ft / EM=765ft

Ten York
SP=68 floors / EM=65 floors

TD Tower
SP=731ft / EM=732ft

Bay-Adelaide Centre - West Tower
SP=50 floors / EM=51 floors

Shangri-La Toronto
SP=704ft / EM=705ft
SP=65 floors / EM=66 floors

Ritz-Carlton Toronto
SP=688ft / EM=686ft
SP=52 floors / EM=53 floors

Bay-Wellington Tower
SP=683ft / EM=682ft
SP=1992 / EM=1991

L Tower
SP=57 floors / EM=58 floors

Four Seasons Toronto - West Tower
SP=52 floors / EM=55 floors

Bay-Adelaide Centre - East Tower
SP=45 floors / EM=44 floors

SP=605ft / EM=607ft
SP=57 floors / EM=56 floors

Royal Bank Plaza - South Tower
SP=574ft / EM=591ft
SP=41 floors / EM=40 floors

SP=544ft / EM=558ft
SP=50 floors / EM=52 floors

Manulife Centre
SP=535ft / EM=545ft

Quantum - North Tower
SP=525ft / EM=541ft
SP=54 floors / EM=51 floors

Sun Life Financial Tower
SP=569ft / EM=535ft

Hullmark Centre - East Tower
SP=551ft / EM=535ft

College Park - North Tower
SP=507ft / EM=535ft

Success Tower
SP=55 floors / EM=54 floors

SP=535ft / EM=525ft

SP=528ft / EM=525ft
SP=48 floors / EM=50 floors

Southcore Financial Centre - Delta Toronto
SP=524ft / EM=525ft

The Uptown
SP=525ft / EM=518ft

Three Hundred
SP=52 floors / EM=49 floors

Festival Tower
SP=514ft / EM=515ft

SP=550ft / EM=509ft

SP=529ft / EM=509ft

TD Centre - South Tower
SP=504ft / EM=505ft

Westlake Village - West Tower
SP=503ft / EM=505ft

Harbourview Estates - West Tower
SP=503ft / EM=502ft

SP=47 floors / EM=48 floors

Chaz on Charles
SP=497ft / EM=495ft

The 250
SP=494ft / EM=495ft
SP=1991 / EM=1992

Beyond the Sea - Star Tower
SP=497ft / EM=492ft
SP=45 floors / EM=44 floors

Two Bloor West
SP=481ft / EM=489ft
SP=1972 / EM=1973

Simcoe Place
SP=485ft / EM=486ft

College Park - South Tower
SP=458ft / EM=482ft
SP=46 floors / EM=45 floors

Pinnacle on Adelaide
SP=444ft / EM=482ft
SP=43 floors / EM=46 floors

Exchange Tower
SP=36 floors / EM=30 floors
SP=1981 / EM=1983

SP=492ft / EM=476ft

SP=480ft / EM=476ft
SP=42 floors / EM=43 floors

RCMI Tower
SP=478ft / EM=476ft

Westlake Village - North Tower
SP=475ft / EM=476ft
SP=44 floors / EM=46 floors

SP=434ft / EM=476ft

Simpson Tower
SP=459ft / EM=473ft
SP=32 floors / EM=33 floors

Cinema Tower
SP=43 floors / EM=44 floors

Emerald Park - East Tower
SP=465ft / EM=469ft
SP=39 floors / EM=42 floors

SP=418ft / EM=466ft

SP=42 floors / EM=43 floors

Murano - South Tower
SP=462ft / EM=463ft
SP=45 floors / EM=41 floors

Pantages Tower
SP=458ft / EM=459ft
SP=45 floors / EM=46 floors

The Met
SP=431ft / EM=456ft
SP=2008 / EM=2007

Palace Place
SP=1993 / EM=1991

SP=46 floors / EM=45 floors

Gibson Square - North & South Towers
SP=451ft / EM=453ft
SP=42 floors / EM=43 floors

SP=416ft / EM=453ft
SP=41 floors / EM=42 floors

SP=449ft / EM=450ft

Richmond-Adelaide Centre - Oxford Tower
SP=449ft / EM=450ft
SP=1978 / EM=1979

Peter Street Condos
SP=427ft / EM=450ft

Encore at Equinox
SP=430ft / EM=446ft

Southcore Financial Centre - Bremner Tower
SP=445ft / EM=443ft

Hudson's Bay Centre
SP=439ft / EM=440ft
SP=35 floors / EM=34 floors
SP=1973 / EM=1974

TD Centre - East Tower
SP=437ft / EM=436ft

SP=414ft / EM=436ft

Ocean Club
SP=432ft / EM=430ft

The Bond
SP=443ft / EM=427ft

SP=400ft / EM=427ft
SP=39 floors / EM=40 floors

Beyond the Sea - South Tower
SP=360ft / EM=427ft

Leaside Towers - East & West Towers
SP=427ft / EM=423ft

Dynamic Funds Tower
SP=30 floors / EM=31 floors

SP=421ft / EM=423ft

SP=366ft / EM=423ft
SP=32 floors / EM=33 floors

Solaris - East & West Towers
SP=40 floors / EM=41 floors

Westin Harbour Castle - South Tower
SP=37 floors / EM=38 floors

Pinnacle Centre - East Tower
SP=407ft / EM=417ft

HNR Dundas Square Tower (258 Victoria)
SP=400ft / EM=417ft
SP=39 floors / EM=40 floors

Studio - East Tower
SP=430ft / EM=413ft

Crystal Blu
SP=424ft / EM=413ft
SP=36 floors / EM=34 floors

Marriott Hotel/Plaza Two
SP=415ft / EM=413ft
SP=1973 / EM=1975

Quantum - South Tower
SP=39 floors / EM=37 floors

SP=396ft / EM=413ft

Southcore Financial Centre - PwC Tower
SP=374ft / EM=413ft

Sun Life Centre - East Tower
SP=27 floors / EM=28 floors

150 Dan Leckie Way
SP=408ft / EM=410ft

Luna Vista
SP=394ft / EM=410ft

M5V Life
SP=392ft / EM=407ft
SP=35 floors / EM=34 floors

Hullmark Centre - West Tower
SP=420ft / EM=404ft
SP=37 floors / EM=35 floors

The Charlie
SP=405ft / EM=404ft
SP=2013 / EM=2012

SP=402ft / EM=404ft

Harbourview Estates - North Tower
SP=397ft / EM=404ft

Westlake Village - East Tower
SP=381ft / EM=404ft
SP=37 floors / EM=39 floors

Parc Nuvo
SP=36 floors / EM=38 floors

The Gooderham
SP=35 floors / EM=36 floors

SP=391ft / EM=400ft

SP=366ft / EM=400ft
SP=34 floors / EM=38 floors

Harbourside Apartments
SP=37 floors / EM=38 floors
SP=1980 / EM=1979

Munich Re Centre (390 Bay Street)
SP=31 floors / EM=32 floors
SP=1972 / EM=1973

SP=387ft / EM=394ft

Key West
SP=371ft / EM=394ft

Emerald City - North Tower
SP=367ft / EM=394ft
SP=37 floors / EM=36 floors

WaterParkCity - Neptune - South Tower
SP=358ft / EM=394ft

WaterParkCity - Aquarius
SP=358ft / EM=394ft
SP=2006 / EM=2005

Thunderbird at One Valhalla
SP=321ft / EM=394ft
SP=29 floors / EM=35 floors

Telus House
SP=447ft / EM=391ft
SP=30 floors / EM=32 floors

The Peter Gilgan Centre
SP=386ft / EM=391ft
SP=21 floors / EM=24 floors

SP=389ft / EM=387ft

Waterclub - East Tower
SP=2004 / EM=2003

Harbour Square
SP=1976 / EM=1978

Number One York Quay - South Tower
SP=380ft / EM=387ft
SP=39 floors / EM=40 floors
SP=1991 / EM=1990

SP=348ft / EM=387ft
SP=34 floors / EM=35 floors

SP=341ft / EM=387ft

Number One York Quay - North Tower
SP=388ft / EM=384ft
SP=40 floors / EM=39 floors
SP=1991 / EM=1990

Harbourview Estates - East Tower
SP=2006 / EM=2005

18 Yorkville
SP=377ft / EM=384ft

Apex - West Tower
SP=354ft / EM=384ft

18 Yonge
SP=417ft / EM=381ft

Maclean-Hunter Building (777 Bay Street)
SP=397ft / EM=381ft

EQ1 at Equinox
SP=35 floors / EM=36 floors

1001 Bay
SP=374ft / EM=377ft

Minto 30 Roe
SP=365ft / EM=377ft
SP=33 floors / EM=34 floors

King Charlotte
SP=376ft / EM=374ft

The Chrysler - East & West Towers
SP= 2003 / EM = 2002

West Harbour City - West Tower
SP=341ft / EM=374ft

World Trade Centre - East Tower
SP=1991 / EM=1990

MaRS Discovery Centre - West Tower
SP=370ft / EM=371ft
SP=23 floors / EM=20 floors

Emerald Park - West Tower
SP=369ft / EM=371ft
SP=30 floors / EM=33 floors

Murano - North Tower
SP=364ft / EM=371ft
SP=35 floors / EM=34 floors

Triomphe - East Tower
SP=282ft / EM=371ft
SP=26 floors / EM=30 floors

Royal Bank Plaza - North Tower
SP=374ft / EM=368ft

One Queen East
SP=367ft / EM=368ft

Bank of Zurich Building
SP=367ft / EM=368ft
SP=24 floors / EM=25 floors

Platinum Towers - North & South Towers
SP=364ft / EM=368ft

SP=2006 / EM=2005

Marina del Rey - North Tower
SP=1991 / EM=1990

One Bedford
SP=359ft / EM=364ft
SP=2011 / EM=2010

York Centre
SP=374ft / EM=361ft
SP=1973 / EM=1972

SP=367ft / EM=361ft

Concorde Park - South Tower
SP=1989 / EM = 1988

SP=34 floors / EM=36 floors

Standard Life Centre
SP=25 floors / EM=26 floors

Sun Life Centre - West Tower
SP=360ft / EM=361ft
SP=1985 / EM=1984

The 500
SP=374ft / EM=358ft

Boutique - East Tower
SP=361ft / EM=358ft
SP=34 floors / EM=35 floors

Infinity - East Tower
SP=384ft / EM=354ft
SP=2007 / EM=2006

Crescent Town - 3 Massey Square
SP=37 floors / EM=38 floors
SP=1972 / EM=1971

SP=2014 / EM=2013

California at Mystic Pointe
SP=2013 / EM=2012

Royal Pinnacle
SP=341ft / EM=354ft
SP=31 floors / EM=33 floors
SP=2000 / EM=1999

SP=338ft / EM=354ft

8 Park Road
SP=335ft / EM=354ft
SP=2003 / EM=2002

25 The Esplanade
SP=318ft / EM=354ft
SP=1989 / EM=1988

Grand Triomphe - East Tower
SP=300ft / EM=354ft
SP=2005 / EM=2004

Triomphe - West Tower
SP=302ft / EM=351ft
SP=2002 / EM=2001

The Mercer
SP=371ft / EM=348ft

Maritime Life Building (2 Queen Street East)
SP=350ft / EM=348ft

Montgomery Mills - 50 Cordova Avenue
SP=341ft / EM=348ft

Dundas Edward Centre - South Tower (TO Professional Tower)
SP=387ft / EM=345ft
SP=26 floors / EM=27 floors

40 Gerrard East
SP=351ft / EM=345ft

360 at the City Centre
SP=2006 / EM=2005

SP=32 floors / EM=30 floors
SP=2009 / EM=2008

Skymark at Avondale - East Tower
SP=31 floors / EM=33 floors

Grand Triomphe - West Tower
SP=342ft / EM=345ft

SP=328ft / EM=345ft
SP=33 floors / EM=34 floors

The Pinnacle
SP=328ft / EM=345ft
SP=2001 / EM=1999

One Sherway - Tower 2
SP=318ft / EM=345ft

SP=312ft / EM=345ft
SP=30 floors / EM=32 floors

Thomson Building
SP=312ft / EM=345ft
SP=24 floors / EM=28 floors

Beyond the Sea - North Tower
SP=270ft / EM=345ft
SP=27 floors / EM=28 floors

Richmond-Adelaide Centre - 120 Adelaide West
SP=357ft / EM=341ft

Skymark - West Tower
SP=351ft / EM=341ft

Old City Hall
SP=340ft / EM=341ft
SP=0 floors / EM=7 floors

Market Wharf
SP=362ft / EM=338ft
SP=33 floors / EM=34 floors

Encore at The Met
SP=322ft / EM=338ft

Heathview - North & South Towers
SP=357ft / EM=335ft

Pure Spirit
SP=2009 / EM=2008

Meridian - South Tower
SP=285ft / EM=335ft
SP=32 floors / EM=31 floors

The Madison - West Tower
SP=397ft / EM=331ft
SP=36 floors / EM=33 floors

Waterpark Place - North Tower
SP=384ft / EM=331ft
SP=26 floors / EM=24 floors

Nestlé Building
SP=387ft / EM=328ft

James Cooper Mansion
SP=358ft / EM=328ft

West Village - West Tower
SP=354ft / EM=328ft
SP=31 floors / EM=30 floors

500 Duplex
SP=341ft / EM=328ft

Toronto City Hall
SP=327ft / EM=328ft

Tangreen Court - 10 Tangreen
SP=322ft / EM = 328ft

Residences at the Consilium - West Tower
SP=322ft / EM=328ft
SP=1997 / EM=1991

Bloor Street Neighbourhood
SP=347ft / EM=325ft
SP=32 floors / EM=33 floors

SP=342ft / EM=325ft

SP=328ft / EM=325ft

Montgomery Mills - 24 Mabelle Avenue
SP=341ft / EM=322ft

The Palisades - 10 San Romanoway
SP=328ft / EM=322ft
SP=1977 / EM=1976

The Penrose
SP=328ft / EM=318ft

No. 10 Bellair
SP=353ft / EM=315ft

Tango (100 Provost Drive)
SP=328ft / EM=308ft
SP=33 floors / EM=28 floors

The Madison - East Tower
SP=364ft / EM=305ft
SP=33 floors / EM=30 floors

The Yorkville
SP=349ft / EM=305ft

London on The Esplanade - West Tower
SP=335ft / EM=305ft
SP=33 floors / EM=30 floors

Radio City - South Tower
SP=331ft / EM=305ft

Residences of Yorkville Plaza (old Four Seasons)
SP=328ft / EM=305ft
SP=1970 / EM=1971

Four Seasons Toronto - East Tower
SP=361ft / EM=282ft
SP=25 floors / EM=26 floors
SP=2013 / EM=2011

One St. Thomas
SP=349ft / EM=282ft
SP=29 floors / EM=28 floors
SP=2008 / EM=2007

LuCliff Place
SP=334ft / EM=276ft
SP=1977 / EM=1976

Madison Centre
SP=348ft / EM=256ft

University Centre
SP=328ft / EM=243ft

Trimark Tower
SP=328ft / EM=233ft

Rogers AT&T Centre
SP=331ft / EM=187ft

What do you think?

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Old Posted Jul 21, 2014, 6:10 PM
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I think that was a lot of work.

I also think that nobody at Emporis would be willing to admit that their data is wrong...
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Old Posted Jul 21, 2014, 6:15 PM
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Originally Posted by koops65 View Post
I think that was a lot of work.

I also think that nobody at Emporis would be willing to admit that their data is wrong...
It was indeed a lot of work. However, I think EM is right on some of these, especially the Four Seasons East Tower or 25 The Esplanade, as an example. But yeah, for the most part, SP is more up-to-date. But some are clearly wrong on the SP database.
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Old Posted Jul 21, 2014, 9:04 PM
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Even though feet are smaller I prefer metres because it is easy to convert to other units of the metric system. However I do want to point out that Bay-Adelaide West does have 51 floors.
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Old Posted Jul 21, 2014, 9:22 PM
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Originally Posted by 333609543 View Post
Even though feet are smaller I prefer metres because it is easy to convert to other units of the metric system. However I do want to point out that Bay-Adelaide West does have 51 floors.
Yeah I understand your point. But when you make a list of 250+ buildings, listed in order of height, feet gives more variety to the data.
Nice to know about Bay Adelaide West. I'll update my charts. Thanks.
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Old Posted Oct 9, 2014, 4:21 PM
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Wow, there's a Toronto section.

I stand by my figures. Four Seasons is 52 floors. I've seen the plans unlike basing it on some newpaper article. Same with BA1. 25 The Esplanade clearly states the height of mechanical may not be included. The roof height itself is from planning documents. I find the Emporis height way too high to believe considering it was built in the 2.65 metre per floor era. My dates for condos are specific to the date the condo plan registers. Emporis is horrendous at updating developments once the initial entry is made. I don't think a single CofA change was ever posted. Really? You care about one foot?

Of course, you have foreign editors that correct Toronto's SSP data using Emporis data all the time. FCP is 71 floors, SSP Editors!!! NO 71st Floor.

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