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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Summarizing proposed and suggested Educational Institutes versus Industries (shown in flower brackets) for Tulunadu.
  • CIPET {Plastic Park}.
  • NIELIT {Electronics Park, IT Park}.
  • Entrepreneurship Training Centre.
  • Nano & Additive Manufacturing Incubation Centre {Nano Park, Belapu}.
  • Indian Institute of Hazard & Disaster Management & Informatics.
  • Central Institute of Biotextile & Technical Textile Engineering & Technology
  • Biotextile & Technical Textile Incubation Centre {Textile Park at Shibaroor}.
  • Central Institute of Pulp & Paper Engineering & Technology {Seaweed based Pulp & Paper Park}.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics (or Maritime Transportation & Logistics Informatics mentioned in post #353 of page #18).
  • Central Institute of Tools & Additive Manufacturing or CMTI (can be combined with Institute of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence or Institute of Automation & Analytics mentioned in post #353 of page #18).
  • All 'Computational & Data Science' & Management schools/institutes listed earlier in post #353 of page #18.

  • Health Knowledge City at Kaup, Udupi.
    • National Institute of Siddha.
    • NIPER as listed in #303 of page #16.
    • BEERI as listed in #303 of page #16 and 'Regulatory & Legal Issues & Management' should include 'Regulatory Informatics' ('Legal Informatics' may not be a specialized subject for biomedical domain) and even other management subjects can include informatics. Also 'Medical Tourism Management & Informatics' can be added here from 'School of Tourism & Analytics'.
    • Other private institutes & laboratories.
    {Medical Devices Park (with Plastic, Steel Park, Machine Tools Park etc), Pharmaceuticals Park (Allopathy & AYUSH), Medical Electronics & IT Park}

  • Chemicals & Energy Knowledge City, between MRPL & UPCL.{Chemical, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Desalination, Energy & Renewable Energy industries}

  • Karnad Sadashiva Rao Marine Knowledge City, at Mulki.
    • IMU.
    • NIOT.
    • CSMCRI {seaweed biogas, seaweed fertilizer, seaweed to ammonia - 1,2,3, seaweed pulp & paper - 4,5,6, seaweed fabric - 7,8,9, seaweed bioplastic - 10,11,12, seaweed cosmetics & pharmaceuticals - 13,14,15, seaweed food}.
    • Seaweed Industries Incubation Centre
    • Institute of Marine Biotechnology.
    • Marine Biotech Innovation/Incubation Centre.
    • School of Marine Pharmacognosy (or with NIPER).
    • Other private institutes & laboratories.
    {Marine Biotech Park, Ocean Engineering & Technology Park, Shipyards, Boatyards, Seaweed based industrial clusters}.

  • 'Kukke Subrahmanya University of Rural Studies' {1} funded & managed by Kukke Subrahmanya Temple at Puttur
    • School of Rural Planning & Development
    • School of Rural Administration
    • School of Rural Health Management & Informatics
    • School of Rural Water Management & Informatics
    • School of Rural Environment Management & Informatics
    • School of Rural Economy Management & Informatics - Agroeconomy, textile & apparel economy, cottage & hadicraft economy etc
    • School of Community & Cooperative Society Studies, Management & Informatics {1,2,3}
    • School of Rural Employment & Human Resources Management & Informatics
    • School of Rural Educational Management & Informatics
    • Institute of Tribal Studies & Research
    • Institute of Rural Electrification, Management & Informatics
    • Institute of Rural Fuel Management & Informatics (biogas for cooking etc)
    • Institute of Agriculture, Agroservices, Farming & Food Processing Engineering & Technology
    • Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding
    • Horticulture College (affiliated to a Horticulure University)
    • Floriculture College & Landscaping (affiliated to a Horticulure University)
    • Aquaculture College? (affiliated to a Agriculture University)
    • Dairy Farming College (affiliated to a Agriculture University)
    • Agroforestry College (affiliated to a Agriculture University)
    {SAZ with Food Processing, Coconut Park, Agriculture Equipments Park, Agriculture & Farming}

  • 'Mukambika University of Hindu Religious Studies' funded & managed by Kollur Temple at Kundapura {1,2}
    • School of Vedic Studies
    • School of Vedic Sciences & Mathematics {Mind Science - 1-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Vimana, 13,14}
    • School of Agamic Studies
    • School of Hindu Folk Religious Studies
    • School of Advaitha Philosophy at Kollur or Shringeri
    • School of Dvaitha Philisopy at Udupi
    • School of Jain Philosophy at Moodbidre
    • School of Buddhism Studies
    • Natha Pantha Study Centre at Kadri
    • Science of Reincarnation Study Centre {1-2,3,4}
    • Priest Training College
    • School of Food Science & Nutrition {Citra-sakapupa-bhakshya-vikara-kriya,2,3}
    • School of Temple Management & Informatics
    • School of Socioreligious & Charity Management & Informatics
    • Pilgrimmage & Spiritual Tourism Management & Informatics as a part of School of Tourism & Analytics at Mangaluru or Udupi.
    • School of Religious & Temple History/Archaeology
    • School of Temple Music & Performing Arts
    • Institute of Temple Arts, Crafts (including Idols, Poojawares) & Sculpture at Karkal {Kalas}
    • Institute of Temple/Vaastu Engineering & Architecture {Vaastu - 1,2-3-4-5-6,7,8,9}
    • Museum of Hindu Arts, Crafts & Sculptures at Kollur
    {Pilgrimmage & Spiritual Tourism, Temple Construction, Idols, Crafts & Poojaware from Home Manufacturing {1,2,3,4}, Religious/Indology Literature Publishing, Charity}

    I have not included 'Spiritual Healing' {Spiritual Science / Metaphysics - 1,2,3} as it is already taught in Mangalore University as 'Yoga Prana Vidya and Healing'. Similarly Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali are not there as there is a separate proposal to establish them in a nearby place.

    What I am interested from 'School of Vedic Sciences & Mathematics' is to do comparative research studies on Modern Sciences and Upanishadic Sciences. (Note that here Vedic Mathematics is not the one misquoted as so but the real one with algebra, trignometry etc). My interest is whether it is possible to develop modern mathematical Theory of everything exactly as explained in Upanishads. (Mathematics to be used is Modern Mathematics). Note that although current physics theories have so many resemblances with upanishads & newage religions they are not exactly the same. {1,2,3,4,5,scienceandnonduality}. To develop such a modern theoretical interpretation of upanishadic thoughts we need in depth knowledge of mathematics, physics, biology etc. Let us explore whether one of philosophical school is right or all of them are right. Let us seek! Seeking is what the basic vedic thought. Building such a core science & mathematics team is always useful to the country though some intellectuals may be sceptical about the goal. Anyway they are sceptical about temple rituals itself still we are spending temple money on temple rituals so why to bother about them on this one?

    The philosophical schools should contribute towards 'spiritual cruise tourism' as I have posted already. By arrangement with cruiseliners courses could be conducted both while travelling and in university by say dividing as preliminary and advanced. And Crafts, Sculpture & Idol Manufacturing places are also of tourist interest.

    There could be educational crash courses of one month, two months, six months duration etc. Some of schools like School of Vedic Sciences & Mathematics or School of Temple History Studies could be pure research schools without any teaching staff.

    First stage for starting 'University of Rural Studies' and 'University of Hindu Religious Studies' is to prepare course material & get UGC approval.

Along with this the following societies/committees can be formed.
  • Seaweed Cultivation & Processing Co-operative Society.
  • Arts, Crafts & Sculpture Home Industries Co-operative Sciety.
  • Community Planning & Community-based design (Ward committee, village committee etc).

There is scope for artificial intelligence with informatics (in fact with management & everything else).

The state government should immediately hand over 200 acres each at Puttur & Kundapura to both temples to start universities. If it wishes it can charge the same price at which it confiscated temple lands at various locations of DK for various development works. One of the goal should be convert back temples as charity centres which were they before British colonizers took over their rule.

Mangaluru MP is now silent on NIELIT. Why at least he tell us whether the state government has allocated land for it or not?

Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
‘Industries should form mutual aid groups to exchange knowledge, face disasters’

Not only safety chair for chemical hazards ('Hazardous Materials Analytics') but Mangaluru needs 'Indian Institute of Hazard & Disaster Management & Informatics' (IIHDMI) to address all types of hazards including environmental & climate change hazards, water hazards, earthquake hazards, disease/biological hazards, mechanical hazards, radiational hazards (Kaiga), maritime hazards, occupational hazards, ergonomic hazards etc. Related to health we have Biodosimetry Lab & then there is CHD Group working on public health centric policy. We need to strengthen them by having an institute capable of doing methodological hazard & disaster studies with computational modeling/simulation capabilities on disease/biological hazards & disaster management. We can club this model with Microclimate Model of the city for proper urban/rural planning addressing various hazard & disaster management aspects. Finally 'Alupa Enterprise' should be a unified model of everything. (I renamed 'Tulunadu Enterprise' as 'Alupa Enterprise' to expand its territory).

I think recent visit of HRD minister was a total failure and did not bring any R&D and training institute to Mangalore. We require a NOTA campaign for IIPE, IIHDMI & IMU/NIOT/CSMCRI.
Forgot to mention about Medical Devices - {1,2} which is what Tulunadu should be aiming for. It is fine to incubate a knowledge group at NITK initially just for Chemical Industries. But in five years time it should become an independent institute - 'Indian Institute of Hazard & Disaster Management & Informatics' addressing all fields of interest to Mangaluru Port Region & its Hinterland.

Sorry once again, forgot to mention marine/maritime risks {2,3,4,5,6}. And Mangaluru can also develop competency in Software Risk Management {1,2,3,4,5,6}.

Another Bellandur in the making in Mangaluru?

Even this one needs thorough Root Cause Analysis. Without any doubt everyone knows that the root cause is to supply petroleum products to the parched city. If you think that once it becomes electrical vehicles city problem will be solved then you are wrong. The electrical city needs electrical power from thermal power plants.

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Flower show begins at Kadri Park
Diving into the deep
Scuba diving takes off in Mangaluru with the identification of three spots close to the city

There is a new adventure on the coast. Just a year ago, scuba diving was restricted to just one spot at Nethrani island, 19 nautical miles from Bhatkal. It was only accessible to foreigners who frequented Goan beaches. Though Nethrani is still the preferred scuba diving centre for its coral reef, scuba diving will become more accessible according to beach tourism experts.

“We have chosen three spots within the 15 to 20 kilometre radius from the city,” says Yathish Baikampady of Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project. The dives would be at 20 to 25 fathoms deep in the Arabian Sea. It is a one-day outing.”

On the importance of having scuba diving spots close to the city, Ranjit Punja, a world class scuba diving trainer, says, “All scuba diving centres must have a good urban connectivity which we have in plenty in Mangaluru.

Since this is a lifestyle sport, it has to be well-connected offline and online; there should be fun night life, good dining and stay options.”

The centres in Karwar (Uttara Kannada) Kaup (Udupi) and now in Mangaluru gives a boost to scuba diving in coastal Karnataka. In the past, scuba diving was only available in Goa and in Havelock in Andaman Islands. “It used to be so expensive to go there and each expedition used to cost me a bomb. I am excited that I can dive close to home,” says Anita, a scuba diving enthusiast of the city.

“Scuba diving in Mangaluru will be on two levels — training level and try diving, also called Discovery Scuba Dive (DSD),” says Punja. “Under the DSD model, people can go on an expedition guided by a diver certified by the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) from Australia.
INTACH to open new chapters in Mangalore, Palakkad in Feb
A non-profit organisation established in 1984 and headquartered in New Delhi, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) works on protection, conservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage.
Mangalore is dotted with ancient Hindu temples and several colonial-era buildings besides churches dating back to 16th century.
'Hakki Habba' begins in Mangaluru from today
Wings on water , see the sea birds

Kambala organized on Sunday on the banks of the Nethravati river at Jappinamogaru

INTACH chapters in Mangalore - the eleventh in Karnataka

Following the turtle trail in coastal Karnataka

Ullal beach festival on February 10, 11

Construction of Beach Resort and Golf Course - Incomplete Applications

Owl be watching you! Hilarious photo shows bird peeping out of a trunk in India
Bird festival starts on a grand note
Karnataka to prepare action plan to protect Great Indian Bustard

Whether captive breeding centre will be setup in Pilikula like Kota?

India Exempts Biometric Enrolment to Promote Cruise Tourism

Saalumara Timmakka Tree Park in Birumala Gudde
Install statue of Rani Abbakka in Mangaluru, Ullal: Deve Gowda

SC order: Temporary respite for Kambala organisers

Happy 'tern' of events for birders
“The birders were happy to find pelagic birds like Arctic skua and masked booby. But we did not spot shearwaters, storm petrels and bridled tern​s. We are expecting these birds to begin their migration during this month. The presence of arctic skuas and gulls indicates a good number of fish population. We sighted tropicbirds last month, and were hoping to see them, but none of the teams got to see it,” Shivashankar said.

The birders also spotted a lot of dolphins.

Dr S Shishupala, professor Microbiology, Davangere University, said, for people from other than coastal areas, pelagic birding is an excellent experience to record the birds in open sea. “We could get many gulls- brown headed, black headed and terns. There were interesting sights- like a bird resting on a swimming turtle. It gave me a different perspective.”
Swimmers train in Sydney on advanced life saving skills, beach rescue
The Lightning Bronze Medallion Course that they underwent provided them with in-depth knowledge of hazard identification, risk control, resuscitation techniques, performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), patient management techniques, patient retrieval with and without equipment and performing radio communications. Silver Medallion Beach Management course included advanced search and rescue techniques covering both day and night, executing complex patient rescue and demonstrating recovery. Beach management also included complete beach surveillance, managing rescue recovery requirement and preparing for the rescue, excelling the effectiveness of team, responding to the casualties, building up leadership qualities, undertaking work activities, setting performance requirements and maintaining team performance, communicating with management and management of aquatic spinal injuries.
Kumarswamy, see this is so scientific. Hope you will also save us scientifically from drowning in Yettinahole.

Govt okays tourism dept's house boat, floating canteen proposals

Which bugger didn't give permission to set up Urban Haaths in Coastal Karnataka and North Karnataka?

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Now, eco-activists' NOTA to Netravathi diversion
Sand transportation goes on illegally
Another Bellandur in the making in Mangaluru?

Mangalore University Campus to sport a lake soon - And another 10 acres lake in new plot

DC sets up committee to probe pollution of the Gurupur River
Phalguni pollution: Panel formed to find solution
Sewage network issue rocks council meeting

Pollution of Gurupur River: MCC commissioner warns contractors
MCC warns against letting out sewage into Phalguni, SWDs

Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Extension of the previous post.

‘10 cities in state most polluted’

Useless union budget 2018. Nothing for NMCC Karnataka! Favouring the capital city region where this party gets a countable number of seats only.

Bengaluru gets 17,000 crore reasons to cheer the Budget
Why Bengaluru's suburban rail is now a political project

Trains, science and tech R&D a boost for Bengaluru
First defence corridor will connect Chennai and Bengaluru: Nirmala Sitharaman on Budget 2018

We want Goa-Belgaum-Gulbarga-Vishakhapatnam Defence Corridor to be given priority.

This is a typical case of a party ditching the people (people of NMCC-Karnataka) who have created a base for it in South India by joining hands with the real estate mafia of the capital city of Karnataka. Let NMCC Karnataka unite and vote against the union budget 2018 in this assembly election!

At least this one has better things for NMCC Karnataka.

18 institutes selected for biotechnology skill development course

When will AICC president reveal his formula to resolve Mahadayi dispute?

A few journalists are asking how 'Gulbarga University' can get eminence status when it has not even applied for it? My answer is just like the capital city of Karnataka included in smartcity list through a special category called 'capital cities' Gulbarga University can be considered under special category. All three regions of India with special status should get one eminent university each under this category.

A few politicians are telling that Gulbarga is a small city to have such infrastructure. My answer is world class universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT all are in small cities. Boston's population is just 6 lakhs but have so many world class universities around it. And secondly, we want a big city for Hyderabad-Karnataka region.
Tulunadu had paved the red carpet for 'arrival' of this party to South India and now we will show the 'departure' gate. These parties are just interested in developing the capital city region. This is dangerous for Tulunadu. Tuluvas have to defeat both the ruling parties (union & state) and vote for the party whose chief-minister candidate has already raised his voice against Yettinahole project. Don't press NOTA but defeat both the parties.

Temples excited about Rahul Gandhi's Karnataka visit

Whether there will be a rally against Yettinahole or a Bandh during this visit? By the way, I did not know that there is a Mangalore District.

District administration sets goal on zero permits in CRZ areas by April

Sad that this government is giving a free hand to sand mafia!

Gurupur river pollution: Deputy commissioner awaits CMFRI report

Malavoor dam could have reduced oxygen concentration in Phalguni: DC
Experts blame Maravoor dam for Phalguni river contamination

Oh My Ghanshyam, please demolish all dams!

Purified seawater to Mangaluru: Team to Chennai
Transforming sea water into fresh one - city team to visit Chennai
Like many other cities, Mangaluru has often encountered shortage of water particularly during summer months, although it is in a better position as compared to other cities in the state as far as drinking water supply is concerned. The level of water at Thumbe dam has been risen to six metres this year. It is being claimed that the city will not face shortage of water during this summer. However, many feel that any shortfall in rain, execution of Yettinahole project, and entry of new industries will have adverse impact on the drinking water supply situation here.

A few cities and also mega projects located nearer to the city have done experiments with reverse osmosis system to get potable water by treating sea water. Sensing that this could provide a lasting solution to the water shortage problem, a team has been deputed to Chennai to get on hand experience about advantages and disadvantages of such a project and practicability of installing a plant to convert saline water into fresh water in the city.
City corporation commissioner, Mohammed Nazeer, said that around Rs 871 crore has been set aside in the budget for processing sea water to tackle water shortage encountered in the city during summer months and that the current visit is to assess the possibility of processing sea water in the city.
Rs. 871 crores means 100 MLD which can cater to 15 lakh people. Read Jayalalithaa inaugurates Rs 871 cr desalination plant. Where are 15 lakh people in Mangaluru now?

For industries I think MRPL is already constructing a desalination plant of 50 MLD at Tannirbhavi which is enough for its future expansion and other industries planned in MSEZ. Even UPCL is mooting of a desalination plant. Mulki, Surathkal region can be supplied water from Shambhavi river & UPCL desalination plant. Harekala/Adyar dam is mooted for Ullal region. Many more dams are going to be constructed on Netravati for waterway project. These dams can release water to Mangaluru whever there is water shortage. I am sure that these dams are enough for feeding more than 20 lakh people till year 2050. Other dams along Mangaluru-Udupi belt can feed another 20 lakh people in this belt. Where is the need for extra desalination plants?

As far as Phalguni pollution, which is said to be because of Maravoor dam, only solution is to stop releasing all types of polluted water into it whether it is domestic or industrial.

Why did the government allocated Rs. 871 crores for desalination plant in a hurry and just Rs. 200 crores for Pashchima Vahini? The government has all the money for Yettinahole but no money for Pashchima Vahini. Even if you forget that the government is not even releasing money for land acquisition needed for Tumbe dam. Isn't the desalination plant for taking water to Yettinahole?

Here are some old news links.

Desalination plant in city may become a reality as MRPL shows interest
He told The Hindu that the MRPL had proposed to set up 50 MLD (million litre per day) capacity plant at an estimated cost of Rs. 200 crores. It had sought 10 acres for it in Tannirbavi area. A proposal to this had been submitted to Karnataka Udyog Mitra.
Is seawater desalination the answer?
Karnataka may build new city to decongest Bengaluru
Urban development minister R Roshan Baig told reporters on Tuesday that the city will be developed on 11,000 acres of abandoned mining land in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), around 100 km from Bengaluru. To meet the drinking water needs of the city, desalination plants will be set up and sea water from Mangaluru will be brought to KGF through Yettinahole project pipelines.
Karnataka has also proposed four desalination plants at a cost of Rs 3,500 crore. These plants will be established in Udupi (Rs 735.30 crore), Mangaluru (Rs 2,533.61 crore), Saligrama (Rs 76.71 crore) and Kundapura ( Rs 154.42 crore) with the joint venture of Israel-based IDE and Vagas of Indian firm. This apart, six clusters, including Devenahalli, Doddaballapur, Harohalli, Dobbespet and Bidadi around Bengaluru will be developed as satellite towns.
Obviously this project is a part of the bigger project to take water through Yettinahole and not for Mangaluru. We don't need any projects around the parched city as I have already posted here.

Do we need such desalination plants to spoil our sea & kill our marinelife by increasing salinity level of the sea? (Even IISc professor who suggested sea reservior said desalination plants are deadly for marinelife! Read earlier posts & news links.) It is pitty that our own selfish elected representatives for their political gains are compromising on our marine ecology. Let us unite and defeat these politicians in the coming election.

Yuva Brigade to clean river Nandini

Enough opportunities to process sea water

The team studied everything except where the process water is released back into the sea and what was effect on marine life. Without doing this they are giving a rosy picture! These parties want free Netravati water to be looted by the real estate mafia of the parched city and Tuluvas to pay for processing sea water! Look how they are telling Chennai is supplying desalinated water free of cost as if these politicians are going to pay from their personal pockets for desalinating sea water!

Now whoever wants to defeat this party the task has become easy. Fishing community is a decisive community in the elections! Just needs to create awareness among them on side effects of desalination plants on marine life and hence their livelihood.

Look at this report.

World's first desalination unit off Ennore coast
NIOT to build India’s first offshore desal plant near Chennai coast
CHENNAI: Scientists from city-based National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) will build the country's first offshore desalination plant about 40km from the Chennai coast with a capacity of about 10 million litres of water per day, said the director of the institute Satheesh C Shenoi.

A detailed project report for the plant, which is estimated to cost ?2,000 crore, has been submitted to the Centre for approval. Designed and built by NIOT scientists, the plant will come up off the shores of Ennore.

"Buiding the offshore plant involves a lot of engineering challenges, and the design is complex," said Shenoi, adding, "The plant can be scaled up for more capacity if required."

"The design for the offshore plant is ready. The project will be part of the deep ocean mission estimated to cost ?10,000 crore, which will be launched in March 2018," said M Rajeevan Nair, secretary, ministry of earth sciences on the sidelines of a one-day workshop on harnessing energy from the oceans.

'Existing plants dump concentrated brine in sea, harm marine life'

At present, Chennai has two desal plants each in Nemmili and Minjur with a combined capacity of 210 MLD and two more are planned with a total capacity of 550 MLD.

The plant will operate on the indigenously developed low temperature thermal desalination (LTTD), a lowcost and environment friendly technology to get potable water. The technology is based on the temperature difference in seawater at different depths.

To begin with, the plant will be diesel powered. But, eventually, scientists are hoping to operate the plant with electricity generated through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology (OTEC).

The technology will drastically cut down on the operating cost of the plant. OTEC, which generates electricity using the ocean's thermal gradient, will soon be tested in a desal plant to be built in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep. An OTEC test lab was also launched in NIOT on Monday to optimise the technology.

Scientists said the existing plants in Chennai operate on reverse osmosis tec hnology, which deposits highly concentrated brine in the sea, harming marine life.

The LTTD technology studied by NIOT works on the temperature difference between the surface water and the deep waters of the sea. The warmer surface water is evaporated at a low pressure and the resulting vapour is then condensed using the colder deep sea water to get purified water.

"We have to go 40 km from the coast to find the required depth for intake of deep sea cold water required for the process, since Chennai has shallow waters," Nair said.

Purnima Jalihal, head, energy and freshwater programme, said, "The capital for the proposed plant is high only because of the offshore component. The aim is to have the desal plant powered by OTEC, which will drastically bring down the cost. We also need not carry diesel from the shore to the plant to operate it."

NIOT will set up six more desal plants in Amini, Chetlet, Kadamath, Kalpeni, Kiltan and Andrott islands of Lakshadweep apart from the three that are currently operational.
Desalination by LTTD process

What it means is offshore desalination plant, with least effect on marine life, with 10 MLD capacity costs Rs. 2000 crores. So, 100 MLD will cost around Rs. 20,000 crores. Only adavantage Mangaluru has is sea is not shallow like Chennai so you need not go to 40 km from the coast to find the required depth for intake of deep sea cold water.

By the way, NITK should conduct thorough Risk Analysis on marine life even for proposed 50 MLD desalination plants of MRPL & UPCL and suggest hazard mitigation measures. 04.05 IMPACT ON MARINE RESOURCES (page 206).

Mayor to write to CM for setting up seawater desalination plant in city

From the news it looks like this plant and the plant proposed by MRPL are one and the same. But 50 MLD is sufficient for industries. We don't want desalination plants of huge capacities. Where are they planning to release the brine water? Let them take it to the parched city through a small pipeline and supply to real estate mafia and their puppet politicians so that they can use it for cooking, bathing etc and their puppet politicians here also can use it. And, when will the mayor write to the CM to release money for the new Tumbe dam land acquisition?

And here is a good news from neighbouring district Chikkamagaluru. I had wished for such a research centre along with urban eco park at Pilikula.

Water research station to come up in Chikkamagaluru

Sewage main lines to be replaced at a cost of Rs. 93 cr.
MCC gets Rs 593 cr for water, UGD works

All about ADB loans & Amrut. Where is money for land acquisition from Tume dam evacuees from the state government?

So, no improvements in Mangrove forests in DK & Udupi
Jatha on coastal shores in Udupi today

Unhindered sand mining in Netravati bed: District Administration is sitting dead

Ghanashyam, isn't this because of your blessings on real estate mafia of the parched city?

Cauvery verdict Live: CM Siddaramaiah welcomes SC order increasing Karnataka’s share of water

Will they now at least cancel Yettinahole project?

I am interested in knowing whether following things can create a strong case against Yettinahole along with other reasons like water availability etc.
  1. Cauvery verdict.
  2. Usage of water available locally in the parched region for agriculture and industries while other parts of Karnataka are forced to import industrial & agricultural products from this region. For excample, DK has to import vegetables from this region. Hence wastage of energy & pollution from transportation.
  3. The region can easily divert some of lands like floriculture to solar plants hence not disturbing the economy of farmers.
  4. Over urbanization of the parched region neglecting the needs of urbanization/industrialization in other regions of Karnataka. Unnecessary migration of people from other parts of Karnataka to the parched region.
  5. Inequitable/non-inclusive growth of Karnataka with regional imbalances.
  6. Plan for desalination plants which will spoil marine life. (see reverse osmosis x LTTD evidence from Chennai above).
  7. Clubbing of Yettinahole with Mahadayi and giving a common judgement.

If Mangaluru MP, who is opposing Yettinahole, with his supporters files a fresh case against Yettinahole with all points keeping in over all economical & ecological sustainability, equitable growth of Karnataka then definitely people of DK can turn in his favour again. Otherwise we have to take refuge in Kumarswamy. I don't think it would be difficult for a man who prepared such a good 'medical tourism' plan to prepare a strong case against Yettinahole. Please remember that Supreme Court gave judgement in favour of Delhi BRTS after considering all ecological & economical consideration even though lower court judgements went against it. (Why BRTS failed in Delhi is a planning issue).

'Modi to make 5 visits to State'
Rahul to tour DakshinaKannada, Udupi in March

So Tuluvas will have two extra holidays in March 2018.

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Smart Kudla

Mangalore can also follow this model - Raipur’s Innovative Idea Is Helping Its Elderly Citizens Fight Loneliness!. But where are gardens? Instead whether we can have in places like lake sides after revival or temples?

Central Command Centre: Rs. 2 crores extended building in MCC Campus

Smart City project to restore Century-old Mangaluru municipality building
The building with an area of 6000 Sqft approximately, is in a dilapidated condition at present, but the proud building is still standing strong near the Old Port at Bunder. It also reminds the rich culture and heritage of Mangaluru and it remains as a heritage structure. Hence, the MSCL has invited views and suggestions from citizens for the restoration of the building and its premises.
He (Mangalore City Corporation commissioner and MSCL managing director Mohammed Nazeer) added that the Old Deputy Commissioner's Office building located near the present DC office will be developed as an Art Gallery under the Smart City project.
Congestion tax mooted to reduce private vehicles
Under ERP, vehicles entering identified city areas would be made to pay a price electronically. The move would discourage owners of private vehicles entering the city and encourage use of public transport, he said. It would also improve pedestrian safety with those walking getting more space to move on, Mr. Senthil said.
Private vehicles may have to pay for entering M’luru
Mangaluru: Dakshina Kannad district administration is mulling introducing the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system followed in Singapore in Mangaluru city to address the issue of traffic rush during peak hours.

Under ERP system, private vehicle owners have to pay certain amount to enter the city during peak hours. The amount will be deducted from e-wallets of the drivers of the vehicles or the owners.
I think Singapore ERP is not for entering Singapore city per se but for entering busy roads within the city. It is for entering from any part of the city to 'congested parts' of the city.

Rural people depend upon urban areas for so many things like hospital, shopping, entertainment etc. We can not connect every village by mass transportation system to the city with good frequency. I think imprudent ERP will make rural life much more costly. May lead to further urbanization. Before implementing this system we have to study how ERP system has affected rural areas. I could not find any research article on this. Singapore, where ERP is implemented, is 100% Urban Country. So, we have no away to compare Singapore with Dakshina Kannada (DK). And what is successful in Singapore may not yield good results in DK where both urban and rural population exists in equiproportion. (Anyway one of side effect mentioned in wikipedia is increased traffic in small roads to avoid ERP in main roads). In fully urbanized Singapore it is very easy to connect each part of the city by public transportation with good frequency but it is not possible to provide same to DK villages. Of course, whenever we plan for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) we should see that maximum number of urban facilities are available in each TOD node/centre so to reduce unnecessary travel.

I think other measures like improved public transportation system, non-motorised transport (NMT) and other means of discouragement of personal vehicles usage within city are more important then restricting rural personal vechicles entering city. GPS in every vehicle is a option. ('Rights groups' may argue for 'right to privacy'). The price should be less for vecicles entering from regions (rural areas) where frequency of availability of mass transportation system is less. Software application has to take care of this by considering starting and ending points of the vehicle. Otherway is to have good bus terminal (a multimode terminal) at entry points of the city with good frequency to internal parts of the city and parking place for private vehicles integrated to bus terminal. Further if we make Shopping, Entertainment, Hospital available nearby this terminal (terminal at periphery of the city) it may reduce flow of traffic from outside to core area of city. For example, instead of pumpwell terminal we may have to prefer Padil terminal with all facilities for rural people but as a side effect this may lead to urban traffic to Padil. Developing a 'computational model' for this may be useful but may not be perfect due to missing real-world factors in simulation.

Please outsource all neccessary software development works to a Mangaluru based company only!

Smart technology for smartcity: Variable message signage system

Hubballi-Dharwad is far behind in implementing the smart city project when compared with Mangaluru: Pralhad Joshi, MP

Any Mangaloreans believe in this statement?

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Smart Kudla Issues & Suggestions

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Make in Kudla

BDIL launches second of five interceptor boats for Coast Guard from Panambur shipyard

Mangalore Refinery And Petrochemicals standalone net profit rises 71.23% in the December 2017 quarter

Profit rises but no committment to develop training and R&D infrastructure in Mangaluru through 'Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy' or 'Indian Institute of Hazard & Disaster Management & Informatics'.

After seafood processing companies like Authentic Ocean Treasure, Ulka Seafoods we now have Gadre Marine Export & Yashaswi Fish Meal and Oil company getting ready to open their factory at MSEZ.

MSEZ Annual Report
The Company has leased land to 12 Units in the SEZ. Presently, 4 companies viz ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited (OMPL), Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Limited (ISPRL), JBF Petrochemicals Limited (JBFPL) and Cardolite Specialty Chemicals India LLP(Cardolite) has already commenced its operations, while the other 8 entities are in the process of setting up units in the SEZ and are in different stages of implementation. The 8 entities are Syngene International Ltd (Syngene) (a subsidiary of M/s Biocon Ltd), Anthea Aromatics Pvt Ltd (Anthea), Trident Infrastructure Ltd (Trident), Authentic Ocean Treasure (AOT), Ulka India (ULKA), Gadre Marine Exports Pvt Ltd (Gadre), IMC and Yashaswi Fish Meal and Oil Company(Yashaswi). Discussions with other potential investors are at different stages of progress.
GAIL - Kochi-Kodanad-Mangaluru project is progressing well

Reliance Industries emerges sole contender to acquire stake in JBF Industries
“If the transaction goes ahead, RIL will acquire a controlling stake in the Singapore subsidiary of JBF, which owns the overseas assets and the Mangalore PTA plant, while the domestic operations of JBF group will remain with the promoters of the company”.
'Increase area under cashew cultivation to meet growing demand'
Farmers, govt. to join hands to promote oil palm as alternative to arecanut
T. Shivananda, assistant director (oil palm promotion), Department of Horticulture, Shivamogga, said oil palm is not only an edible oil but is also used in making biodiesel, engine oil, cosmetic products, toothpaste and soap. Food industries also use it. There is ample scope for its cultivation, he said.
Yes, many more products are there {1,2,3}. Is there a cooperative society for palm growers & processors?

Why nobody is speaking of seaweed cultivation? - Can Seaweed Farming Play a Role in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation?, Agronomy and Cultivation Methods for Edible Seaweeds. Whether nobody is interested in manufacturing food, paper, plastic, seagas, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals from seaweed?

Abu Dhabi Co to store crude oil at Mangalore
ADNOC will invest about $ 400 million by way of storing crude in one ISPRL underground rock cavern in Mangaluru

No interest to start industry after getting land: Action to get back land

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited receives first parcel of US crude

Whether the USA has put the condition that if the USA has to purchase software from the parched city the parched city has to use its oil in exchange?

Landmark strategic shift - Hangyo forays into non-dairy sector
DNA product portfolio is as follows:

1. Jams: Mango, strawberry, pineapple, mixed fruit.
2. Syrup: Rose
3. Juices: Mango, orange.
4. Crushes: Strawberry, orange.
5. Canned fruits: Pineapple slices, fruit cocktail, pineapple tidbits.
6. Crushes: Strawberry, lychee, orange, pineapple.
7. Puree: Tomato.

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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Aero show attracts good crowd
Two-day national level seminar on 'Food & Human Welfare' to be held on Feb 15, 16
National Conference held at Srinivas College of Pharmacy
Overdose of Herbal Medicines will cause negative impact on health, says expert

M'luru varsity to dedicate new surveillance system on Feb 10

An unusual initiative to boost student strength

Mangalore University Campus to sport a lake soon - And another 10 acres lake in new plot

18 institutes selected for biotechnology skill development course
The selected institutions are: ... School of Life Sciences, MAHE (Deemed-to be University), Udupi; ... Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College, Ujire; ... St. Aloysius College, Yenepoya (Deemed to be University), both in Mangaluru; ... .
Coastal Karnataka’s 4 colleges among18 in State to host BiSEP
SAC to conduct BiSEP on Fermentation, Bioprocessing
Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Programme at St Aloysius

Foundation day of ICAR-CMFRI today

DK dist likely to get govt engg college in budget

App to link farmers with buyers and sellers

Halli Mane Rotis' Shilpa receives new maxi truck

German shows Mangaluru students the way with eco bricks

Entrepreneurial development programme held at AIMIT
Puttur students harness water to produce electricity

DISCOVER — 2018 Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics - 13 Aug 2018 - 14 Aug 2018 • Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Research collaboration between Nitte and Belgium

Electric sanitary pad disposal machine installed at Parkala High School

CEOL, an incubation centre for start-ups

What is the progress on 'Common Instrumentation Centre' proposed by the state government? Whether there is anyone planning for makerspace in Mangalore?

When did they try for makerspace in Bajpe near Mangaluru?

Mangaluru students grow their own rice for midday meals

Students have preconceived notion that quantum mechanics is difficult'

While I was studying my professor had told us only three or four scientists in the world have understood Quantum Mechanics. What he said indirectly was "You need not worry to understand, just have it by heart like me". What is the situation now? How many professors in India know Quantum Mechanics now? Still a big zero?

Tomorrow (17th February) is the day on which great philosopher, mathematician Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake. My school teacher used to tell stories of Bruno, Galileo etc and used to explain how much they suffered for the progress of science. Where was the teacher trying to inculcate scientific spirit in students and where was the professor trying to discourage students to ask questions on Quantum Mechanics in class!

Mangalore University signs MoU with University of Newcastle to explore opportunities in multi-disciplinary research
The areas of research tentatively identified are material sciences, physics and English. There are plans for student and faculty exchange.
Why they included English? Whether the reason we don't understand Quantum Mechanics is because we don't understand English? Of course without Quantum Mechanics there is no materials science or physics.

FMSSC to organise ‘USIMCON India’ on Feb 17, 18

Mangaloreans are complaining about the oneway direction of Sturrock Road. They want direction in which vehicles should be allowed is from Avery Juntion to Jyoth Circle. If our students can do small simulations studies on this as a college project with the help of traffic police then it would be great. How exactly UK universities are helping Mangalore?

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Danger lurks at Kadri park
Playing equipment at Kadri Park defective, rusty

The government left toy trains to rust for more than four years before repairing it. Playing equipments are also destined to the same fate - rust for years, get repaired & work for sometimes.

Clock Tower work to begin within a week
Iconic Clock Tower will be back in city after 24 years

Online campaign against rebuilding of Clock Tower launched in Mangaluru

Plans to develop Bunts' Hostel junction utilising the MCC premium FAR funds: Mayor Kavita Sanil

Central government released Rs 91.2 cr for DK district: MP
Mangaluru: The Central Government has released Rs 22.5 crore from the Central Road Fund (CRF) and Rs 68.7 crore from Rashtriya Uchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), a total of Rs 91.2 crore towards various development projects in the district. The release of funds has been done on the recommendations of MP Nalin Kumar Kateel.
Apart from these, the department of tourism has been provided with a grant of Rs 19.64 crore under Swadesh Darshan scheme and Port and inland transport department has been sanctioned with Rs 19.06 crore under National Cyclone Risk Mitigation scheme.
Mangaluru needs a small-sized sports stadium

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Water Transportation

Mangaluru customs earns Rs. 2,022 cr. revenue

Concor expands container transport operations to connect coast and hinterland
The Container Corporation of India (Concor), an undertaking of Indian Railways, on Wednesday made operational an Inland Container Depot (ICD) — its second in the State — on the New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) premises. The first one is at Whitefield in Bengaluru.

Concor has taken the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company’s railway siding with 45,000 sq m land on the NMPT premises on lease, along with another 20,000 sq m of land belonging to NMPT, to have the ICD in Mangaluru. It has twin objectives — boosting trade through Mangaluru port and offering cost-effective logistical facilities to entrepreneurs in Karnataka.
New Mangalore port registers positive growth of 7.37% during April 2017-January, 2018
Mangalore port received average performance index rating from advisory firm Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)

And from Kasargod,

Expedite Kasaragod harbour project: CPI

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Land Transportation - Rail

Palakkad division commences handling of cargo from CONCOR siding

Bengaluru-Karwar train further speeded up on diverted route

General budget allocates funds for amenities at Mangaluru Central
Rs. 21 crore for railway line doubling work in city
In all, Mangaluru Railway Region gets about Rs. 97 crore allocation

The Southern Railway will take up work to double the railway line between Netravathi Cabin and Mangaluru Central Station as well as construction of an additional platform in the coming fiscal after the Union Budget provided about Rs. 21.4 crore for the project.

Line doubling work between Netravathi Cabin and the Central Station (1.5 km) had long been pending, which if commissioned, would considerably ease train operation constraints at the Central Station.

Along with line doubling, construction of one more platform in addition to the existing four would enable Central Station to handle more trains.

While Rs. 21 crore has been sanctioned for line doubling, Rs. 40 lakh has been earmarked for the additional platform.
The budget has also allocated Rs. 75 crore for the ongoing line doubling work between Mangaluru Junction and Panambur.
This is nothing in front of what other districts around the parched city got - 1

Soon goods trains to move within MRPL plant

Rs. 315.81 crores for electrification of Mangaluru-Hassan-Mysuru

Mute response in city to speedy train service

Railways introduces mobile app for buying unreserved tickets

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Land Transportation - Road

BC Road - Punjalakatta road will be developed at Rs. 120 crores cost

Private buses in M'luru to be reined in through GPS soon

Why only buses? Do it for all vehicles. Punish anyone breaking rules.

‘Police considering one-way movement on some busy roads’

Central government released Rs 91.2 cr for DK district: MP
Addressing reporters at the district BJP office here on Friday, BJP leader Jithendra Kottary said that Rs 3 crore has been released towards Jeppinamogaru road development, Rs 4 crore for Kankanadi bypass - pump well circle road, Rs 5.5 crore for Mudipinadka, Maidanadka and Sulliapadavu roads in Puttur and Rs 10 crore towards the development of 10 km road of Badanaje - Kundadka - Pariyaltadka in Bantwal.
95-yr-old bridge puts fear of God into users

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Frustrating budgets (both central & the state) for non-capital city regions of Karnataka!

I had plans & ideas to write on so many things like 'alupa seaerotropolis', 'alupa enterprises' & 'marines researches'. All are half done and will never be posted. I had almost completed a big post on 'compactness' to be posted on 'India smart cities and villages' project on how to create compact cities and villages & 'urban and rural economics'. But they will never be posted anywhere for the fear of ideas being stolen by real estate mafia of big metrocities of India to ruin the country. All blames goes to the b*st*rd politicians & bureaucrats born to real estate mafia dons of the parched city. Sorry, but not sorry.

Hope one day Tuluvas will realize that concentration of all high tech institutes, funded by government using their tax money, in the parched city resulted in the parched region around it and hence Yettinahole project, ruining of Westernghats and now sea through desalination plants. And also hope when Tuluvas realize this they will fight & vote for these institutes to be established in Mangaluru itself instead of the parched city. Please remember it is our vote which made it possible for the real estate mafia to divert Netravati. Unless we unite with other exploited regions of Karnataka it is impossible to defeat this mafia rajya.

Instead of being used implicitly by the real estate mafia of the parched city it is better to die from these type of forums peacefully. I will never join again any forum or blog to discuss any infrastructure till 90% of demands mentioned here for Tulunadu are met.


Note: To moderators of skyscraperpage, you can ban me now.
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