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Old Posted Oct 26, 2014, 7:33 AM
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beaming out my windows
i see this morning so wee indeed
the hour of 5 am
the rising light so crysp
so warm
a solstic lay
so near so close
the hours so quiet
the birds a stir yet so quiet
the hours alive
to come the day
i lay
to watch
i lay to watch
the rising hour
the sun to come

squeels that pas
the trains so fight
the noise so defining aloud so loud
the rails they bring
the goods
the hoods
along these rails
o so loud
the squeeling so beaming aloud aloud the cringing
to squeel a eek the ears a bleed
yet so far the city aweed through it all
the years that go
to this bridge
so far the paint
so far an urban oasis await

from dine to 12 to didne for 12
beyound the 12
1200 more met
they met for food
they met for ideas
under trees
over rivers wide
from bridges
to trees
the 1200 met
for a feast to share the ideas to meet

like a bird i seek
to see this week
the bird i seek
to seek i see
over above from high away
to see it all

this forest my home
grows over far and wide
i walk to stand
to still to walk
the years behind
the ideas of peac of nations i love
the worlds i seek
from hence i came
to only see
to only find
the way i went
only i can see
to share the ideas i see
to hold open my arms
i walk fourth here
to open all to see
for i see what i am
i see what you be
we seek ideas
a common way

from the ally i seek
to seek this space
to open it
my living room indeed
to sit to watch to jam this day
the hours they go
the images i pose
the sounds that ring
from springs to air
the sounds they flow
so beautiful it seems
the hours they go

from a back ally project i did on august 1st was really succesfull i must say

to walk the street to find what indeed
these things we pass
only once we see them lay
do we seem them say

from this night i shared the beat
from sound i lift
from friends who lit
from this night i gather
on this padio to dance
dance all night
here the music
echos down the st
past old fogies
past bums on a bench to robins donuts await
the nights a dance
the worlds a prance
yet i dance

standing here this day
a man so far
from what i see
he sees the worlds befor
human rights await
a story to tell

behind the buildings
the peoples gather
to dance a fancy way
to drink this night
to dance away
in festivals away
the architects mingle
to jingle
of hipster delights
from here the night
in ally ways behind it all

from down the lane
i prowle today
to hear the brass to hear the sounds
to wonder on up
to see to find
a brass band that play
the dirty catfish brass
in space so far
so wide
to find
hiden inside the wearhouse districts bound
o who knew
such a place to be
hiden away above it all

from this to that
cracks of time
wearing thin
to patch away
the dirt piles away
from views to odeon plexs
the hours at bay
the world so far

to culture days
the night that flight
from bikes jams to beats
the arts they seek
to share to be part
the hours they pass
the ally awake
till 5am
to dancing parties
to murals await
the people they come
400 500 o my
1000 good god
what a flow
what a night
so from 4 am dance parties berlin style
the beats they go
toinside a wearhouse party
the nights a flight
a flight to seek

from my second back ally party.
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Old Posted Nov 2, 2014, 6:33 AM
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The Peg is so cool with tons of character.
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Old Posted May 30, 2017, 6:40 AM
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if u call air canada for bookings the staff your talking to have this view

bike jam after party be-leave it or not this is 15 minute walk from downtown wpg went till 5am

lighting install i did at the bike jam last month


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Old Posted May 31, 2017, 2:52 AM
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Nice tour!!! Also, thanks for the shot from the Ikea and the city's highest point. I absolutely love distance shots.
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Old Posted Jan 4, 2018, 2:22 AM
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I really appreciated this thread

I remember back in 2011, 2012 etc, I was close to coming out and visiting and then life caught up with me.

Looking at this thread makes me wanna come "back" again.

Thanks man!
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