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Old Posted Apr 27, 2017, 9:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
No, you're making up stuff. I never wrote the stuff you claimed, ever.
Your posting history doesn't lie, and you can't erase it.

You are probably the only person on the face of the planet who thinks that calling Buckhead a suburban edge city is a "beyond insane" claim.
How convenient that you move the goalposts here. Your beyond insane claim was your insistence that Peachtree Road around Lenox Square was exactly like Big Beaver Road around the Somerset Collection in Troy. You know it, I know it and half of the forum probably knows it.

The last time the subject came up and I provided photographic links, you called me a child and said: 'What is this, show and tell?"

It is a continual pattern with you in your complete inability to ever admit to being wrong. It causes you to dig your heels in and lie even more.

The only reason you're fighting this is, absent any facts, is because you're a homer and don't like sprawl, and so have to fabricate fantasy scenarios, trying to be the local urbanist chamber of commerce, as if educated people are going to be fooled in thinking Atlanta is built like Balitmore because you say so.
I'm not even from here. Luckily, you live in the therapy capital of the planet. I propose you avail yourself of some.

If there's someone who agrees with your characterization, and provides actual reasoning, I like to hear from them. Until then, it's "we."
Again, you don't speak for the forum.

I understand 100%, and it's completely irrelevant.

Makes absolutely no difference whether or not Buckhead is within city limits or geographically near the regional core. It's still classic postwar suburban sprawl and typical wealthy favored quarter development typology.

Heck, Midtown Atlanta is walking distance to Downtown Atlanta, and even Midtown is more of an urban-suburban hybrid. Midtown is many times denser/more urban than somewhere like Buckhead, yet no one would seriously call it a traditional urban neighborhood.

Whether someplace is one block or 50 miles from a traditional downtown has zero to do with the built form.
The above is such a mishmash of delusion that no response is warranted.
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