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Old Posted Mar 30, 2012, 8:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Centropolis View Post
I'm straight but a sugar twink sounds delicious.

Originally Posted by vid View Post
Twinks are basically the gay version of blonde, dimwitted bimbos. I'm surprised one of them managed to become a doctor. Not sure if you can call a guy in his 20s a twink though.

I don't think I've ever actually heard that term outside of porn before, anyway. And the term is indeed related to the ubiquitous American snack cakes; "golden brown and full of cream".
The term is used much more loosely than that. A twink just refers to a young guy who's smooth-bodied, svelte or toned, and boyish looking. Intelligence really has nothing to do with it, though disgruntled gay guys who for whatever reason don't fit the description (or can't attract them) might argue otherwise. Especially among the previous generation, youth is coveted, so for them the term is more loaded. I find those are the guys who typically use it. I don't know too many people my age who do. It's sounds kind of like an anachronism...

I agree, though. I don't think you can really be a twink if you're in your mid-to-late twenties. If you're 28 and think of yourself as a twink, it's pretty sad and says more about your obsession with youth than anything else. It's like 30-somethings who wear Abercrombie or still talk about how they were a college athlete. So embarrassing.
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